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Ready to spice up your craft-making skills this fall season? Here's how to make a small, high-tech, jack-o'-lantern that uses a bright LED!
2 Oct 2007
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Mulitiple Ufo & Alien Sightings oveer the years submitted by viewers like you.
12 Jun 2008
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Free videos and informations on all arts and craft techniques visit www.artistsresource******, enjoy the video!
30 Jul 2007
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Art and craft tutorials, flower making, dry arrangement tips , flower making, net flower, stocking flower, net flower, candle making, mirror arrangement, beauty tips, kids crafts
31 Mar 2010
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As far as I know, I invented this fold. I call it the "mark of love" (cheesy, I know). See more origami at *******foldsomething****
8 Feb 2010
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This weekend, make a flower out of 3 bills. This makes a great tip for a nice dinner out or just a way to spend 20 minutes or so folding paper! This project is from Craft: Magazine Volume 5 and the origami was designed by Robert J. Lang and Diagrammed by Jeffrey Rutzky.
31 Dec 2007
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5 Feb 2010
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Our Space Commanders craft their way through a galaxy of adventure this week in StarMade.
27 Jul 2013
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see more origami at This video shows how to make an origami phoenix. It's a little tricky, and I would recommend mastering how to make a crane before attempting this fold.
10 Jul 2010
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Watch the funny Oh Audrey create decoupage
12 Dec 2007
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Make a cool and easy paper creation with only 8 squares of paper and your hands! You can even use sticky notes!
3 Feb 2008
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This video shows you how to make a paper football (American rules football). This is probably one of the first folds I ever learned to make, and I don't really consider it origami... but at the same time, I thought it might be fun since the BCS football bowl games and NFL playoffs are just around the corner. So make one and have a little fun playing office football while the boss isn't around.
10 Dec 2008
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Skip to minute 3:50 to see finished project:) Great DIY Tip! Learn to make hanging shelves anywhere you want. Note: If you just want to see the finished project and the hot girl:) skip to the last mintue of the video. If you want to learn to make hanging shelves, you will digg this... my friends all ask how... you could even hang them from celings or rafters. haha You could even hang a table or a bar like this...hang a cd dvd rack... use your imagination... and easy to move and reinstall without leaving a bunch of holes in the walls.... pretty cool.
21 Dec 2007
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Did the Germans master this technology? Did they send a craft to Mars in 1946. Very interesting to say the least!
24 Aug 2008
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Forgot your glasses? Can't read the print? You can use a technology that has been studied for over a millennium! Music: Kevin MacLeod
23 Aug 2008
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This origami video shows how to make a cool little tank. It's very similar to a spaceship fold that I've made a video for. It takes one sheet of rectangular paper (notebook or printer papers works fine) and another smaller sheet (about the size of a post-it note if you're using 8.5'' x 11'' paper). I used make tons of these things and wage little wars on my desk in school.
17 Nov 2008
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