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We catch Justin Timberlake is driving a Volkswagon and take a look at some other cheap celebrity rides.
1 May 2012
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Justin Bieber goes shirtless in new Twitter pictures.
3 Sep 2012
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1 Oct 2010
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Lip syncing along to Justin Bieber's - Need Somebody to Love Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 Dec 2010
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Justin Bieber is used to selling tickets, but check out whether or not he got one after getting stopped by police officers driving in Los Angeles.
15 Nov 2012
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Justin Bieber's interview with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night February to promote Saturday Night Live and his album, believe. This is the part where Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon compete to see who can throw the most objects into the net, but Justin is way too distracted kissing the mannequin too win. I just thought a lot of girls would want to see the kiss they wish they could get from Justin Bieber. In the interview he never talked about Selena Gomez or anything personal really.
9 Feb 2013
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Justin and Selena have a scenic date as they picnic at Griffith Park in Los Angeles.
5 Apr 2012
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18 Apr 2013
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After weeks of rumors hinting at a split, it looks like it finally has come to an end: The Super Couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are done!
17 Nov 2012
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Justin Bieber singing '' Some Day At Christmas '' in Washington for President ObamaJustin bieber president barak obama michelle christmas washington dc choir usher prez tnt beiber golden ticket big private concert music video win kidrauhl kidraul justinbieber kid singing amazing my world george lopez responce one time onetime defjam timberlake johnny cash money funny favorite girl the canada canadian 15 year old years honor scooter braun schoolboy rbmg island def jam stevie wonder Justin Bieber singing '' Some Day At Christmas in Washington for President Obama
3 Jan 2010
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Sometimes the love doesn't last for our favorite celebrity couples and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, here's a few newly single stars who are flying solo on the day of love.
13 Feb 2013
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Music video by Justin Bieber performing One Time. (C) 2009 The Island Def Jam Music Group
17 Sep 2010
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15 Jun 2010
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23 Jun 2010
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The teen stars are currently on vacation in Maui, and they seem pretty happy to show off their love as they have a seriously wild kissing session...!
31 May 2011
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Singer Justin Bieber was in no mood to talk to the paparazzi when they spotted him walking to his car with his body guard in tow. Boy wonder in fact nearly ran over a photographer in his rush to get away from them. Take a look and leave your thoughts below.
23 Apr 2012
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