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    Importance of Training Programs 01:21

    Importance of Training Programs

    by webvideoarticles (4/10/12) 8 views

    http://www.employeedevelopmentsystems.com/ Research findings by the Harvard Business Review have found that managers report that employees who feel that they’re thriving in the workplace demonstrated 16% better overall, and those thriving employees..

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    Importance of Workplace Training 01:14

    Importance of Workplace Training

    by webvideoarticles (1/25/12) 5 views

    http://www.employeedevelopmentsystems.com/ According to recent research by Ernst & Young, graduates rank training and development above salary. A poll of 600 respondents showed that 41% of graduates view training and development as the most..

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    Thad Pryor Children of America

    Thad Pryor Children of America

    by webvideoarticles (12/15/11) 25 views

    Thad Pryor believes in America’s future… and he’s helping assure that future with the Children of America Educational Childcare Centers. As a professional athlete, Thad Pryor knew the importance of hard work, and passion. That’s what motivational

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    Thad Pryor 01:07

    Thad Pryor

    by webvideoarticles (12/15/11) 39 views

    Meet Thad Pryor—former world champion athlete and current champion for high-quality, education-based childcare in America. In everything he’s done in life, Thad Pryor has strived for excellence. It’s evident today in the rapid growth of Children..

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    The Carlson Company 01:20

    The Carlson Company

    by webvideoarticles (12/7/11) 2 views

    http://www.thecarlsoncompany.net/ When life’s complexities require you to seek certified lab testing… you need The Carlson Company. We offer scientific toxicology and DNA lab testing for insurance companies, law enforcement, lawyers, the military,..

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    Why Use an Auction to Sell Real Estate 01:25

    Why Use an Auction to Sell Real Estate

    by webvideoarticles (12/1/11) 4 views

    http://www.trueblueauctions.com In today’s market, selling real estate the traditional way with a Realtor and Agent can be immensely frustrating. Properties seem to stay on the market forever... and if they do sell, it’s for far less than the original list price.

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    Why Use an Auction to Settle an Estate 01:07

    Why Use an Auction to Settle an Estate

    by webvideoarticles (12/1/11) 1 views

    http://www.trueblueauctions.com Dissolving an estate or administering a trust can be an emotional and confusing process. Sound decisions must be made at a difficult time. Good estate planning is crucial. Then, when the time comes to sell the real estate and belongings, the compassionate professionals at True Blue Auctions are ready to help.

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