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30 Dec 2009
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12 Oct 2008
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Learn proper check writing to benefit you personal finance.Gaurav Bhola discusses check writing techniques.
12 Nov 2008
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When dealing with Chase Home Finance when they're in the 2nd position, you have to be aware that they often charge off the debt and send it to their Recovery Department. This video will go over what to do when dealing with Chase Home Finance.
22 Apr 2009
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29 Mar 2010
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BF Homes Paranaque Brandnew 2 Sty P10.8MLot Area 254 sq.m Floor Area 355 sq.mSelling Price P10,800000.00Brandnew 2 sty 3 bedrooms, 3 toilet and bath,living and dining area, powder room, den, lanai, family room, balcony, kitchen, laundry area, maid's room and driver's room with toilet and bath, garden, garage. Cash or Bank Financing.For More Information Please Call:Emil YnchaustiRealtor(632)8263642(632)7079172/(63)9178811933(632)5140880 /(63)9179015627emil0813yahoo****/eynchaustihotmail****
9 Jul 2009
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I once was a special Ed teacher and I need something to keep the kids calm,so I came up with making mini kites.You can make them fast and easy and cheap.Give it a shot,see how you like it.It's fun for the kids and they can make a little money from them.Also I would like to say Thank you to everyone who uses youtube and youtube mobile,because a lot of you show my videos to your friends on the iPhone and your Mp3 players.Thats cool THANK YOU,PEACE.
2 Dec 2008
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To Watch This Entire Message PLUS Free Success Tools, Go To: *******www.risetosuccess****/se Dani Johnson's Spiritual Equipping for Your Personal & Professional Life: * Tired of Being Broke Spiritually and Financially? * Worried about how you're going to pay this month's bills? * Living a life that seems to be going in circles? * Wanting to give to charities but not having the money to do it? * Worried about how your kids are going to turn out? * Feeling that you're missing out on living a Spirit-filled abundant life? Then You Need To Watch This Video . . . In this video you will discover . . . * How to experience the joy of being free from stress and self-sabotage * Strategies that deliver the perfect balance between career and family Popular Speaker, Business Trainer, Success Coach and Self-Made Millionaire, Releases to the public for the first time: "SPIRITUAL EQUIPPING FOR YOUR PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL LIFE" Are you ready to put these Time Tested Biblical Secrets to work for you? Never before have these success secrets been available in such a straight forward ground breaking teaching. Without these principles in play, your road to success will be bumpy and full of uncertainty... * Do you struggle with beliefs about making money or do you sometimes think it's wrong to make money? * Do you struggle with FEAR in your business... in your relationships... in your finances? * Do you want to overcome "poverty" and create lasting WEALTH and PROSPERITY that will last for generations? * Do you want to "root" your success on a spiritual foundation? * Do you have balance in your life? Are you able to manage your time, finding a balance between business and family? * Are you able to attract quality people into your life who provide wisdom, guidance, encouragement and support? Do you Want To: * Learn EXACLTY what causes you to prosper and become wealthy? * Learn how to increase the success you are already having? * Learn what leads to poverty and how to stay clear of it? * Learn how to prevent the pitfalls of success and eliminate the risk of losing what you've worked so hard for? Success Stories “Before I met Dani, I had spent a small fortune on courses, and a host of different speakers and coaches with little or nothing to show for it. I got started with Dani’s system and my income increased by $26,000 within twelve months. In addition to that Dani also gave me a strategy to get rid of $24,000 in debt that very same year. No fluff, no hype, just solid proven strategy that anyone can apply.” ~ Simeon Cryer “I was a 19 year old full time college student working part time as a waitress making $8000/year and just getting deeper and deeper in debt. I possessed absolutely no business skills. With the skills I gained from Dani, I was able to make $9,000 in one week! If you’re just thinking about plugging into Dani, you need to make a decision today - you can’t afford to miss out.” ~ Keri Skarin “I am currently Vice President of Engineering at a company which produces high power radar amplifiers. The skills which I learned from Dani Johnson are what brought me the success I enjoy today. The engineering degree and the years of graduate study are not the keys to my success. My ability to relate and understand what people want has