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This would have been the funniest thing to see live. *******gamehackerz****/cheat-ninja-saga-token-and-damage-hack
10 Apr 2013
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BY AUSTIN FAX You're watching multi-source video analysis from Newsy. Ron Paul and Rick Perry set their sights on each other in Wednesday’s Republican Presidential debate. When the dust settled observers asked, which Lone Star stater had more presidential potential. MSNBC played host -- while the two candidates took their best shots at knocking each other out of the saddle. PAUL: “First off, you know the Governor of Texas criticised the Governor of Massachusetts for Romney-care, but he wrote a really fancy letter supporting “Hillary-care.”’ PERRY: “Speaking of letters, I was more interested in the one you wrote to Ronald Reagan that said ‘I’m gonna quit the party because of the things you believe in.” PAUL: “Oh, I need an answer for that.” With cameras rolling, the Texas titans traded verbal jabs, but things really got interesting -- off air. The Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan says we almost had a REAL Texas slobber-knocker on our hands at the Reagan Library. “[The] two Texans who apparently have spent plenty of time digging up dirt on each other and aren’t afraid to use it. At one point when the video cameras weren’t rolling Mr. Perry walked over Mr. Paul’s lectern, took hold of the congressman’s wrist and wagged his finger at him.” So, did this have the potential for a bar-room brawl, or was it all just a big misunderstanding? The Texas Tribune’s Mark Miller thinks we shouldn’t read too much into the incident. “[Paul] said he told a reporter, ‘Well, I'll tell you what, What he was saying to me I cannot repeat.' And he said, 'What? What?' I said, 'I'm just kidding! I'm just kidding!'" That -- against the backdrop of a newly-released campaign ad in which Paul highlights Perry’s past political life as a Democrat. “Ron Paul was one of only four Congressmen to endorse Ronald Reagan’s campaign for President. After Reagan, Senator Al Gore ran for President pledging to raise taxes and increase spending-- pushing his liberal values. And Al Gore found a cheerleader in Texas named Rick Perry.” Fighting aside, Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly doesn’t understand the horsin’ around -- we all know who is going to win. “With all due respect to the Congressman, he’s not really a factor. We had this last night on our program. He’s entertaining, he’s a gab fly, he has some good ideas, but he has no shot.” But hold on there ‘Bill - O.’ Politico’s Ben Smith says Ron Paul might have WON the debate partially because of his new campaign strategy-- modeled after his son’s successful 2010 bid for US Senate. “This may be the best thing that's ever happened to a Paul presidential campaign, and it wasn't entirely an accident. The Ron Paul campaign set out to bait Perry into a confrontation, a tactical move that's part of a quiet but real shift from Paul's earlier, inward-looking presidential campaigns...”
13 Sep 2011
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(Image Source: Disinformation) BY ALLIE SPILLYARDS Remember the Jetsons? Well according to GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich -- life in space may not be as far off and futuristic as TV once made it seem. “The program I envision would probably end up being 90 percent private sector. ((FLASH)) But I’ll tell you. I don’t want to be the country that having gotten to the moon first, turned around and said, ‘it doesn’t really matter. Let the Chinese dominate space. What do we care?’” (VIDEO SOURCE: CNN) Now just a day after the last Florida GOP debate where he made those statements, news headlines ranging from “Space Cadet Gingrich” to “Fly Me to the Moon” show most in the media are writing off Gingrich’s idea as little more than ridiculous. CNN’s David Frum takes a look. (SOURCE: WASHINGTON POST AND LA TIMES) “Then he should’ve dismissed the moon colony question with a joke and moved on. Instead, he allowed that conversation to take over. He could not control himself in the face of something he should’ve controlled himself in.” TIME's Jeffrey Kluger suggests -- this is just one in a series of over-the-top statements from the former Speaker of the House. “...Gingrich often doesn’t seem to get that merely being willing to say any damn thing is not the same as being able to do any damn thing, especially when the challenges you’re taking on don’t involve just political rivals and government policy, but the hard laws of engineering and physics...” Although plenty of snark and mockery is floating through the media in response to Newt’s space projections, not everyone’s laughing. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin writes... “Really, the Earth is too small for the self-described ‘grandiose’ candidate. At some point, however, unless you’re a supporter of the president’s reelection, this ceases to be funny. It is simply the latest indication of the three-ring circus (colony?) that would ensue if Gingrich were the nominee, or heaven forbid, the president.” But not everyone’s making jabs. A writer for News Australia says -- Newt might just be on to something. “The basic idea is not actually as far-fetched as it sounds. NASA in 2006 announced plans to set up a colony on the south pole of the moon, in around 2020, as a base for further manned exploration of the solar system. The problem for Gingrich... is that the 2008 financial crisis came along and turned feasible projects into pipe dreams.” Radio-host Laura Ingraham agrees. She tells Fox’s Bill O’Reilly -- now’s just not the time, even if you are in support of space exploration. “If you’re a conservative and you’re concerned about our fiscal standing, you could make an argument that while this is a great idea, not when you have 15 trillion dollars of debt.” Americans will get their chance to weigh in on Newt’s space plans during the Florida primary on January 31st.
