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    Wavy Hair with an Enzo Milano 08:39

    Wavy Hair with an Enzo Milano

    by wubearkitten (10/8/08) 2,941 views

    Info: Bought at a store called Beauty First It is a 1/25mm I paid $125 for it you can get the same results with your regular curling iron. I even made a video about it called "wavy hair with a revlon curling iron" Here is how I do my hair! It is kinda hard to hear me in the video but my main points are: -use different amounts of hair on each curl so that it looks messy and undone and more natural rather than uniform -I don't wrap the ends around the barrel because I like how it looks with my ends strait -i stop winding the hair at various points because I like how it gives it an "undone" look -wait for your waves to cool before you break them apart -use a salt spray or wave spray for beachy messy texture D oh, and the size of the barrel for my curling iron is 25mm/1 inch

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    Miley Cyrus Hair Style (maybe?) Pt.1 08:11

    Miley Cyrus Hair Style (maybe?) Pt.1

    by wubearkitten (10/8/08) 2,840 views

    LINDOCULIACAN sent me these gorgeous pictures of miley cyrus and tyra banks and I tried to recreate the look! the iron i'm using is 1 stay tuned for part 2 cause i couldn't figure out how to speed up my video on my new imovie 08 thing