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24 Jul 2017
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UFO over Wright Patterson Airfield . The famous Black Knight Satellite has been sighted through the ages , many say it has been put here by an alien race to observe human activity
21 Jul 2017
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My review of Aliens vs. Predator for Super Nintendo by Activision
18 Jul 2017
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Ancient Aliens - S01E01 - The Evidence
18 Jul 2017
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an earlier composition
7 Jul 2017
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Tenchi is a teenager that accidentally releases an alien space pirate from her 700 years of imprisonment. Ryoko is her name. Ryoko has been falling for Tenchi, ever since he would visit the temple's cave, where Ryoko was imprisoned. Since then, she's been closely observing Tenchi's life, even throughout her imprisonment, she watched Tenchi as he grew up and lived through the suffering of his mother's early passing. Tenchi always felt comfortable around Ryoko's cave, he would always return to her place.. DISCLAINMER I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING. _________________________________________________________ Tenchi Muyo® is a space opera originally created by Hitoshi Okuda. Tenchi Muyo! Ryo Ohki® was created by Masaki Kajishima and Hiroki Hayashi and produced by Anime International Company, Inc. _________________________________________________________ At Her Place produced by iamManolis If you like the artists work support it!
6 Jul 2017
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Spoof of the old Star Trek, hope you get a chuckle out of it.
1 Jul 2017
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The top Rabbi in the world states the truth - Jews are an alien race designed to subvert and destroy Gentiles. This is why this video was pulled as it let out too much info. The jews were created by ET reptilians and their ET Grey Slaves. www joyofsatan com
28 Jun 2017
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26 Jun 2017
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23 Jun 2017
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The stage HEX COUNTY York Pennsylvania the most powerful paranormal conspiracy region in the world. In the Opera Good Morning Mistress is an alien "Vrorfulma" a "Beatlesque" song which turns into a rural gothic folk style psychodrama performed by Len Wiles Lionstar Marshal n The Supernatural Gospel Gears in the Celestial Green Forest. The cool psychedelic space rock punk song Cerealian Minstrel is written and performed by Sparky Lynne Newcomer who also let me use her beautiful alien style n cybergothic photos. Thanks for your song addition to the opera and photos Sparky. Watch the video, give a listen. Don't be alarmed. It's strange. Scene: Jakob contacts his Buzzard scout bird, Ethal the Buzzard Demon Fisher to find the location of Vrorfulma the Cerealian Minstrel who has returned as Nellie Noll the River Witch Of Marietta and is now a member of the notorious Martian Werewolf Clan for a meeting with Jakob Lemy Zook the legendary amish exorcism guitarist now at the apollo park alien landing field. Vrorfulma (Nellie) and Jakob form as Allies in a search for and the exorcism of Chronis the CIA eugenics half human half Dekalb GMO Corn creature in Hex County, "PennSYLtranceSYLvania" as referred to by a local Amish Hybrid Sect in the area.
19 Jun 2017
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14 Jun 2017
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