28 Jan 2012
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BY ZACH TOOMBS You're watching multisource politics video news analysis from Newsy. He’s not the Republican nominee for president yet. But from the way President Obama’s re-election campaign has singled out Mitt Romney in recent weeks, you wouldn’t know it. Mr. Obama’s chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod, painted the former Massachusetts governor as a shape shifter in an interview with ABC’s This Week on Sunday. "I think there's this question about what his core principles are. Then he was a pro choice, pro gay rights, pro environmental candidate for office. Then he decided to run for president. Did a 180 on all of that. So time and time and time again he shifts – and you get the feeling that there is no principle too large for him to throw over in pursuit of political office.” In a media conference call Wednesday, the campaign’s first in this election cycle, Axelrod spent most of his time targeting Romney, a move that doesn’t surprise FOX News’ Juan Williams. BILL O’REILLY: “From that statement from Mr. Axelrod, a serious man and a guy who’s in charge of the re-election campaign, you would think that they are seeing Governor Romney as a threat.” WILLIAMS: “You’re exactly right. I mean, in political circles here in Washington, it is seen as inevitable right now.” Romney is a long way from locking up the Republican nomination, but he has remained the only frontrunner consistently at the top of the polls, as candidates like Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry have lost steam. A Romney web ad released this week harps on the fact that the former governor has been on the minds of Mr. Obama and his campaign. The Hill has it. “What the White House is worried about... most...” OBAMA: “Mitt Romney...” AXELROD: “Governor Romney...” JAY CARNEY: “Governor Romney...” AXELROD: “Mitt Romney... Romney...” ROBERT GIBBS: “Governor Romney...” AXELROD: “Governor Romney... Governor Romney...” CARNEY: “Mr. Romney, Governor Romney...” AXELROD: “Governor Romney... Mitt Romney... Governor Romney...” OBAMA: “I didn’t know that you were the spokesperson for Mitt Romney...” “Nervous?” Although Axelrod’s comments signal a new step in going after the GOP frontrunner, targeting Romney is nothing new for Mr. Obama. The president singled him out for his state health care reform during a three-day bus tour in August. MSNBC has his comments. “You’ve got a governor who’s running for president right now who instituted the exact same thing in Massachusetts. This used to be a Republican idea by the way -- this whole idea of the individual mandate, and suddenly it’s like they got amnesia. It’s like ‘Ah, this is terrible. This is going to take away freedom for Americans all over the world.’” Before Romney can turn his focus to Obama, he has rivals from his own party to worry about. The next debate between Republican candidates comes Tuesday in Nevada.
