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Sign up for the 30 Day Challenge and learn about Internet Marketing from Ed Dale and Dan Raines. Start of with pre-season now and get ready for the August event. The Challenge is free the knowledge is priceless. Learn methods and techniques to understand how marketing on the internet works. Plus it is just fun to watch Ed do his thing. Help us gain a point for the challenge by signing up at *******www.ThirtyDayChallenge****/challenge/1058 You can also sign up at *******www.ThirtyDayChallenge****
  • 30 Jun 2008
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Clinton is becoming the come back kid again. She takes Texas, Ohio, and Rhode Island, Obama only grabs Vermont. McCain finishes up and Huckabee bows out. Here we go, many more weeks till a decision is made Download our coloring book, at *******www***loracrossthelines**** and keep involved
  • 6 Mar 2008
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Well it is down to these two primaries, Texas and Ohio for Hillary and Obama. Obama can pretty much wrap it up unless Hillary has a stunning victory. Download the free Vote 2008 coloring book at *******www***loracrossthelines****
  • 1 Mar 2008
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Here we go the Texas and Ohio March Primaries, it has pretty much come down to these to. It is do or get out for Hilary. She will have to blow it out of the water to keep going. McCain and Huckabee keep going, Huckabee who knows what is going on there. Download the free Vote 2008 Color Book at *******www***loracrossthelines****
  • 2 Mar 2008
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Obama gaining traction and winning state after state. Follow along with our Voter 2008 Coloring Book. Get involved and remember to vote.
  • 22 Feb 2008
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Looks like we are getting near the end of the primary season. Last night was one of the final debates between Clinton and Obama. Obama is moving forward. Keep up with the election, down load our Color Across the Lines coloring book and watch for our new Color Man t-shirts.
  • 9 Feb 2009
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Get out and vote on Super Tuesday 2008 and download our Vote 2008 Coloring Book to keep with the spirit, take part in our country's national primary, remember to color all over the page.
  • 9 Feb 2009
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2008 US Voter Coloring Book, includes pictures all the major players, plus a US map to track the primaries, visit the site and download the pdf
  • 9 Jan 2010
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