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This video is a warning. Music by: incompetech****
16 Dec 2007
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Download Link File: *******easylinkme****/BeVera5345/Fidget Hello sf'fans, in new SF game update, there was an mushroom exploit. See the video, its no fake. You dont need to download anything. Just click on my link, create a new character and type in the secret code. If you have any questions, ask me. Please dont spam. Hint: It works on new chars only, perhaps you need to try it more often, good luck and have fun by using your mushrooms :) ### Hi sf'fans, im neuen game update gibt es einen exploit/bug mit dem man sich viele Pilze verschaffen kann, siehe Video. Es ist kein fake! Ihr müsst auch nichts herunterladen oder sonstiges. Probiert es einfach aus, eventuell müsst ihr es mehrmals probieren. Klickt einfach auf meinen Link, erstellt einen Charakter und gebt den Code ein. Viel Spaß Download Link File: *******easylinkme****/BeVera5345/Fidget
20 Jul 2010
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Bug's Race - 3d animation short done by a pair of Polish students from PJWSTK - Ania Jurkiewicz and Andrzej Ellert. Film was inspired by 3d animated movies like Pixar's Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, and Dreamworks' Shrek or Madagascar. It tells a story of a race for domination over the meadow. Funny gags and fast action. The main characters - the spider, the snail, the beetles and the ants do everything to eliminate their oponents. Who will win the race? See for yourself! The film was created using Autodesk Maya. See more on official site: *******www.bugsracemovie****
24 Sep 2008
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For the added flavor, think I'll past on that party. Bud Light ad
2 Apr 2006
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Bugs Bunny funny episode.
25 Oct 2006
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We sell the most ruthless bug zapper racket known to mankind. Strike fear into the beady little black eyes of your insect enemies with one of our Super Large Zapper Rackets. For the insect is enemy - and the enemy deserves no mercy!
Another 10 second VW. 2165cc engine. Has run a best of 10. All steel street car.
16 May 2006
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I just analyzed this and made a video of it here: video here is the full clip of the CNN segment in case it got taken down. Go to the link above to analyze what the object might be. The object flying from right to left is so clear I don't even need to point it out. I swear it doesn't look like a bird. The news clip is called "Double Meaning to Muslims". I just uploaded a High Definition Version of the clip here: video is still on CNN as of now, 12:30pm CST 01/21/09. I downloaded the FLV file straight from the CNN website and converted it to XVID, 1200 kbps, FR 29.97, 624x353, clipped and joined the object parts, then just now uploaded it. It is not doctored. I put the clip of the object x3 then included the entire video. If it's a bird, it's a fast one, and it doesn't appear to be flapping and moves in a straight line more like a BULLET, ha. Doesn't appear to be anything on the camera lense or the window either. Not a bug. Any idea what that is, and if it's actually in the air, in the video? I'm not trying to spread disinfo, just thought it was curious. I just copy and paste the links below to where the video presently is. tags are for foreign viewers: 철의 장막 뒤의 UFO Iran ا未確認飛行物体ソーサー جسام ناشناخته فضائى طائرة مجهولة تحكى، بل نوعuidentificerede flyvende objekt underkop उड़न तश्तरी अज्ञात वस्तु nicht identifizierte fliegende Untertasse Objekt NLO taca 身份不明的飞行物体飞碟 неопознанный объект пролетел блюдцем niezidentyfikowanego obiektu latającego oidentifierat flygande föremål tefat etc etc...
16 Aug 2009
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Here's how to make an origami car that looks like the VW bug. Made by Charles Esseltine. If you wish to make it you can get the diagrams off my website: *******www.origaminut****.
27 Dec 2008
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A very cool romanian hip-hop clip.
20 Sep 2006
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Funny compilation of bugs and people. I guess they don't mix well. Can't stop laughing...
22 Jul 2007
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Nice Show
21 Jan 2007
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The very hot and sexy bollywood actress Katrina Kiaf got rather candid at an event recently as we caught her in different moods. Our shutter bugs could not help but notice quite a few expression changes all in one night. Take a look!
30 Jan 2011
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