enabled me to succeed in a competitive engineering marketplace. I feel I have an unbeatable advantage over other people in life all due to the skills I have learned from Dani’s seminars.” ~ Shiva Arulanandan “Although I was successful in my business, I was ready to walk away from it. I was an angry, stressed out mom, and it just wasn’t worth it. After plugging into Dani Johnson’s training, I have increased my income 54%. For the first time, I am a 6-figure income earner, with more time to enjoy my family. If you want to enjoy freedom in every area of your life, you owe it to yourself to get to the next live event.” ~ Shari Snyder “I was in the military, proud to serve my country, not making a lot of money. I realized I was looking for something more. Dani Johnson had a huge impact on my life. I made $43,000 in 6 months working part time. Every single time I come to a Dani Johnson Live Event, I’ve made at least $4,000 the very next week. Now I’m helping others learn to do the same. I’m just so thankful for the opportunity to come to Dani Johnson.” ~ Stephen Smith “After my 1st Dani Johnson Live Event, I came out and made $30,000 in the first month! I am so blown away … the internal changes in me now… there’s no amount of money, there’s nothing that can replace that.” ~ Geneva Compton “I was a Computer Engineer making $60,000 per year. I thought I had a good job and I thought I was content but the truth was that I settled for mediocrity. Then I went to one of Dani Johnson’s workshops, and I realized that life had so much more to offer…that I could accomplish so much more in my professional as well as my personal life. The workshops provided me with the tools, skills, and ability to implement key steps in my career. Currently, I am a highly sought after IT management consultant, and I have quadrupled my income. My focus has been my career, but what I have learned through Dani Johnson’s workshops have dramatically transformed all areas of my life.” ~ Dean Solos “I had achieved a six-figure income but I was absolutely miserable. I had no time freedom, didn’t see my children and was losing control of my life. After coming to Dani Johnson, I’ve learned so many skills to gain manageability of my own life and business. It’s improved my marriage. I now earn a multiple six-figure income – paid off over $100,000 worth of debt. I would recommend this to anybody who really wants to fix their life and succeed in their business. I haven’t seen one person who hasn’t been phenomenally affected by the training, equipping, and the personal growth that occurs with Dani Johnson.” ~ Renae Heikkila “Since attending my first event in L.A., I have paid off a total of 5 debts and I am now on my 6th to pay off. Thank you Dani, for empowering me to become DEBT FREE” ~ Danie Jolley "Part of why I hesitated to go to the seminar is that I am a student Buddhism and I believed I would be a bit uncomfortable with your expressions of your faith. But something told me not to let that be my 'excuse' for not coming to learn how to do my new business. Instead of being uncomfortable at the seminar, I really loved seeing and hearing your profession of faith. It lifted me up and gave me joy to know you are the real Christian deal. I am now dedicated to having you as my most important business teacher. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom; you are a skillful, powerful and loving teacher." ~Anita Castle “I was a hairdresser working 60 to 80 hours a week and still living paycheck to paycheck. My life was full and busy, but not complete. So when I heard about this training, I jumped at the chance. Dani Johnson has an amazing gift with people. No matter what arena she is dealing with: business, marriage, parenting, spiritual, friendships, you name it, she can show people their own truth on how to achieve success. I have more confidence than I ever thought possible. I've trained for and completed three marathons so far. Because of the things that Dani had instilled in me I will never be comfortable allowing myself to be complacent. She showed me that I have all the talent ambition and drive to succeed at whatever I choose to do.” ~ Michele VanFossen “There are conventions & seminars & great speakers, but Dani Johnson’s events are truly LIFE CHANGING. I am SO amazed at the change in ME with my children since I attended her live event in Phoenix. The money I spent going to Phoenix & Dallas was worth every cent because I didn't just learn great skills, but I'VE CHANGED!!! God bless you….." ~ Elaine Madrid “I can't tell you enough how much my life has changed since having been exposed to you. I attended a Dani Johnson live event in L.A, and within a few weeks I cleared $15,000 of debt that I carried around like a gorilla on my back! I never realized that the freedom of having it cleared would enable me to REALLY experience life.” ~ Francis Chau “A year ago our income was $1800/month and $1600 of that was going out to child support, so we had no money. We ended up living with friends and relatives, but we made a decision to start investing into ourselves. We