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    Support Our USA Troops 03:12

    Support Our USA Troops

    by weby69 (3/6/07) 2,313 views

    All of our troops are there in Iraq after they signed up volunteering to protect and serve our Nation and the interest of our Great Nation. Show them your support by donations of care packages.

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    Raise The Flag High!!! 03:14

    Raise The Flag High!!!

    by weby69 (2/3/07) 1,183 views

    Showing the support for our troops is the key to our unity. Never forget there are real enemies that wants us to forget we are "United States" and quit a fight, but we are a strong Nation together that is what they fear so never quit USA, never quit, Hooah!!!

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    John Wayne's Why I Love Her..... 03:03

    John Wayne's Why I Love Her.....

    by weby69 (5/21/07) 2,740 views

    We as US Americans love our country, most of its people, all of our military and our favorite sports. I have put together a small tribute that I hope all can enjoy.