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Leap Day, post-Wii soreness, shooting commercials, and why I just said no to Tricia.
22 Mar 2008
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The War On Democracy is a powerful new documentary from award winning journalist and film-maker John Pilger. It was released in UK cinemas from Friday June 15th 2007 and is out on DVD now
30 Mar 2009
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A richly textured essay film on landscape, art, history, life and loss, Patience (After Sebald) offers a unique exploration of the work of internationally acclaimed writer W.G. Max Sebald (1944-2001) via a walk through East Anglia tracking his most influential book, The Rings of Saturn. The much anticipated new feature by the Grierson Award-winning Director of Joy Division, Patience is the first film about Sebald internationally, marking ten years since the writer's untimely death with contributions from major writers, artists and film-makers.
23 Jan 2012
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http:www. hollywood-dream**** - Attract all the money you need to get your film produced. In the next 3 minutes you'll discover the inside secret to go from struggling filmmaker to having your movie financed - in no time; the key is to get access to insider contacts. It is possible to get your film funded in 8 simple steps.
22 Nov 2008
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This is more of a test/experimental short film if you will, of a future movie I plan on making. I am going for the completely creepy/disturbing feeling... this location I shot at is a local park and is a film maker's paradise... (Old closed swimming pool.I just wanted to get some sort of idea, so here's something I put together in a few days.
20 May 2008
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Pandu series is a story of a very simple and straightforward guy who takes things literally (Read figuratively) --- In this episode he learns that there is always a solution to any problem(big or small) -- it doesn't matter how you solve it..
9 May 2010
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Everyone, go view and VOTE for these awesome vids at *******www.bmwshorties****.my/. Very good vids! Well done all! Inspiring work by unknown film-makers in Malaysia. Well done all! Hard time voting for favorite
26 Apr 2008
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Tony Scott, the British-born Hollywood director, behind the acclaimed movies like Top Gun, Days of Thunder and Crimson Tide, tragically died after jumping off a Los Angeles bridge.
22 Aug 2012
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Black Biscuit follows the life of Chet. On one fateful day he finds his true calling - film making. Now all he has to do is stop prostituting him self. Working by day as a male prostitute, Chet is beginning to see the rewards and comforts of money. But his new dreams of becoming a film maker are being diminished as his discipline and self worth are questioned.
12 Feb 2012
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Watch more videos at *******www.slumberpartytheater**** Slumber Party Theater Presents:"Interview with the Film Maker of "Dissonance" Indie Fest USA - Part 3." Writer & Director Moniere talks about his film, "Dissonance," with beautiful actress Misty Coty. *******www.dissonancethemovie****. Sponsored by Long Pig: The Movie now playing at *******www.longpig****. WINNER Best Underground Film - Indie Fest USA 2008. Nominated for Best Visual Effects, Best Make-Up, and Best Feature Film - Indie Fest USA 2008 *******www.indiefestusa****
19 Nov 2008
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*******www.somebodyelsesphone**** Uploaded for Nokia. If you found Luca’s phone… Would you read his text messages, look at his video clips or listen to his voicemail? Luca is a wannabe LA film-maker - get total access to his phone!
9 Oct 2008
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Filmakers discussion *******www.blogtalkradio****/ifu Wen's 6 to 8 PST Booking 866-605-6431 Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Sep 2008
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1982 and the worlds loudest rock band, Spinal Tap, are about to embark on their biggest world tour to date. Along for the ride is film-maker and fan Marti DiBergi (Rob Reiner), there to make a behind-the-scenes tribute to his favourite heavy metal band. However instead of a celebrating the genius of the musicians behind such classics as Big Bottom and Hell Hole, the documentary captures the cracks as they begin to appear for this band whose time has come and now appears to have gone again. Whilst the tour turns out to be not the sell-out they had hoped for, the bands hapless manager Ian Faith (Tony Hendra) unwittingly orchestrates a cacophony of errors: stage props malfunctions, miniature sets and an all-black album cover to replace one that the record company deemed too offensive to women: Whats wrong with being sexy? The final straw however might just prove to be the interference of guitarist David St. Hubbinss girlfriend Janine in the bands business affairs, shutting out childhood friend and co-lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel. With a camera recording all the chaos, the archetypal portrait of a band in crisis is born.
27 Aug 2009
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Watch the full video here: heroes.vodafone360****/ Teaming up with epic film-maker Saam Faramand (Klaxons, Janet Jackson), SMD made a short film themed around their collaboration with Beth Ditto, "Cruel Intentions" in which the woman who used to be in the Nescafe adverts gets pretty debauched and scary.
5 Dec 2009
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Ypres – Slaughter OF THE INNOCENTS 1914-1915 is the first in a compelling new series to explore the battlefields of the Western Front during the First World War. For the first time, the whole story of the ‘strip of murdered nature’ will be told – almost 500 miles from the North Sea to Switzerland. The aim of this series is to tell the story of the many battles that took place along the Front during more than four years of bitter fighting. This series will take the viewer to the places which have become synonymous with the war – Ypres, Arras, the Somme and Verdun. It will also visit many of the less well known battlefields, telling their story for the first time on film. Produced and presented by acclaimed film maker Ed Skelding, he is joined by Nigel Cave, the series editor for the Battleground series, to explain the often complex nature of the fighting with extracts from his books. This film deals with the first and second battles of Ypres, including the opening encounters at Messines Ridge, Gheluvelt and Langemark. It also tells the story of the 1914 Christmas truce and the nearby locations where the artist Bruce Bairnsfather drew the cartoons that were to establish the character of Old Bill. The second part of this film then switches to the Second Battle of Ypres in April 1915. This became notorious for the first real gas attack of the war and was to change the attitude of the British soldiers towards the Germans. Gone forever was any notion of chivalry. Nigel is interviewed at Vancouver Corner – where an impressive memorial to the Canadians, who died defending the line despite suffering many casualties from the gas, now stands. He also takes us to the nearby Totemuhle or ‘Death Windmill’ to explain where the gas attack came from and the resulting lost opportunity for the Germans. The film concludes by paying a visit to Talbot House in Poperinge. Now a living history museum, curator Annelies Vermeulen explains the story behind this fascinating place, where thousands of British soldiers found respite during the war. *******
28 Jun 2013
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Watch more videos at *******www.slumberpartytheater**** Slumber Party Theater Presents:"Interview with the Film Makers of "Control" Indie Fest USA - Part 2." Writer & Director Brad Crow talks about his film, "Control." *******bradhcrowe****/control/index.html Sponsored by Long Pig: The Movie now playing at *******www.longpig****. WINNER Best Underground Film - Indie Fest USA 2008. Nominated for Best Visual Effects, Best Make-Up, and Best Feature Film - Indie Fest USA 2008 *******www.indiefestusa****
22 Sep 2008
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