started with the free training on Dani Johnson’s website, and began earning enough money to go to her Live Event. In only a year and a half, our income is now over $18,000/month. It’s indescribable. Make a decision for yourself. You will not regret it.” ~ Tyler Adkins “Before discovering Dani Johnson, I was working 80 to 90 hours a week running two retail locations. I was stressed out and on my way to having nervous break down. Dani Johnson has forever changed me, the way in which I do business, and how I run my life. I am no longer an amateur sales person, I have been equipped to become a professional business developer. Bottom line, I have more than tripled my income while cutting my hours in half. I now enjoy my life, and more importantly, all the people in it!! I recommend that you plug into Dani Johnson right away." ~ Carmen Uyttenhove “When I started my business I tapped into Dani Johnson, and my business has soared. In the last 4 months I’ve paid off over $10,000 in debt. I also teach college and I’ve taken the insights I’ve learned from Dani and used this with my college students; looked at their personalities that Dani teaches you, how to talk to them, answer questions, and how to motivate them to be successful. This is not just for business – It’s for your life!” ~ Pam Root “Before meeting Dani Johnson, I had spent close to $100,000 on personal growth seminars and workshops, only to find myself living from paycheck to paycheck, renting a room in someone else’s home, dealing with bad relationships. Through the trainings of Dani Johnson, over the past 10 years I have never had to interview for any positions I have held…employers recruited me! The people skills taught by Dani have been an absolute necessity in running my franchise. If you know someone who needs help with people skills, encouragement, or a new direction for their life, then they need to discover the Dani Johnson system now.” ~ Dawn Lyons “I was working in a corporate job 15 hours PER DAY working for someone else’s dreams. I decided build a better future for myself. I found Dani Johnson’s tools and training, I applied what I learned, and in the last 12 months I’ve risen to a 6-figure income, paid off $50,000 in debt and acquired over a million dollars worth of property.” ~ John Pitlick “I work in accounts receivable and collections at my job, which has not been easy because of my fear of talking to people. I went to Dani’s live event only a week ago. Now I go through my entire day with no sweat and I enjoy talking to people. I have struggled with fear issues my entire life and Dani has helped me overcome a lot. I am sooooo looking forward to going to Dynasty!!!” ~ Angela Crockett “I’m a manager, and most managers THINK they know how to deal with people. Through Dani’s training, I learned how some of the ways I’ve been treating employees is the opposite of what it should be. And now, my whole workplace is being transformed. I think it’s the live event…there’s something different here…you get that dynamic that you’re missing with all the other so-called management trainers.” ~ Roy Kinch “I had ZERO business experience and not a clue how to run a successful business. After tapping into Dani Johnson’s training, I now have the skills to a run a successful business, regularly earning $10,000/month.” ~ Gregg Jakoby “As a leading national scientist in earthquake research, my career seemed totally on track. Mostly to support my wife's efforts to develop a successful small business, I agreed to attend a Dani Johnson workshop, where I became exposed to ideas and insights that I had never encountered in 4 years of college, 8 years of graduate school, and more than 2 decades of management training. My career blossomed into new opportunities—a Wash. D.C. fellowship, international meetings, and ultimately a new position as a senior manager of a $100M+ project. I greatly appreciate the profound role that Dani has played in challenging me to do more and be more than I ever imagined I could. Her genius as a mentor has changed my life when I did not realize that I could and must change. Thank you, Dani!” ~ William U. Savage “I was in a straight commission Job. I woke up every month with a big fat 0, working 60-80 hours a week, just totally burnt out. I hated getting out of bed. Applying Dani Johnson’s principals, her skills sets, the things that she teaches, I was able to go from January of last year to November of this year with my earnings totaling over $240,000. You can apply the principals that she teaches to anything you do to become a success at it. The skills and principles Dani teaches will absolutely change your life.” ~ Kelly Parker “I was working full time in construction, and I was given an opportunity to attend one of Dani’s seminars in January. For me it was an incredible life changing experience. From that seminar I gained the courage to try something new, and a short time later, wound up with a new career in sales. I learned a tremendous amount of skill in the art of dealing with people, which I believe is why I now manage a major branch of