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Offer Nissim Feat. Maya-Why (Original House Mix 2008)
22 Oct 2008
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I (h) House (music) !!! Fuck Me I`m Famous !!! (emo)
15 Sep 2008
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My FAVORITE song :)
27 Sep 2008
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Bring it all
3 Sep 2009
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bg translate
18 Nov 2008
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11 Apr 2007
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The official & long awaited video clip for "You You" by Meital De Razon, her latest solo release on Slanted Records. The official single available worldwide from Slanted Black Records - *******www.beatport****/release/meital-de-razon/822535 ***********/us/album/you-you/id490457827 Follow Meital - *******www.facebook****/Meital.De.Razon.Music Artist - Meital De Razon Produced by Asi Tal Directed by Doron Kaufman Editing & VFX by Doron Kaufman Video photography by Ziv Tal Styling by Shai Touboul & Rafael Eyal Hair & Makeup by Ditti Messer אומן - מיטל דה רזון מפיק מוסיקלי - אסי טל במאי - דורון קאופמן עריכה ואפטר אפקטס - דורון קאופמן צילום - זיו טל סטיילינג - שי טובול ורפאל אייל שיער ואיפור - דיטי מסר This video was distributed by *******startcut****
23 Apr 2012
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Offer Nissim Feat. Maya - Alone
22 Jul 2009
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hot boys dancing Offer Nissim feat Maya - I`m in love They too... :) 30.08.2008 Kustendil,BG
22 Nov 2008
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o Rambo do DEZnecessários conta o segredo da sua força.
27 Mar 2008
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A movie of a good basketball player
18 Oct 2006
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BASS UNION EXCLUSIVE BUY THE REMIX EP - *******s.beatport****/king-kong-experiment The official music video from Bare & Datsik's track "King Kong" Directed/written/edited by: Julian Higgins Executive Producers: Smash Gordon, Geoff Shames and Kavi Halemane -- ‪*******www.facebook****/bassunionarmy‬ ‪*******www.twitter****/bassunionarmy‬ -- CAST: King Kong: Jake Brown Camera Friend: Frankie Muniz Police Officer: Addison Henderson Street Extras: Erik Beck, Miki Marsala, Anita Vora, Kevin Allen, Remington Pettygrove, David Nowlen III, Jennifer Polania Garcia, Quin Walters, Paul Bianchi Soldier Strike Team: The Roughnecks (*******radairsoft****/) + Disposable Heroes (*******tinyurl****/82umtrg) CREW: Producer: Ben Epstein + EclectiCo Entertainment (*******www.EclectiCoEnt****) Associate Producers:  Patrick Nissim + Julian Higgins + Aaron Moorhead + Will Sampson Director of Photography/VFX: Aaron Scott Moorhead Production Designer/Costume Supervisor: Paul Bianchi Art Director: Peter Canaan Key Hair/Makeup: Brianna Martinez Key Grip: Will Sampson Gaffer: Matt Hingstman First Assistant Camera: Brian Barrow Key Production Assistant: Tony Regalmuto Production Assistant: Clark Troncale King Kong Costume: Adam Allee Special Thanks To: Damian Higgins Keep It Kush Apparel (*******www.keepitkush****) Rodney Masri & Sahara Smoke Co. (*******www.saharasmoke****) Sarah Oliver LaGarette Cadou Alex Kushado Christian Hutson
14 Sep 2012
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Premiacion Nissim Frog ZL
11 Jun 2007
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********www.facebook****/Meital.De.Razon.Music ----------- The new studio collaboration of Meital De Razon & Asi Tal flows like a cool summer breeze. Le Lo Le is a Pop Balkan song that mixes eastern vibes, european beats and the enchanting vocals of Meital De Razon. This is not their first studio encounter, Meital De Razon & Asi Tal brought to this world some fine tunes such as the outstanding You You, or the stunning remake to Donna Summer's On The Radio with the mega DJ Offer Nissim, which together they have also recently completed the underground hit My Pride. Director -- Elad Magdasi Editor & Post Production -- Elad Magdasi Cinematography - Gil Medalsy Styling -- Shai Touboul, Rafael Eyal Make Up -- Shiran Friedland & Moran Elad-Alon Hair -- Lior Gavrielov, Arik Pesin Choreography -- Marin Teremts Video Produced by Meital De Razon Song Produced by Asi Tal Violin By Ronius Classic Guitar by Avi Singolda Acoustic Guitar by Tomer Stein Mix & Mastering - Oren Eitan Special Thanks to: Doron Ashkenazi Only Sugar Liz Martinez Almog Zamir Yosef United Nude Leilmist Efrat Casuto Follow Meital: ********www.facebook****/Meital.De.Razon.Music Le Lo Le - Lyrics Let me in to your heart to the secrets of you Like the desert is hot I am burning for you Take me then make me so happy yeah baby You feel me too? Take me then make me so happy yeah baby You feel me, you feel me you feel me? Uh ah Le lo le lo le Le lo le lo le .... Let me in to your heart to the mysteries of you Like when movies are shot I am posing for you You feel me too? Take me then make me so happy yeah baby You feel me, you feel me you feel me? Uh ah Le lo le lo le.... What you do yeah you do it so good you make me love you What you do yeah you do it so good you make me love you Le lo le lo le Le lo le lo le .... Shared with *******Startcut****. Share your videos with the world today.
17 Oct 2012
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Offer Nissim Feat. Maya - In Your Eyes ( Превод )
26 Dec 2010
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