Survival Skills from Tim Ross

Survival Skills from Tim Ross

Here you will learn how to tie various knots, nooses & bends with that art of rope work. Plus the skills of shelter construction in the wilderness along with fire starting skills will be covered in the below videos. We are adding new videos every few days! If you want to kept up to date on new videos do the following. 1. SEND THIS CHANNEL (button close to the top) to friends. 2. Become a Subscriber (Free) 3. Watch each video below and rate it. 4. Click on ADD TO FAVORITES after you watch a video. 5. I welcome all comments good or bad, express yourself!


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    Tie Noose for Trapping 01:42

    Tie Noose for Trapping

    by zanzor (9/19/08) 7,139 views

    A simple noose done quickly ideal for trapping of small game, step by step detail on how to tie it. Shown in two ways, a simple and a move involved way that make it move easier.

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    Tie The Hangman's Noose 01:39

    Tie The Hangman's Noose

    by zanzor (8/30/08) 87,222 views

    Learn how to tie the hangman's noose, it has more purposes than you may think, it is great to bundle items together, especial when you need to loosen and re tighten the rope without having to retie the whole thing. Be responsible with any kind of noose, for information only, not responsible for any kind of misuse.

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    Basic Knots - Stopper Knots 05:52

    Basic Knots - Stopper Knots

    by zanzor (8/27/08) 13,290 views

    Simple details on how to tie the overhand knot, double overhand knot, figure 8 knot, Ashley knot, & slip knot. As well as a simple rope magic trick.

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    Lean-to Survival Shelter & Flint Fire Starting Done Quickly 14:13

    Lean-to Survival Shelter & Flint Fire Starting Done Quickly

    by zanzor (8/23/08) 3,653 views

    This is a video of walking into the woods and only using the contents of a small survival kit. A kit so small it actually fits into a matchbox. The goal was create a shelter for warm climate and start a fire in under an hour. Actually time it took? 50mins. But RELAX the video is only 15 minutes long. Skills shown include: * Construction of a lean to shelter * Fire starting using a flint stick * Eatable Plant (Root Bear) As you can tell from watching the video, some of the contents did not work so well. For Example: * The electrical tape was way to short to do clashing with, and was too week ( it broke twice), while not for lashing, I still fill like it has other more common day uses * The Matches were horrible!, never buy cheep matches, the heads kept breaking off of the sticks, it is possible this was because of long term storage, but I dought it. Luckily there was a flint stick on the bottom of the matchbox. However after striking it for 5 mins, (and getting the fire started) it totally wore it out, I was actuality cutting into the plastic at the end. While I have been experimenting with survival kits of different size and content for over 15 years, it all narrows down to the fact of this "Man, I sure could use _ _ _ _ _ now, but only if I had my kit on me", that is why I recommend a small kit to be used as your "daily" kit. I would have to say that this is more geared towards Men, as most women carry a "kit" with them everyday (pocketbook) although it may not be full of survival items.