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7 Aug 2009
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Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two films, returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species. In theaters January 20th 2012
19 Aug 2011
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December 21 2012 the end.
11 Jun 2008
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Happy Comic-Con week! In addition to a preview of this year's SDCC, today's episode also reveals details on Ubisoft's new Assassin's Creed movie tie-in, Borderlands 2's "Vault Rewards" program, and more!
10 Jul 2012
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On December 21 2012 the world as we know it is in for some dramatic and devastating changes. Explore the possibilities, see what other believe.
12 Jan 2008
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Thank You For Watching... Get Your Special Free Gift NOW!!! Click Link Below: *******BestGuide4You****/FreeGift/1/?code=368 On this week's episode of Game Time Play Time, Talia Chriqui discusses new Dragon Age III: Inquisition details, the downsides of gaming before bed, Sleeping Dogs' Halloween celebration, and all the new games you should be checking out this weekend (including Forza Horizon and the latest Professor Layton game!).
27 Oct 2012
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Why 2012? Mayan Calendar Doomsday Prophecy
15 Sep 2008
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The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker - swings into theaters July 3rd 2012.
21 Jul 2011
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Matt Zaller and Matt Damon hang out all the time. Visiting Disneyland, throwing back some beers, tying up and gagging each other. Just regular guy stuff.
18 Jul 2012
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22 Dec 2012
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20 Feb 2013
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The 2012 Formula Drift Racing Season kicks off this weekend in Long Beach California. Catch all the Live Action right here on Metacafe April 6th and 7th!
5 Apr 2012
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斯卡拉歌剧院经理谈演员成功之路 *******ntdtv****/xtr/gb/2011/10/03/a597264.html 【新唐人2011年10月3日讯】位于意大利米兰的斯卡拉歌剧院被视为意大利歌剧的像征。二百多年来,这座著名的歌剧院留下了众多顶级意大利歌剧艺术家的演出足迹。日前,负责在世界范围为斯卡拉歌剧院挑选演员的演员选派经理岑普托尼迪斯先生接受了本台记者的采访。他谈到,不断的学习是歌剧演员走向成功的秘诀。请看报导。 斯卡拉歌剧院是许多歌剧演员梦想的地方。因为踏上这座舞台,不仅仅意味着歌唱家的艺术水平得到肯定,更重要的是,在这里的演出将让歌唱家有机会让自己的名字留在由众多艺术大师写成的剧院演出名单当中. 但要获得这样的荣誉必须付出艰苦的努力。 斯卡拉歌剧院演员选派经理岑普托尼迪斯:〝学习学习再学习,不断的学习。还有我刚才讲的:投入和热爱。他们必须全身心的投入,没有任何妥协。″ 岑普托尼迪斯先生不但重视歌剧人才的挑选,更重视给青年歌剧演员提供机会。因此,他对新唐人全世界华人声乐大赛在纽约卡内基音乐厅举行决赛和音乐会给与了高度的赞扬。 斯卡拉歌剧院演员选派经理岑普托尼迪斯:〝卡内基音乐厅是一个很成功的音乐厅,我觉得(新唐人)声乐大赛在这里举办是一个非常明智的决定,因为这对歌手只有好处。我认为给年轻的歌手一个机会,在这样的一个剧场,这样的一个舞台上表演,是非常非常重要的。哪怕这只是一个比赛。因为这给他们真正的在一个大舞台上表演的感觉。″ 对于这个难得的机会,岑普托尼迪斯先生期待选手们有良好的表现. 斯卡拉歌剧院演员选派经理岑普托尼迪斯:〝我觉得这个已经进行了几年的声乐大赛非常好,我也希望这个大赛能有丰硕的成果。我认为这个用高难度的美声唱法举办的大赛特别重要,特别能够鼓励歌手。″ 新唐人记者郭莹、吴松纽约报导。 其他推荐: 神韵晚会《SHEN YUN》All New 2012 Program With Live Orchestra *******www.SHENYUNperformingarts****/shenyun2012 看动态网:晓天下事 *******www.dongtaiwang****/ 第四届新唐人全世界中国舞舞蹈大赛实况录像 *******www.ntdtv****/xtr/gb/2010/10/23/a446688.html
16 Oct 2011
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A first look at Parrot's AR.Drone 2 at CES Unveiled.
9 Jan 2012
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Ryan Sage is back for another look inside the world of Formula Drift. This episode takes you on the road to Atlanta for stop 2 of the Formula Drift Tour. Before the race began a celebration of Drift and it's roots went down for the premiere of the new film, "Keep Drifting Fun", a 2 year collaboration between Joshua Herron and Will Roegge.
19 May 2012
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7 Jun 2011
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