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The Spanish did a thorough investigation into the exact size of the lunar base found by the Apollo astronaughts in 1969 - It is huge!! Colonel Ed Black writes,An alien race known as "The Delta" have exploited our Moon for hundreds of years, they have conducted mining operations on a massive scale and there is not a 50 mile square area on the surface of the Moon that does not show evidence of this. As you know, we only see the near side of the Moonwhile the far is always facing away and is the current focus of Delta mining activity. During the 1920's,and 30'sDelta knew that we were well into our scientific age and that it would be but a matter of years before we would be intensely studying the Moon, and thus they greatly expanded their operations on the visible side, and got all they could get out of it before having to withdraw to the hidden side. The Delta are not full of good will towards us, they consider us to be slightly more important than a nuisance, but they do have a strong moral code and have often shown a great deal of restraint where it concerns us. By and large they respect that the Earth is our planet, our rightful place, they come and go from Earth as they please, whenever they have a need to do so, for example, we do know that they have removed water from our oceans and taken it to the Moon, they have conducted mining on Earth as well but in a much more conservative manner. They have a much different point of view when it concerns the Moon, they do not view it as being ours. They have blasted huge craters into the Moon's crust in order to expedite mining and have robbed the Moon of millions of tons of precious crystals that one day we might very well need ourselves. There was an extensive initial meeting in Cuba between The Delta and The Project Utopia Committee, Codename Crown, in the early Spring of 1943. A measured amount of scientific technology was provided by The Delta in return for a solemn agreement that The Delta would remain unknown by the general population, that they had exclusive rights to the Moon and would not be interfered with at any time in the future and that Army Project Echo, that bounced radio signals off the Moon, would be canceled. Among the technology that was provided by the Delta was transistor technology and aerodynamic technology that eventually led to jet propulsion.
23 Sep 2007
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On September 3, 2008, George Norey the host of Coast to Coast which is heard in the US on over 500 Stations and through out the world, interviewed Steve Qualye. The bottom line is that Russia has given NATO 21 DAYS to Exit the Black Sea. Could this be the start of something big? Could this postpone the USA Election? There is so much more I could write but I will let the video stand for itself. This is a serious warning and could create all kinds of problems world wide. The US Government will be "technically" Bankrupt as of September 30th, so we will see. Please feel free to down load this video, post it on your own channel, rate it and send it on. Blessings to all of you who have subscribed and believe in individual from. Cheers for now, From the Southern Hemisphere. You know, the God zone, in New Zealand. Here is what the news said today about what is happening.....(no this is not a US report, they only have entertainment in the US, no real news). A US Navy flagship carrying humanitarian aid yesterday steamed into a Georgian port where Russian troops are still stationed, stoking tensions once again in the tinderbox Caucasus region. A previous trip by US warships was cancelled at the last minute a week ago amid fears that an armed stand-off could intensify in the Black Sea port of Poti. The arrival of the USS Mount Whitney, flagship of the 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean, came as Moscow accused Dick Cheney, the hawkish US Vice-President, of stoking tensions during a visit to Tbilisi this week. After meeting President Saakashvili, Mr Cheney vowed to bring Georgia into the Nato alliance. Russia sees such moves as Western encroachment on its traditional sphere of influence. Russia's leaders have accused previous US warships that docked at the port of Batumi, to the south, of delivering weapons to re-arm the smashed Georgian military — charges that Washington denied. Related Links * Cheney delivers warning to Moscow * Britain values unity in Nato over Georgia * Georgia linked to Nato early warning system While Russia again questioned the deployment of what it described as "the number one ship of its type in the US Navy" in the Black Sea, it said that it planned no military action in response. The Russian Army has kept a small component of soldiers in Poti, where Georgian officials accuse them of looting port authority buildings. "Naval ships of that class can hardly deliver a large amount of aid," said Andrei Nesterenko, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman. "Such ships have a hold for keeping provisions for the crew and items needed for sailing. How many tonnes of aid can a ship of that type deliver?" He said that the presence of US warships could contravene international conventions governing shipping in the Black Sea, and in particular restrictions on the entry of naval ships from countries that do not share a Black Sea coastline. The small Russian garrison in Poti would pose no military threat to a vessel like the Mount Whitney, but the proximity of two hostile forces in such a fraught environment set the political temperature rising again in the Caucasus a month after Russia's five-day war with Georgia. Moscow, which followed up its crushing military defeat of Georgia by unilaterally recognising two of its breakaway provinces, South Ossetia and Abkhazia, was angry that Mr Cheney still insisted on Georgia's entrance into the Atlantic alliance — something several key Nato members oppose. "The new promises to Tbilisi relating to the speedy membership of Nato strengthen the Saakashvili regime's dangerous feeling of impunity and encourages its dangerous ambitions," said Mr Nesterenko. Visiting Kiev, the Ukrainian capital yesterday, Mr Cheney kept up his tough anti-Russian rhetoric when he urged Ukraine's squabbling pro-Western leaders to unite in the face of threats to the country's security. He met President Yushchenko and Yuliya Tymoshenko, the Prime Minister, and told them that Ukraine's best hope was to be "united with other democracies". Mr Yushchenko has accused his former Orange Revolution ally of siding with Russia in the war with Georgia, an allegation she denies. The split led to the collapse of Ukraine's coalition Government on Tuesday. After endorsing Georgia's application, Mr Cheney said that the US was also committed to Ukraine's membership of Nato. Konstantin Kosachyov, head of the foreign affairs committee in Russia's lower house, accused Mr Cheney of forging an "anti-Russian axis".
