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    Remordere 05:08


    by zatoichi (6/24/07) 423 views

    My second AMV(though they don't consider Dark Fury anime)! Combined Chronicles of Riddick and Massive Attack "Butterfly Caught" into one Harmonious act of genius!!! Enjoy. Only took me 14hrs

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    Alcohol+Beach-Ugly Girls 05:38

    Alcohol+Beach-Ugly Girls

    by zatoichi (5/21/07) 4,744 views

    Me and my buddies drunk at a beach house then once drunk go out looking for chics. We found em and brought em back to the house. Only to find out after seeing the video and photos, WE WERE TOO DRUNK!

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    Samurai Showdown

    Samurai Showdown

    by zatoichi (10/11/06) 3,145 views

    Back when I was crazy with Samurai theme and actually purchased a live blade and began cutting things. Here is one moment I am greatful for not cutting my hand off.

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    Wild on Ecuador! 03:23

    Wild on Ecuador!

    by zatoichi (5/21/07) 2,067 views

    Intro to my adventures while in Ecuador. First clip is me and my cousin drunk and with camera. Broke a few things and threw a chair in the neighbor's yard which to this day we still deny!