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    1st Testament CIA Vengeance - Trailer 2009 01:23

    1st Testament CIA Vengeance - Trailer 2009

    by youngmankang (5/21/09) 647 views

    Young Man Kang Films "Fascinating B-Grade hybrid certain to enthrall exploitation film fans everywhere!" -Box Office Magazine- CIA Agent Phillip is having doubts about his service to his country and his assignments to kill the very people he once befriended. His boss tells him to do his job and not question orders, but Phillip has made his decision and refuses to kill anymore. To save his life his boss takes him out the field and re-assigns him to the easy job of training a South Korean female spy to assassinate the leader of North Korea. But the female is not who is appear to be, Phillip is betrayed by his own people and everyone is now a target. WINNER SPECIAL B-MOVIE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 3 NOMINATIONS FOR THE 2002 B-MOVIE FILM FESTIVAL BEST B-MOVIE SUPPORTING ACTRESS - Kimmarie Johnson BEST B-MOVIE ACTION SEQUENCES BEST B-MOVIE EDITING Starring Ron Becks Luciano Saber Soo J. Kim Renata Florin Hiromi Nishiyama Jong O. Chung Iva Hasperger Kimmarie Johnson Gina Hiraizumi Fabrice Uzan Lynne Langdon Category: Entertainment

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    The Last Eve - Eve's Secret Trailer 01:19

    The Last Eve - Eve's Secret Trailer

    by youngmankang (5/19/09) 1,254 views

    A film by Young Man Kang If an unclassifiable genre-bending, time-travelling, religious epic with kick-ass Muay Thai fighting, sexy evil seductresses, severed genitals, planetary death by comet, kung-fu demons, and the baby Jesus shows up at our doorstep. "The Last Eve" is an ambitious and challenging independent production that... dares to artistically step beyond convention" - Kung Fu Cinema - THE LAST EVE is so rich is visual imagery and so beautifully framed for its martial arts sequences that it becomes a truly hypnotic experience. -Film Threat- WINNER Best Action Feature Film 2005 New York Inde Film Festival WINNER Best Cinematography 2006 B Movie Film Festival Cast Adam(Monk) - Bruce Khan Eve - Melanie Jean Lucifer(Chainman) - Chris Torres Beelzebul(Monkeyman) - Kerry Wong Belial(Catman) - Stephanie Cheeva Asmodeus(Hornyman) - Lloyd Hizon Mammon(Coolman) - Samuel Yu Leuiathan(Nunchakuman) - Jungklay Dae Seo Behemoth(Blindswordmen) - Reuben Langdon Death Valley Goddess - Melanie Jean Priest(Buddha) - Lloyd Hizon Eve - Seung Min Kim

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    Cupid's Mistake - DVD Trailer 01:24

    Cupid's Mistake - DVD Trailer

    by youngmankang (5/17/09) 495 views Cupids Mistake is a 2001 comedy film directed by Young Man Kang, a Korean-born filmmaker who made his U.S. directing debut with this production. The film is notable for being produced for $980, which was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as being the least expensive feature-length motion picture to receive a theatrical film release. Plot The film is set in Venice Beach, California, and it centers on four young people in the midst of romantic entanglements. The actress Susan is in love with the video producer Gil, but he is in love with the model Toya. However, Toya is in love with the bodybuilder Ken. But Ken has his eyes on Susan.

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    Kimchi Warrior VS. Cholesterol (AKA Cholesterolter)

    Kimchi Warrior VS. Cholesterol (AKA Cholesterolter)

    by youngmankang (5/14/09) 293 views

    Kimchi Warrior VS. Cholesterol (AKA Cholesterolter) KIMCHI cuts CHOLESTEROL, prevents obesity, diabetes and stomach cancer, constipation and colon cancer, and to top it off, keeps a person young and their skin healthy. -CNN- Genre: 2D Animation Characters: Kimchi Warrior, Cholesterol, Cholesterolter, Heart, Vessel, Blood, Downtown LA Weapons: Kimchi Bomb (Hot Pepper) Location: Blood Vessel, Los Angeles Downtown Production: Young Man Kang Films 김치 워리어 VS. 콜레스트롤 (AKA 콜레스트롤터) 장르: 2 D 애니메이션 캐릭터: 김치 워리어, 콜레스테롤, 당뇨, 심장, 피,혈관 무기: 김치 워리어 고추가루 폭탄 장소: 심장 혈관, 로스엔젤레스 프로덕션: 강영만 필름 YMK Films Category: Film & Animation Category: Entertainment

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    Kimchi Warrior VS. Swine Flu 01:06

    Kimchi Warrior VS. Swine Flu

    by youngmankang (5/10/09) 263 views Genre: Animation (Spaghetti Western) Homage: Sergio Leone's film One Upon a Time In the West Characters: Kimchi Warrior, Swine Flu, Master, Warrioress Weapons: Kimchi Machine Gun (Kkag Doo Ki Bullet) Location: Mexico Production: Young Man Kang Films Music: You Lee Kim 김치 워리어 VS. 신종플루(스와인 플루) 장르: 애니메이션 스파게티 웨스턴 오마쥬: 서지오 리오니 감독, 원스 어폰 어 타임 인 더 웨스트 캐릭터: 김치 워리어, 스와인 플루, 마스터, 김치 워리어 우먼 무기: 김치 워리어 자동소총 (깍두기 총알) 장소: 멕시코 프로덕션: 강영만 필름 YMK Films 음악: 김유리 Category: Film & Animation

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