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Check out some highlights from Mark Zuckerberg's visit to The Oprah Show. What is a poke or a status update? Well, check out the clip and let Oprah and her pals explain it to you.
  • 14 Mar 2009
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A new era in late night comedy is upon us. Check out the first monologue from the newest inhabitant of the ever so historical 1235 late night slot.
  • 3 Mar 2009
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Holy Moly Batman! Check out this report on CNN's segment - Edge Of Discovery: Shapeshifting material that can change it's shape in real time. Intel introduces us to programmable matter which let's you change the shape of matter.
  • 3 Mar 2009
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XversusY would like to honor the winner of America's Funniest Home Videos $100,000 Grand Prize - Chester the Incredible Peeing Dog! All we can say is...Best Pee Ever! If only I could pee like that...the practice sessions should definitely be interesting.
  • 2 Mar 2009
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Move over Giogrio, there's a new Armani in town. Check out the dog who can speak, wears a bowtie and knows how to puff a cig. XversusY**** however asks you....which Armani do you choose? *******xversusy****/challenges/701
  • 25 Feb 2009
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If you haven't seen this one yet, it's a must see...and the producers acknowledged the wackiness that is the star of the movie, Philippe. Check out how he thanks the academy.
  • 26 Feb 2009
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Check out Kunio Kato and what might have been the best acceptance speech of the night....or ever.
  • 24 Feb 2009
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A video montage/tribute to the newly elected President Barack Obama. Queen's "We Are The Champions" + Barack Obama
  • 6 Nov 2008
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2:36 presents their obligatory video montage to the newly elected President Barack Obama. Queen's "We Are The Champions" + Barack Obama = A heart full of joy and time to grab some kleenex.
  • 7 Nov 2008
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Kitty is a blogger who likes to surf the internet. Kitty just started his site and this is the first posting. This installment of What Is Kitty Looking At involves something of GENIUS. What Really Happened to Little Girl? Hilarity is what happened
  • 2 Jan 2008
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