my company. I was selected for this position because of the skills I gained from Dani’s training system. Dani has the ability to reach down inside people and pull out talents and strengths that they didn't know they had. To miss out on the opportunity would mean missing out on a great deal of your own life's potential.” ~ Rob VanFossen “I was $116,000 in debt, I was working 50-60 hours a week, and our household income was $25,000/year. I wanted to start a business for myself, but I didn’t have the training I needed to succeed. Then I came to Dani Johnson in September of last year, and I made $13,000 the very next month. I’ve actually made a little over $135,000 since January 1st this year. Thank you Dani Johnson!” ~ Stacy O’Quinn "I was gripped by the depth and intensity of your belief. Your delivery of the scriptural activities that lead to poverty or wealth has changed the internal blueprint of my perception of wealth." ~ Lennie Parker “Until I listened to your CD’s, I thought I was going to have to choose between having a spiritual life and having a business. Hearing how you have been able to balance between the two has given me hope.” ~ Fran Wood “Dani, you have cut right to the heart of changes I’ve been struggling to make in my life for years now.” ~ Sarah Zencic “You are the most awesome speaker I've ever heard! I attended your live seminar and not only did I receive invaluable information to help me drive my business, I was given tools to help me grow spiritually and personally. As a former director of marketing, sales manager and corporate trainer/educator, I was a little skeptical as to what I would really get out of the training. I cannot even begin to describe the benefits of attending this seminar. It has changed the way I look at everything, not just my business -- my marriage, my family, my job, my life in general…” ~ Melody Simons "Dani Johnson is living out the scriptures in such a way that truly blows our minds. She is a doer of the word. My husband and I are both leaders in our church, and we are both extremely blessed by the clarity and impact of her anointed teaching. She is an anointed leader whom God used to bring revelational knowledge to us both, especially in the area of wealth. I truly had to fall to my knees to repent of the fact that I had judged the wealthy. Now that my husband and I are new in business, the Lord is showing us the awesome truth of the need for the church to honor the "kings of the marketplace". We are different now for God's glory because of Dani's obedience to go use her giftings to set the captives free. Thank you Dani for being that weapon in God's mighty hand to set me free!!!!" ~ Sonya Cruz, VA The Spirit Driven Success CD series is my all-time favorite! It's so great to be able to implement spiritual values and principles not only into my life, but also my business. There is a simple map of success for all areas of life, family and business and Dani shares this plan that helps to create balance, a sense of peace and Faith and gets you to take Action towards the person God intended you to be. ~ Kimber King "Thank you so much for all that you do to minister life and healing in the area of personal development and wealth to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people around the world. One of the things I admire most about you is the fact that you give glory and honor to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ in everything that you do. I was thrilled and exhilarated when I attended First Steps Spiritual Equipping and had the freedom to worship and praise Him. As a believer, I feel safe submitting myself to your training and referring my friends, family and associates to you as well." ~ Jennifer Randall "Through your training I have gained courage to move forward in getting a gastric bypass (losing 105 pounds) as well as starting my business. Also, I have found the courage to follow the Lord, sell my house, and learn more about ministry. I will be eternally grateful for what God has done through your seminars and weekly teaching." ~ Rebecca Withey "We have only recently been introduced to you and your website. The past 2 weeks we have spent time listening to both your business trainings and your spiritual equipping calls and want to say to you that it's our privilege and honor to be learning from you. Thank you for your generous spirit that offers so much valuable information for free, that it can be accessed by all." ~ Paul & Ingrid Bayliss My life is on FIRE! Not only has your program ignited my business, but it has affected every area of my life! Communicating with others has always been easy for me, yet after listening to a number of your training CD's, I find myself interfacing with others in a completely different way. What a gift! ~ Cynthia Kasper "I took a hostile, untrusting, hard-hearted, closed-mind, troubled husband to First Steps. (He was steaming when he knew I was not going to let him out of it, when in a weak moment he agreed to attend!) I came back with a totally different husband who is now going around telling everyone how