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Additional Changes to the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to Better Protect Creators 4000 hours watchtime and 1000 subscribers - STOP wasting time on making youtube videos in 2018
17 Jan 2018
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The Creator of Life - Allah (God)
14 Jan 2018
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Hi guys it’s Tom from Curo Lifestyle, creators of Curo Alkaline Water and the 7 Pillars of Vibrant Health Program. Can you make your water healthier through the power of your thought? Can you alter the crystal structure of your water through pure intention? Sounds crazy right? Stay with me.
9 Jan 2018
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Signs from the Creator - The Expanding Universe
8 Jan 2018
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Valentines Day Special Video..For More Best Remix Visit MVCREATEORS on youtube We are Most Thankful To the Original Music Creators for their Credits...
7 Jan 2018
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The founder and creator of the original "Anti-Frizz Sheets” has created 2 new products to help fight winter's biggest hair woes and he showed us at his name-sake salon in NYC.
4 Jan 2018
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An amv I made myself. Edited clips and audio together. All original content is owned by their creators.
4 Jan 2018
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The Scientific and Logical arguments for God.
3 Jan 2018
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01 The Centre of Thoth Atlantean presents the film "Svetotron. Way to Immortality". 02 PART 1 SIMULATION THEORY 03 Why was the movie "Matrix-1" so popular? 04 The success for simple fudge was too big... 05 Therefore this is not quite figment. And people feel it. 06 In recent years, quantum physics has witnessed a "revolution". 07 In quantum mechanics, the results obtained should not be! 08 The photon, electron and other particles behave strangely in experiments with delayed choice. 09 The particles know that they will observe a drastic change of their properties. The FUTURE AFFECTS the PAST. The fundamental principle of our World the PRINCIPLE of CAUSALITY is violated. 10 The quantum entanglement Experiments have shown, that entangled particles can “communicate” INSTANTLY in ANY DISTANCE... 11 The Scientists were in shock: supernatural and unbelievable. They were convinced, INSTANTANEOUS COMMUNICATION is IMPOSSIBLE in the Universe. 12 The MATRIX? Yes, we live in the MATRIX! Our World is a SIMULATION! 13 Theory Simulation gaining more and more evidence in recent years... But we must know that our World is it's not an evil matrix, like the film, but the Divine Matrix. 14 It is BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, FASCINATING, EXCITING Surrounding World. 15 The representatives of the higher civilizations confirmed - the Physical Universe, with its attributes – time and space - is a SIMULATION. 16 It was created artificially and only for human learning. It is for the universal man, not only for the earth... It will disappear as useless when the training is completed. 17 Who created it? It was created by God, the Creator, the Аbsolute or the Central Spiritual Sun. 18 He scattered His Sparks in the Universe, so that each gained experience and returned to Him with this "Gift". 19 All the Saints say about our divine origin, for example, Jesus Christ: "I said you are Gods". 20 That is all of us: every person, every Soul is a Divine Spark. It is wrong to say that man ha
1 Jan 2018
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02 Signs From the Creator | Created From Water Amazing Video 2018
1 Jan 2018
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Love the Creation - Love the Creator
28 Dec 2017
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This is description
25 Dec 2017
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