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This is the famous trick I, I repeat, I did of cutting the newspaper and I show you how to do it since you rated the other video so well
  • 8 May 2007
  • 7 237
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This is how my dog smiles when she is really happy... LOL
  • 24 Apr 2007
  • 1 180
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How to make a spectrometer out of a cereal box in Under 5 min with household items... Amaze your friends
  • 22 Apr 2007
  • 4 193
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This is the trick Two card monte, and I show you how to do it... Enjoy I don't claim to be a magic man I just show you how to do it do please don't rate low
  • 20 Apr 2007
  • 7 033
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This is the "this n that card trick revealed simple and easy don't forget to rate me... I don't claim to be magician I just figure the tricks out so don't rate low
  • 20 Apr 2007
  • 103 570
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This video show's you how to make a speed boat that really floats in water... out of square paper
  • 19 Apr 2007
  • 48 852
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I set the camera up over night, to find out why my dog is crying at the back door, you will never believe this so dont watch it
  • 30 Apr 2007
  • 1 505
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This a video of Ghost or spirits caught on film... proof that something is out there, it was shot in an abandoned school where a little girl died in the theatre... Be carefull when watch it might scare you
  • 1 May 2007
  • 1 518
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