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    RC Bashing Halloween Special 03:13

    RC Bashing Halloween Special

    by xnitrorc (10/31/11) 29 views

    http://www.rc4me.co.uk This week i decided to do a Halloween special as its halloween tomorrow. This week we were joined by Steve and his baja 5b dave and his trophy 4.6 and trophy 3.5. Junior brought along his baja 5sc, John and his son brought there thunder tiger eb4 s3's. Lee brought his baja 5b and dan brought along his firestorm flux i would lke to say we had no damages this week but Richard had no cars because there not yet fixed and steve stripped his spur gear. Happy Halloween Guys! Song: This is Halloween.

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    RC Bashing RC4ME.CO.UK 02:25

    RC Bashing RC4ME.CO.UK

    by xnitrorc (10/27/11) 27 views

    http://www.xnitrorc.co.uk - http://www.rc4me.co.uk This week we were up at bramcote again with the cars, Wayde and Darren Came down also to do abit of bashing. Dave brought down his trophy 3.5 and traxxas shortcourse. Steve brought down his Baja Buggy, which was flying around again. Dan came down with his vorza and firestorm. Cara brought down her firestorm. Was a very eventful day hope you enjoy the video. Soundtrack: http://www.jamendo.com - Cellule

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    RC Car Stunts - X Nitro RC Crew 2011 04:48

    RC Car Stunts - X Nitro RC Crew 2011

    by xnitrorc (10/16/11) 246 views

    http://www.rc4me.co.uk - Today we visited Fordy & Mrfodds at DRCORC to capture some footage of them racing in between martialing and pitting for them. Was a great day and decided to put together a video to be something different to the usual bashing videos. For the subscribers the stunts crashes and bashing will resume next week. Enjoy the video! Sound Track: http://www.jamendo.com - Dance Baby

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    RC Off Road Bashing MUST SEE 05:18

    RC Off Road Bashing MUST SEE

    by xnitrorc (9/29/11) 52 views

    http://www.xnitrorc.co.uk - We were all back at the track again this week bashing it to the max as always. Dave put his trophy 4.6 engine in his trophy 3.5 and that thing flew. He drove it so hard he blew his engine up. Crank shaft on order, he also blew up his electric speed controller. Steve took down his hot bodies lightning again and was thrashing that around, Junior came down with his friend again Junior with his new trophy 4.6 and his mate were going crazy truggy racing most of the day. Cara and dan both had there new firestorms to play with which were the only waterproof cars there. So when everyone else had to stop for a while they carried on. Waterproof is the way forward in rc. Welkom intro full credit goes to TheCompanyName http://www.youtube.com/user/TheCompanyName Soundtrack full credit goes to Vaski uploaded by axkldhg3: http://www.youtube.com/user/axkldhg3

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    RC Cars BIG AIR JUMPS! - X Nitro RC - 2011 04:44

    RC Cars BIG AIR JUMPS! - X Nitro RC - 2011

    by xnitrorc (9/20/11) 126 views

    http://www.xnitrorc.co.uk - rc big air jump compilation 2011 This week was a little different than most Richard, Steve and Dave went racing at a nearby track and then up to bramcote later on in the day . So there wasn't much footage of the cars this weekend. The intention was to record at the track but we were too busy repairing our cars during races we didnt have enough time. Instead we have put together a compilation of the huge big air jumps we have done this year. Enjoy the video!

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    RC Bashing - Jumping, Racing & Crashing 04:55

    RC Bashing - Jumping, Racing & Crashing

    by xnitrorc (9/12/11) 116 views

    http://www.xnitrorc.co.uk - Brilliant week this week with some casualties also, Richard brought along his Losi xxx-sct which sadly has 2 broken shock towers and a very battered shell. Was tremendous fun up untill that point. Dan brought along his newly repaired vorza flux with a 2650KV motor, it was still the quickest electric car at the track. Dave brought along his Trophy 4.6, Traxxas slash and Trophy 3.5 which he had now put a 28 engine in, sadly his one way bearing on the trophy 4.6 started slipping towards the end of the day. Steve brought along his hot bodies lightning which this week was running like it should be and starting up properly. The new guys rought along a 1/16 traxxas short course and a tmaxx. Lee brought along his hpi baja which took a major battering this week more than any of us had seen before. Its all good fun! Thanks for watching! Soundtrack: http://www.jamendo.com - The Signal.

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    RC Car Crashes 02:55

    RC Car Crashes

    by xnitrorc (9/4/11) 589 views

    http://www.xnitrorc.co.uk - This week we seemed to crash more than bash so this weeks video is a collection of all the crashes caught on video. Steve came down with his Lightning again Richard brought down his Losi XXX SCT. Dave brought along his Losi Ten SCTE and traxxas slash. Aden brought his Maverick Strada SC, there were also a new father and sun duo who brought there Traxxas E Revo. It was a fantastic day the sun was shinning the cars were crashing and everyone was laughing. Enjoy the video!

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    RC Jumps Must See 02:13

    RC Jumps Must See

    by xnitrorc (8/29/11) 72 views

    http://www.xnitrorc.co.uk - This week we were all down the race track a little earlier to jump the rc cars, race them and do what we love to do best and have some fun. Richard was there again with his savage and the kids cars, Dave was there with his traxxas slash, and brand new trophy 4.6 (which you can see doing the mad doughnuts). Steve was there with his Hot Bodies Lightning & The organiser Richard was there with his Hyper 7 and Losi XXX SCT. Enjoy the jumps, crashes and bashes!

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    Back at the RC Track - X Nitro RC 01:43

    Back at the RC Track - X Nitro RC

    by xnitrorc (8/22/11) 68 views

    http://www.xnitrorc.co.uk - We are back at the track again this week joined by the crew for another crazy day of racing, crashing and bashing. Dave was there with his traxxas slash, Steve brought his hot bodies lighning, Dan brought his Vorza Flux, Martin brought his Savage X, Richard brought his Hyper 7, Mark bought his baja 5b. Was a crazy fun packed day enjoy the video!

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    Hyper 7 In Blackpool. 02:26

    Hyper 7 In Blackpool.

    by xnitrorc (8/20/11) 37 views

    http://www.xnitrorc.co.uk - Away from the race track and in blackpool for the week, so we decided to get some filming done in blackpool. We drove it round the streets and along the beech it was fast it was fun and it is certainly different. The car in the video is a hyper 7 with a mac 28 engine, body was taking of to aid air flow.

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