wonderful your training is! He is looking up Scripture to see if it really says what you say. I cannot express how thankful I am that you do what you do. God is certainly a Great God!" ~ Diane Garr "Thank you for your faith-based program that has not only impacted my business, but my life as well." ~ Becky Weis "I came home with more boldness, conviction, confidence and a better ability to communicate with my husband and children. When implementing the words 'obey', 'honor' and 'respect' in a loving posture with our children the response has been instantaneous!" ~ Linda Korte "Thank you for the Spiritual Equipping Session. What Christ has done through you has changed our lives forever. I'll never look at business or relationships the same way again!" ~ Angela Farris "At the Spiritual Equipping Service I opened my heart to what you had to say and I received great words of wisdom that I can apply to my life and my business. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your heart and faith with us." ~ Craig Underwood "I learned to forgive and bless those who offend me." ~ Annette Ziemba "AWESOME! The church should be doing this!" ~ Franklin H. Ross Jr. “My fear is gone! I went from making $300 a month to making $2300 my first 16 hours after listening to your training!” ~ Dee Remey “I have been interviewing trainers and speakers for 5 years on international conference calls. I have interviewed the ‘best of the best’ from all arenas. I believe there is no better trainer in this industry than Dani Johnson! She is absolutely brilliant! She can communicate in a powerful, logical, ‘get real’ manner while still challenging earners to ‘get the most’ from this industry and from themselves.” ~ Patti Roney “The Lord inspired me in your message. My business has exploded!” ~ The Reverend Chris Whicker “Anyone who listens to you and does not get motivated… they have got to be the walking dead!! Bottom line I think you’re great!!!” ~ Doris Harris Through one of your training calls, my husband Mark and I both learned that we worshipped an idol called FEAR... and because of that a famine was produced in our lives. The word of God jumped out of your mouth into our hearts and God revealed to us why we have not moved forward. ~ Laura Montalvo I just finished listening to your training on Faith. Powerful!" ~ Rolf Issler “I was overcomplicating my business for two years with absolutely no results. I discovered Dani Johnson’s Live Events, and within the first year I was making a six figure income!” ~ Jodi Stott "Utilizing the training I learned through DaniJohnson**** I went from being in a position where we WERE going to lose everything, $1500 in the hole, to being in the top 10 of my company. I earned $4024.00 this month…" ~Kassandra Bragg I decided to order Dani's North Carolina CDs in June. I could not wait for the CDs to arrive. After listening to the first 2 CDs, my life was already changed. Dani made me hungry again. She made me get back my ability to hustle. Her topic of Mastering People has changed the entire makeup of my personal business and my unit’s businesses. I had my unit members listen to her Christian recording on Faith and we went from moving $8,000 in product in May, to $18,690 in June. Dani definitely left her footprint on my life and I will forever be grateful. ~Angela Williams "I wanted to give you an update regarding my use of Dani's tools in my college class room. (I teach interpersonal communication classes & speech.) Out of 32 students, all but 8 were getting grades below a "B". After applying Dani's methods, 15 received "A's"; 6 received "B's"; and 7 (who were failing) received "C's". Because of that, their dedication toward their education soared. And by utilizing Dani's personalities training, they were better able to understand conflict issues and it also helped them with their children, families and friends. I had three students use the basic understanding of Hans' debt reduction information and they paid off over $3,000 in debt in less than 10 weeks. Yes, this works, even for things outside of business. Thank YOU ALL!" ~ Pam Root “I was in the insurance industry, making a good income, but I was bored and unfulfilled. Since plugging into Dani Johnson, I have been able totally flip my life around. Now, my priorities are completely re-arranged. I’ve put my child at the top of the list instead of my work. I’ve paid off $80,000 in personal debt, acquired properties because of the training that I applied. I’ve generated an additional 6-figure income in my own business, and I finally have that sense of fulfillment I’ve been seeking for so long.” ~ Tracy Steinke "My life, my marriage, my kids, my family, our school, and of course, my business has been impacted so much! This is way bigger than money for me…I am driven to serve others and lead them to find their greatness!" ~ Kimber King Dani Johnson is Founder of “Call To Freedom Int’l”, and internationally sought-after speaker, author, and business mentor who has trained and equipped tens of thousands of people worldwide to succeed wildly in the marketplace.
