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The winner of PFCOne Kezlowski award 2008, filmmaker Himanshu received all the cash and equipment to make the film on HD, from film maker Hansal Mehta along with India Study Abroad Center, to spread the social message of saving water.
9 Apr 2009
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Watch more videos at *******www.slumberpartytheater**** Slumber Party Theater Presents:"'Elsa Letterseed:'Interview with the Film Maker Sarah Kreutz Indie Fest USA - Part 4." Writer & Director Sarah Kreutz talks about her film, "Elsa Letterseed." *******www.elsaletterseed****/ Sponsored by Long Pig: The Movie now playing at *******www.longpig****. WINNER Best Underground Film - Indie Fest USA 2008. Nominated for Best Visual Effects, Best Make-Up, and Best Feature Film - Indie Fest USA 2008 *******www.indiefestusa****
20 Nov 2008
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Forged in the fiery crucible of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, MacDonald Studio Gobi Challenge 2007 is an account of one of the World’s toughest footraces. Over 140 miles of some of the most unforgiving terrain on Earth film-maker Robert MacDonald films the pain, suffering and joy of his fellow competitors as he embarks on the dual challenge of completing and filming the event. He crosses desert plain, negotiates ice gorges and climbs the highest sand dunes in Asia in pursuit of his goal, living with nomads along the way.
17 Dec 2007
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Politics and poetry in a blues voice, this music video, of the first song on the Blue-Loves CD of the same title, is meant as an arrow to the heart of Washington, and explores the politics of language as well as the language of politics. Talking blues over imagery of July 4th in Washington DC and nearby, make for a riveting contrast between the visual and the verbal, the ideal and the real. This is the work of a master poet and film-maker and an inspired singer-interpreter. A high definition version of this video is available from Blue-Loves****.
12 Oct 2008
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Chetilo Cheyyesi starring Abhishek, Pratistha, Sonia. Sreenu Kasyap is the producer. Simhasri Midde is the director. The story deals with the intoxication of love, it points out and discusses the level of importance the youth give to love. It is a sensitive love story adds the film maker. Bunty has scored the music. The film will release in the second week of July. Sharath Babu, Kavitha, Surya, Raghunath Reddy, Babloo, Bangalore Padma are the rest of the cast.
28 Jul 2010
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Vietlish TV Episode 2 The Adventure of Mr. & Mrs. Apple In the festivity of the Vietnamese New Year, Team Vietlish celebrates the Year of the Water Buffalo having completed Episode 2 The Adventure of Mr. & Ms. Apple. Presenters Joseph Dinh & Maria Tran (Mr. & Mrs. Apple of 2009) are two newly trained Vietnamese messenger-gods who have embarked on a journey to find their predecessors from the previous year to get their report signed off. Each year Apple gods have to report back to Heaven before the Lunar New Year eve to report on the years events. However, their amateur teleportation skills, paired with their bad directions results in catesptrophic mayhem, disrupting normal earthly activities around Cabramatta & Bankstown (Sydney, Australia) Joseph Dinh (2009 Vietnamese Australian of the Year) said: We spent days sweating in our costumes, shamelessly walking around the streets of Cabramatta in our costumes, being honked by cars to film this short clip. But the reception we got from the audience at our first screening was worth every effort. Hence we decided to put it online as our second episode. Being produced by Vietlish Entertainment and Gajic & Co. Lawyers Cabramatta, episode 2 was screened in the main stage for the introduction of the 2009 Vietnamese Tet Festival entertainment which Maria Tran & Joseph Hieu were MC Hosts, sharing the stage with international Vietnamese superstar Don Ho. Tao means kitchen messenger gods, having been literally translated by Vietlish as the Apple fruit creating further humour in