18 Oct 2011
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BY LINDSEY WOLF ANCHOR JENNIFER MECKLES You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy. Waterboarding: Illegal interrogation method. Or valuable tactic? That’s the debate in the wake of the capture and killing of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden. On Fox News, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King of New York tells Bill O’Reilly, getting the nickname was the direct result of harsh interrogation tactics. “It was through the interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed through waterboarding. ... So for those of you who say that waterboarding doesn’t work, that say it should be stopped and never used again - we got vital information that led us to bin Laden.” But according to the New York Times, alleged 9/11 plotter Khalid Shaikh Mohammed didn’t give up the top secret information out right. Instead, other prisoners in U.S. custody gave up the courier’s aliases, and CIA officials pieced the rest of the puzzle together. “When the Americans ran the man’s pseudonym past two top-level detainees — the chief planner of the Sept. 11 attacks, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed; and Al Qaeda’s operational chief, Abu Faraj al-Libi — the men claimed never to have heard his name. That raised suspicions among interrogators that the two detainees were lying and that the courier probably was an important figure.” The 9/11 Commission report confirms KSM underwent waterboarding. WTHR in Indianapolis questions - is there is any way to know if the courier’s identity and the interrogation are connected at all? “But was it the harsh interrogation that led to the critical information? The identity and whereabouts of the courier only came to light years later - after the enhanced interrogation had stopped.” And White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says the capture and killing can’t be attributed to just one thing, so there’s no way to directly connect the capture and killing to extreme interrogation. CNN: “It’s simply strange to suggest that a piece of information that may or may not have been gathered eight years ago somehow directly led to a successful mission on Sunday. That’s just not the case.” Business Insider says, you can’t just look at one interrogation success story. You have to look at every GITMO interrogation. “Of course, the defense of waterboarding comes down to cherrypicking the good, easy to see results (capturing top officials) and ignores the unseen results (all the ex-GITMO detainees who come back as more hardened terrorists).” Finally, the Atlantic Wire points out the hurdles both sides of the story will have to overcome. “[W]aterboarding supporters have to deal with the fact that the crucial information leading to bin Laden's location came after the waterboarding stopped. Anti-Guantanamo activists have to deal with the fact that such quality information came from illegal detention centers, including Guantanamo.” Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
7 May 2011
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In a spirited back-and-forth about Sen. Barack Obama's Presidential win, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Bill O'Reilly of Fox News toss around ideas, priorities, and possibilities about the economy and other issues.
6 Nov 2008
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Newsy**** looks at allegations of blame over the killing of a doctor who performed late-term abortions. *******www.newsy****
6 Jun 2009
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Hon. James David Manning announced The Manning Report going nationwide like talk shows hosts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly's show. This message was preached on Saturday, 14 February 2009
11 Mar 2009
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29 May 2008
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FOX's Bill O'Reilly Sends Stalker Correspondent Griff Jenkins To Democratic Rep Alan Grayson Office Bill O'Reilly Stalker Correspondent Democratic Rep Alan Grayson Office 10/28/09 Griff Jenkins
30 Oct 2009
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Bill O'Reilly makes the BIG time Spill O'Reilly!
26 Nov 2009
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BY ALLIE SPILLYARDS ANCHOR JIM FLINK You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy Gas prices are up 45 percent from a year ago, but President Obama’s disapproval rating might be rising even higher. NBC: “When gas prices go up they hurt any president. We saw it with Bush. We’ve seen it for a long time.” According to the latest CNN Poll of Polls, Obama’s approval rating is edging steadily downward -- its lowest this year at 45 percent. The president himself even blames his declining approval rating on skyrocketing prices at the pump. And some in the media are speculating how these new numbers will affect 2012. The National Journal’s James Barnes writes... “Political Insiders in both parties concurred that the party that controls the presidency in the White House was the one that was going to shoulder disproportionate blame with the public. ‘If you're in the White House they are your gas prices,’ said one Democratic Insider.” But a blogger for the Independent isn’t so sure. “...assuming Republicans can come up with a credible candidate. That is, of course, a big ‘if’, when none of the party's likely field has made much of an impression, and when such headlines as exist are dominated by Donald Trump, who is pushing the far-right ‘birther’ argument against Mr Obama.” And in an editorial for The Boston Herald -- Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is even more skeptical. He writes... “In normal times, that kind of poll number would be catastrophic for a president about to enter the re-election season. But these are not normal times. