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    Chinchillas Bathing 05:49

    Chinchillas Bathing

    by wonko (1/28/08) 2,702 views

    Two chinchillas "bathing" in a powder bath. If you've never owned a chinchilla before this is what they do to keep clean. Mine only like to do it at night so excuse the poor night shot on my video camera.

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    Movies On A Calculator 01:10

    Movies On A Calculator

    by wonko (5/21/07) 2,003 views

    Betcha didn't know you could watch movies on your TI-84. With this attachment you can store them on a key drive and watch them during class.

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    Run Rocket!

    Run Rocket!

    by wonko (10/15/06) 152,913 views

    This video just goes to show how quick and limber chinchillas really are.