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    Xena & Gabby- Show Me the Way

    Xena & Gabby- Show Me the Way

    by yamaki (4/21/09) 181 views

    Watch in HQ. Xena and Gabby vid about their fun times. I had a lot of fun making this so hope you guys enjoy. Please rate and comment ^__^ No copyright infringement intended.

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    Xena's Sexiness 02:02

    Xena's Sexiness

    by yamaki (4/5/09) 27,173 views

    Music video about Xena's sexiness and how she always plays hard to get. Enjoy and comment please :) No copyright infringement intended.

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    Xena WP Tribute- Desperate 03:36

    Xena WP Tribute- Desperate

    by yamaki (3/16/09) 308 views

    WATCH IN HQ... This video is about all of the pain and sadness throughout Xena WP starting with season one all the way to season 6. Enjoy and please don't forget to rate and comment, really wanna know what you guys think. ^__^ No copyright infringement intended.