15 Sep 2008
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1 Dec 2008
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Aug 16, 2007, 6:31 GMT Lima - A magnitude-7.9 earthquake and dozens of aftershocks shook central coastal Peru late Wednesday, killing at least 48 people and smashing homes, local media reported. At least 350 people have also been injured, the reports said, citing local officials. At least 20 people died and 200 were injured in the province of Ica alone, the worst hit by the quake, Lima newspapers reported. Damage was extensive there in the most powerful earthquake Peru had seen in 50 years as well as in the provinces of Canete and Chincha, identified by the Peruvian Geophysical Institute as the epicentre of the quake. Dozens of houses collapsed and people were taken to hospital, news reports said. In Ica city, a church had also collapsed, and many of the province's fatalities were caused when its cupola fell. The 160,000 residents of the city were also without electricity as firefighters and other rescue workers looked through the rubble in the dark for survivors. Damage was limited in Lima, but the quake caused panic and chaos there. Thousands fled onto the streets from apartments and offices. Telephone service was cut and windows shattered. Hospitals there reported treating injuries caused by broken glass and patients suffering shock and panic. Two people died in Lima of heart attacks. The quake was felt not only along Peru's coast but also in the country's Andean region and rainforests and into Ecuador and Brazil. The full extent of the damage and casualties were not yet known, but all of Peru's hospitals were put on emergency alert by the Health Ministry. The quake, which was centred just off the coast, prompted the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre to issue a warning for the west coast of South America. Before the notice was cancelled a few hours after the quake hit, evacuations of coastal communities were ordered in Peru and Colombia. A witness in Lima, Fernando Calderon, told CNN that the ground rumbled for two minutes before a large shake came. People fled into the streets for safety from high-rise buildings. Many people were preparing to sleep in their cars in the midst of the Peruvian winter. The tsunami warning affected Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia. Lesser tsunami warnings - called a watch - were issued for Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico and Honduras. The tsunami centre anticipated trouble because some of the temblors were rather shallow, at a depth of 30 or 40 kilometres, and more likely to cause ocean waves. Geological experts said a small wave was generated by the quake and was detected in the open ocean, but it was not large enough to cause damage, prompting the tsunami warnings and watches to be withdrawn. The US Geological Survey measured the initial quake at 7.9 on the Richter scale while Peru's Institute for Geophysics measured it at 7.5. The initial, most powerful shock struck at 6:41 pm (2341 GMT) and sent about two minutes of tremors running from its epicentre near the city of Pisco, about 45 kilometres west-north-west of Chincha Alta, Peru, and 145 kilometres south-south-east of Lima, the US Geological Survey said. Its depth was about 41 kilometres. Shudders ranging from magnitude 5.8 to 7.5 and as deep as 178 kilometres followed in its wake. President Alan Garcia appealed for calm and called an emergency session of his cabinet overnight. Schools were ordered closed Thursday and all police officers were called out onto the streets. Hospitals were ordered to treat all patients without exception. Health Ministry doctors had been on strike when the quake struck, but they immediately called off their work stoppage to treat the injured. Hernando Tavera, spokesman for the national Geophysical Institute, said the quake was the strongest to shake Peru in a half-century and the institute expected strong aftershooks over the next four to seven days. The magnitude of Wednesday's earthquake matched that of the most deadly natural disaster Peru has every seen, a 1970 magnitude-7.9 tremor centred on the northern coast that caused a landslide and killed 47,000 people. Its strength was less that the magnitude-9 tremor that set off the Indian Ocean tsunami that left 230,000 people dead or missing on December 26, 2004. source: *******news.monstersandcritics****/americas/news/article_1343731.php/Powerful_earthquake_rattles_Peru_killing_at_least_48
16 Aug 2007
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From Hong Kong words are coming out that Bobo Chen 's marriage scheduled in August 2008 is been canceled. she was originally planning to get married in August with her boyfriend Yao Philip. Philip 's family is said to be conservative thinking. This sex scandal is too much to any body. Hence, the marriage was canceled. They may also be breaking up. BoBo Chen's plan is benting out the entertainment circle and her father to retire early. Now, this sex photo scandal has upset her whole plan.