the main characters. Award winning film-maker Maria Tran says: This is where horrendous acting and dodgey storylines creates and explosion of off screen dramas and fun! A refreshingly saavy way to bridge the generational gap. Website: www.vietlishentertainment**** Contact:infovietlishentertainment**** ========================== Vietlish TV Tập II Chuyện Ông Táo Bà Táo Trong không khí nhộn nhịp nhân dịp Tết Nguyên Đán, để đón mừng Năm Kỷ Sửu, nhóm trẻ Vietlish vừa mới hoàn tất tập 2 cho đài Vietlish TV mang tựa đề Chuyện Ông Táo Bà Táo. Cốt truyện xoay quanh hai người thần thoại trong văn hoá Việt Nam, là Ông Táo Bà Táo (Joseph Dinh & Maria Trần) trên con đường tìm Táo cũ để nhận lệnh bàn giao tới Ngọc Hoàng. Hàng năm Ông bà Táo phải gom chuyện thế gian để cáo trình lên Ngọc Hoàng trước ngày Giao Thừa. Bởi vì là Táo mới, hai bạn đã biến lộn nơi làm quấy động sinh hoạt thế gian, ngay trên đường phố vùng thủ đô người Việt Nam tại Úc là Cabramatta & Bankstown (Sydney). Joseph Dinh (Người Úc Gốc Việt Xuất Sắc năm 2009) nói: Chúng tôi đã phải chịu đựng trời nóng, toát mồ hôi trong bộ đồ Táo, với bộ mặt chai không biết quê, để xuống đường phố Cabramatta để quay đoạn phim này. Tuy cực nhọc nhưng với sự đón tiếp nhiệt tình của khán giả trong buổi trình chiếu lần đầu đã là niềm khích lệ với chúng tôi. Nên quyết định cũng chúng tôi là cho lên internet cho mọi người cùng thưởng thức. Được thực hiện do sự kết hợp của Vietlish Entertainment và công ty tư vấn pháp luật Gajic & Co. Lawyers Cabramatta, tập 2 đã được trình chiếu lần đầu tiên để khai mạc chương trình văn nghệ Hội Chợ Tết 2009, mà cũng do hai bạn Joseph Dinh & Maria Trần làm MC cùng với phần văn nghệ do ca sĩ Don Hồ (đến từ Hoa Kỳ). Táo có nghĩa là vị thần thoại hay ở nhà bếp, thế nhưng Vietlish đã dịch thành trái táo (apple) để tạo sự hài hước hầu đem niềm vui đến khán giả. Đạo diễn Maria Trần tiếp: Chúng tôi cố tình kết hợp lối đóng kịch vô duyên cùng với một kịch bản bừa bãi để móc nối hai thế hệ già trẻ với một đoạn phim hài hước nhưng lại đậm chất văn hoá. Mạng Lưới: www.vietlishentertainment**** Liên lạc: infovietlishentertainment****
16 Feb 2009
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The censor board has adviced the film makers of 'No One Killed Jessica' to beep the words like 'kamini' in the song ‘Aali Re Saali Re’ from ‘No One Killed Jessica’.
4 Jan 2011
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In my mind summer never ends! This is my show paying tribute to some of the greatest surf and sun music artists of all time and of course the great film-maker Bruce Brown ("Endless Summer"). Enjoy! (There's a little bit of "Surfin' With Jesus" for you also). www.niswanderrocktheater********/niswander www.CDBaby****/niswander1 Apple iTunes!
16 Sep 2007
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One of the Bollywood’s biggest film maker Yash Chopra died on Sunday evening after suffering from dengue fever.. He was 80.
25 Oct 2012
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Bollywood film maker Karan Johar’s 40th birthday is supposed to be the biggest party happening over the weekend and let us tell you that all most all of our Bollywood celebs will be heading for the bash.
25 May 2012
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maniaTV’s All Access sits down with Portishead frontman Geoff Barrow. Watch him chat about the creation of their beautiful music videos and an upcoming music video competition for young film makers. Watch All Access on Tuesdays at 6pm ET, only on maniaTV****/shows/all-access/
30 Apr 2008
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Watch more videos at *******www.slumberpartytheater**** Slumber Party Theater Presents:"Interview with the Film Makers of "Scorned" The Horrific Film Festival - Part 3." The Director, Producers, Cast & Crew of the film "Scorned" talk about the movie on the night of its premiere. *******twitchydolphin****/ Sponsored by Long Pig: The Movie now playing at *******www.longpig****. WINNER Best Underground Film - Indie Fest USA 2008. Nominated for Best Visual Effects, Best Make-Up, and Best Feature Film - Indie Fest USA 2008 *******www.indiefestusa****
25 Oct 2008
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