4 Oct 2010
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HGA Landscape Services, LLC is a full service Landscape Company located in Atlanta, GA. *******www.CrestCapital**** provided HGA with the landscape equipment financing they needed to get ahead of their competition. Demand for landscape services means purchasing new equipment to operate and Grow the current landscape business. It's the Heat of the season so contact Crest Capital for your next equipment purchase or upgrade
6 Aug 2010
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14 Oct 2011
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This is my own Rolex DayDate watch collection. For inquiries regarding quotation, additional pictures and further details, please see ABOUT ME, or visit freereplica**** or freereplica****. Or send us an email freereplicagmail****. Thank you!
2 Jul 2007
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Using the premier energy-healing technique EFT ... (more) Added: March 26, 2008 Using the premier energy-healing technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Dr. Phillip Mountrose (*******www.gettingthru****) shares with you an easy-to-do, powerful technique he and his wife created: The Miracle Reframe™ with EFT. Use this fast and effective little process on improving anything in your life: finances, relationships, health, you name it. It's always time for a miracle
9 Apr 2008
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DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOANS Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Bills and debts getting a little out of hand? Lower your monthly payments by consolidating them into one low payment. You can consolidate anything. Credit cards, car loans, personal loans, second mortgages anything and everything! We have saved people Thousands of Dollars with this loan program. We will show you how to get out of debt faster, save money and get a possible tax deduction! Complete our online application. EDUCATIONAL LOANS Education Loans provide additional funding to undergraduate, graduate, MBA, law and health professions students. These loan programs are the smart way for students to round out educational financing needs by making up the difference that isn't covered by any other financial aid or loans a student may have. Students can borrow up to the full cost of their education, minus other financial aid. Supreme Advances offers competitive interest rates, combined billing, deferment options and flexible repayment plans. Apply today! Su
1 Jun 2009
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Dr. Ramos Kelly- Lap Band Surgery Tijuana Mexico. If You are looking for Affordable Lap Band Surgery in Tijuana Mexico you have found the right place. Dr. Ramos Kelly specializes in Affordable Lap Band Surgery Tijuana Mexico, Gastric Sleeve Surgery Tijuana Mexico, and Gastric Bypass Surgery Tijuana Mexico. If you are not insured and are looking for an affordable way to have weight loss surgery please call 1-888-498-5381 Ext 1951 to speak to a US Coordinator. In House Financing Available.
9 Jul 2009
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Go to my chanell for more "how to" videos.Subscribe and you will get noticed every time I upload a video :)
25 Feb 2009
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Jazzy Cars by Carazoo**** which is India's First Car Portal with Interactive Animations. Click, Compare, Choose to Buy or Sell your car. Get free price quotes, accessories, loans, insurance, reviews, buying tips. Search Car by make, city, price range, category and body style. Read auto news, blogs, articles, buying tips, glossary and upcoming cars.The popular website has complete 360-degree animations of cars which is like a virtual car showroom. All cars available in India are showcased on this fascinating website and the website helps you buy new cars and also used cars.
25 Apr 2008
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