27 Dec 2010
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For all the FANS of the American Dragon/Jake Long show go to *******www.savejakelong**** to save the SHOW, you will find every thing you need there, and start sending messages to Disney.Let them know that we all need season 3, don't let them cancel it for ever. Disney have canceled this show but not for ever, this means that if they found out that people like this show they will make a new season. Go to savedisneyshows**** and send messages to Disney, tell them to change their minds and make us a new season
24 Jan 2010
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This video was taken at the Thompson Metal Monster Truck Madness event at Bristol, TN on July 25, 2009. Each monster truck made two qualifying passes before a thunderstorm came through the area and cancelled racing. The storm passed later and the monsters came back out to do some free-style. Go to everythingmonstertrucks**** to see a full coverage.
27 Jul 2009
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Funny commercials - Survival Auto insurance www.survivalinsurance****
21 May 2009
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The three biggest cast members of the Twilight franchise have pulled out of all events prior to release.
21 Aug 2012
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18 Jul 2008
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Original a canceled Xbox title, Kore has made its way to the Nintendo Wii and gamers are taking notice! Check out the debut trailer for this new platformer!
9 Aug 2009
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Please pray or offer your respects to those who have passed today. Authorities say at least 26 people, including 18 children, were killed Friday when a gunman clad in black military gear opened fire inside a Connecticut elementary school. This is the official commemoration page for the Newton Conneticut Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Victims. The shooter, identified as 24-year-old Ryan Lanza, lived in Hoboken, N.J., and had ties to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., according to officials. The gunman was found dead inside the building, but it remains unclear who killed him. Local news outlets report that the shooting occurred inside a kindergarten classroom, and that all the pupils in that classroom are unaccounted for. An official with knowledge of the situation said the shooter was armed with a .223-caliber rifle. The motive is not yet known. Police are also questioning another man in connection with the shooting. Witnesses told the Connecticut Post that a handcuffed man, dressed in camouflage, was led out of a nearby woods by officers. Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance said during an afternoon news conference that police arrived at the scene "within minutes" of a 911 call placed shortly after 9:30 a.m. "Every door, every crack, every crevice of that school" was checked, Vance said. "The entire school was searched." Vance did not give details about the number of victims other than to say they included students and staff, pending notification of the families. He said more information would be released, possibly later Friday. The massacre began inside the school's main office as the principal was making morning announcements. Sources told Fox News students throughout the school could hear gunshots over the intercom system before the gunman entered the kindergarten classroom and continued his bloody rampage. A dispatcher at the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps said a teacher was shot in the foot and taken to Danbury Hospital. Local news outlets also reported that the principal was among those shot. Parent Lisa Procaccini told Fox News that her daughter was sitting in a classroom when she and others heard gun shots. "She was in a small class -- a reading group and they started hearing bangs," Procaccini said. "Her teacher, and I'm grateful for this, rushed kids into the bathroom and locked the door. They told kids it was hammering and tried to keep them calm." "Children were crying," Procaccini said. "She did tell me about a little boy that was in a police officer's arms, bleeding. I don't know if she gets it." The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said two firearms were recovered from the scene. President Obama was notified of the shooting around 10:30 am ET, White House officials said. The Newtown School District has locked down schools as a preventive measure to ensure the safety of students and staff. A statement on the district's website stated that afternoon kindergarten classes have been canceled. The elementary school has close to 700 students. Newtown is in Fairfield County, about 45 miles southwest of Hartford and 60 miles northeast of New York City. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use
17 Mar 2013
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Funny Scary Story. Halloween Is Cancelled. Monster scares kids. Escaped mental patient terrifies children at a Halloween party. Scary story. Funny story. True story
20 Dec 2007
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13 Oct 2009
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This video was taken at the Thompson Metal Monster Truck Madness event at Bristol, TN on July 25, 2009. Each monster truck made two qualifying passes before a thunderstorm came through the area and cancelled racing. The storm passed later and the monsters came back out to do some free-style. Go to everythingmonstertrucks**** to see a full coverage.
2 Aug 2009
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2 Jul 2010
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