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    Embrace Life (HD) 04:20

    Embrace Life (HD)

    by xchristox (9/7/10) 388 views - Just relax and take your time to experience the video like a trip through nature and life. I hope this video will make you think twice next time you throw your garbage on the streets. I'm not a hippy tree hugger, but if you want your kids to be able to have a healthy life on this planet we simply need to preserve and protect it. Be careful with life, preserve rather than destroy. Stop buying big fat V8 trucks because you look cool in them. Stop throwing thousands of your cigarettes on the ground every year, don't leave plastic near the lake and use a deodorant roller instead of a spray can. It's these small, stupid things that will make a huge difference - Stop being ignorant and set your pride aside, nature is more important than looking cool. Track 1 - Album: Vampire Sunrise or Goa Beach Vol.11 - Overflow - Scintilla Track 2 - Album: Armada Lounge Vol. 2 (2009) - Tracks 06. Lowland - Children (Original Version) If interested, check out my website ( fun & babes ) or my documentary website

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    Epic HD WTF Sexy Compilation 05:02

    Epic HD WTF Sexy Compilation

    by xchristox (7/7/10) 1,407 views for more! Lets give the word Epic another meaning. I decided to make a compilation of hot babes, epic crashes, WTF moments, stunts and beautiful timelapses with Dubstep music. Instead of splitting them all up by category, why not throw them all in 1 video? All videos used have been featured on in the last 14 days or so. Only HD + Full HD footage was used to make this video. Hope you like it! Soundtrack: Pendulum - Set me on Fire Buy Track / Album via iTunes -

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