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll says that despite the country’s dour mood, Obama would still beat every single Republican who’s showed any interest in running.” But the president isn’t taking chances. In an attempt to win back some public affection, the administration recently announced a task force to look into price gouging -- to mixed reviews. The Huffington Post’s Bill Schneider says he doesn’t except it to help much. “Expect lots of photo ops at gas stations... Government can provide some temporary relief by doing things like releasing oil supplies from the strategic petroleum reserve. That's a short-term solution. But politics is lived in the short-term, and right now, gas prices are taking a toll on all elected officials.” But gas price drama might be coming to an end soon. According to an industry analyst cited by Reuters, the increases have slowed and could even stop rising in the near future. ### 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates in your news feed. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
26 Apr 2011
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BY JIM FLINK AND STEVEN HSIEH You are watching multi-source video analysis from Newsy. It’s a battle of mottos in the nation’s capital. What’s more important-- In God We Trust? Or Of Many, One -- E Pluribus Unum. The House cast its vote Tuesday, reaffirming “In God We Trust” as the United States’ official motto. Virginian Republican Randy Forbes sponsored the resolution, which passed 396 to 9. In a statement, he said the goal is to... “…confront a disturbing trend of inaccuracies and omissions, misunderstandings of church and state, rogue court challenges, and efforts to remove God from the public domain by unelected bureaucrats.” To which -- many are saying -- Amen. Rabbi David Hirschfield says, faith is a crucial component of how Americans define themselves. In an opinion piece on Fox News, he calls this -- a reaffirmation of that faith. “‘E Pluribus Unum’” is both a motto and an aspiration. One might even call it a prayer. But whatever one calls it, it calls to us to rise to a great challenge and we should demand that both we and our elected officials rise to it now.” Fox News immediately posted the names of the nine who voted against the measure, one of which is ordained minister and Missouri Democrat Emanuel Cleaver. Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison neither voted for or against the measure, voting “present.” He tells MSNBC Congress has become distracted from its true purpose. “We’re out of our lane. We’re in their [The American People’s] private religious affairs, not doing what we’re supposed to be doing, which is getting the economy working.” The Washington Post calls this -- Bill O’Reilly’s takeover of Congress. Saying, sarcastically, Republicans are protecting Americans from the liberal enemies of God. Noting, In God We Trust has always been the official motto, and no one has ever tried to change that. “Republicans flat-out invent a grave threat to something that isn’t in any danger — the national motto, or God, or Christmas, take your pick — and hope they can bait someone into opposing the crusade.”
5 Nov 2011
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Oklahoma City Statehouse 03/02/2009 12:45 PM - 1:30 PM 2300 N. Lincoln Oklahoma City, OK Google Map ***********/maps?hl=en&tab=wl Moore High School 03/02/2009 2:45 PM - 3:30 PM 300 N. Eastern Ave Moore, OK Google Map ***********/maps?hl=en&tab=wl Download this video and upload it to your site *******lindsaystone****/protestblock.html God Hates Fags Read about the Westboro Baptist Church at *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Westboro_Baptist_Church I would link to their website but do not wish to give them any more links than they already have While its members identify themselves as Baptists, WBC is an independent church and is not affiliated with any known Baptist conventions or associations. The church describes itself as following Primitive Baptist and Calvinist principles, though mainstream Primitive Baptists reject Westboro Baptist Church and Phelps, regarding them as unaffiliated to the Primitive Baptists.[5] The views that distinguish Westboro Baptist Church are views that most Baptists and Calvinists do not recognize, and do not consider to be in any way characteristically Baptist or Calvinistic. Fred Waldron Phelps is known for the slogans that he and his ministry use against people he deems sinful, including "God Hates Fags", "Thank God for Dead Soldiers", "America Is Doomed" and "Priests Rape Boys." He claims that God will punish homosexuals as well as various public figures such as Bill O'Reilly, Coretta Scott King, Ronald Reagan, Howard Dean, and anyone else whom his church considers "fag-enablers". Phelps and his followers frequently picket various events, especially military funerals, gay pride gatherings, high-profile political gatherings, and even Christian gatherings and concerts with which he has no affiliation, arguing it is their sacred duty to warn others of God's anger. When criticized, Phelps' followers say they are protected in doing so by the First Amendment.[12][13] In response to Phelps' protests at military funerals, President Bush signed the Respect for America's Fallen Heroes Act into law in May 2006,[14] and, in April 2007, Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius signed into law a bill establishing a 150-foot no-picketing buffer zone around funerals.
26 Feb 2009
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6 Jun 2008
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Hon. James David Manning, PhD speaks about Eric Holder, Bill O'Reilly, Brian Ross, Leon Panetta. This message comes from The Manning Report on Thursday, 27 August 2009. Follow us on twitter at *******www.twitter****/atlahworldwide Go to *******www.atlah**** for more information. Distributed by Tubemogul.
30 Aug 2009
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