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A period of great physiological as well as psychological change for a woman. She has to : 1. Maintain her health at optimum level to prepare for delivery and lactation 2. Provide good nutrition for the development of the foetus. 3. Produce adequate nutrients so that maternal stores do not get depleted 4. Produce sufficient milk to nourish her child after birth
16 Aug 2017
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Police has found late Jiah Nafisa Khan's medical reports from the hospital where she was treated. The reports have confirmed that her foetus was aborted, confirmed a police office today. For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
13 Jun 2013
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Website *******www.christian******* Facebook *******www.facebook****/christianinstitute Twitter *******www.twitter****/christianorguk YouTube ***********/christianorguk Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has strongly criticised his own party's leadership over their determination to rush through new gay marriage laws -- Dr Kermit Gosnell has been found guilty of murdering three babies in late-term abortions, by delivering, then killing them using scissors to snip their spines -- Two severely disabled men have been at the Court of Appeal this week in a push to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide -- Baroness Cox's attempt to curb the growth of quasi-legal systems in the UK which discriminate against women, has been praised by Conservative MP Kris Hopkins -- US scientists have recovered stem cells from cloned human embryos, in a move raising serious ethical concerns. The technique is similar to the one used to clone Dolly the sheep -- And Education Secretary Michael Gove has accepted an invitation from the Church of England to a meeting of diocesan bishops to discuss the church's participation in education, and hear about the positive impact church schools are making around the country.
20 May 2013
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As abortion hits UK headlines with calls to cut the time limit again, Dr Ellie Lee sets the record straight on what should be a personal choice for women and doctors, not a legal matter, not a matter for science or MP predilections and posturing. This timely ‘on the sofa’ discussion is a must for everyone concerned with where this debate is heading. In a civilised society Dr Lee explains, we need to make it possible for everyone to act according to their needs and views. In practice she argues this requires the decriminalisation of abortion and she tells us, the Sarah Catt case provides a cast iron argument for that. Not everyone will agree the stage at which life matters she points out and not everyone on the sofa agrees with Dr Lee. Yet, her compelling insights leave us in no doubt that her approach would make it possible to cater for women’s needs and doctors' preferences without imposing on anyone.
15 Oct 2012
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This pro-life advert was previously banned by the Irish government who said it was too 'political' for the airwaves. Now Project Truth, first produced by Youth Defence in 1996, has been set to some amazing footage of the unborn child in the womb. It's challenging, thought-provoking, beautiful and sad. Show it to your friends. Spread the message.
23 Apr 2011
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A new study says people whose mothers smoke a pack a day are more likely to become repeat offenders when they grow up, no matter the baby’s gender.
19 Nov 2010
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La loi de 1975 sur l'IVG était une "loi de pis-aller compassionnel" qui tolérait l'avortement comme un moindre mal. Mais "on est passé de la loi compassionnelle à un droit acquis" regrette Eric Zemmour***ntraception et l'avortement réalisée par la région Ile-de-France. "Roselyne Bachelot veut faire de l'IVG une 'composante obligatoire de l'offre de santé' [...] comme si tomber enceinte était une maladie grave". Eric Zemmour se dit choqué par l'expression "offre de santé" utilisée par le ministre de la Santé : "on en parle avec l'air détaché qu'on prendrait pour parler de l'opération de l'appendicite". A force, le "toujours plus français prend des allures un peu macabres. On songe, effrayés, que nous avons tous été des foetus", et comme en France, "on peut le tuer tant qu'il n'est pas sorti du ventre de sa mère", on se dit donc rétrospectivement "qu'on l'a échappé belle".
3 Feb 2010
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Un homme témoigne avec sa femme sur l'avortement. Pourquoi il a changé d'avis sur l'avortement. Ce qu'il en pense aujourd'hui. Son témoignage. Les difficultés de son couple. Plus d'infos, plus de vidéos sur : www.avortementivg****
28 Oct 2009
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Killing female foetus in womb in the first ten weeks of pregnancy to avoid birth of girl....for the lust of a boy. In India, darkside of the girl child future....PLEASE SEE THE FILM AND DECIDE, NOT TO GO, FOR THE ABORTION FOR THE SAKE OF A BOY....SAVE GIRL CHILD....THANKYOU
6 Oct 2009
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If the era of the prophets and the sent messengers was not past, we would have shouted in the miracle! Echorouk welcomed in it premises, the afternoon of September 10th, 2009, the prodigal son Abd Arrahmane FARIH: he is 3 years old and has learns the Saint Koran.! How can a 3-year-old child learn the chapter " Al-Qahf " ( The Cave) and the chapter " Maryam " ( Marie) and narratives of the prophet Mohammed ( SAAWS)? Just by listening to his mother reciting them or by looking at the TV channel of recitation of the Saint Koran with the voice of the sheik Al-Afasy: TV Alafasy (on Nile Sat) when his(her) mother made her prayers. But when she wanted to put to him a channel of full of life drawings, he refused and wanted TV Alafasy! Has one of us already seen a 3-year-old child learning the Saint Koran and that it contains of her chapters (Sura) lengths and to recite them in settle of recitation and without making a mistake in order or mixing between suras and verses? The child prodigy Abd Arrahmane who opens the meeting by the chapter: Al-Qahf ( The Cave). He read it in the way of Hafs according to Aâssim by trying to make as the sheik Al-Afasy. He did not commit a single fault. He read it exactly and in the rules of the recitation in spite of he had caught a cold and has a temperature, He insisted to finish his recitation. Until we stopped him being sure of his learning without fault and in the strict rules of the Koranic recitation. That is needed knowledge it is that the child prodigy Abd Arrahmane has set of the delay to speak. Said his mother. He was already 2 years old and had not pronounced word until he begun just like that with the recitation of the sura of Al-Qahf ( The cave) without any trouble and in its most complete raiding. During his every Friday, his mother recited the sura Al-Qahf ( The cave), every day, she recited 2 suras Al-Moaaouidatayne ( 113-114 ) and the sura Al-Molk ( The Monarchy(Kingship)). When she finished her recitation, she enjoyed a plenitude and an incomparable tranquillity. Magnificence to Allah! These readings of the Saint Koran were able to reach the heart of the child still foetus in the stomach of his mother. Sobhana Allah! Abd Arrahmane said: " I have two week, I look at the channel Alafasy and when I would be big, I am going to buy some bread to my mother! " Original version (Arabic) on YouTube: ***********/watch?v=TmnYz5y0ASA
13 Sep 2009
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Publicité espagnole contre l'avortement mettant en parallèle avortement et peine de mort. Cette publicité appelle à manifester contre l'avortement, alors qu'en Espagne, les dérives de l'avortement de masse ont fait la une des média : des avortements jusqu'à 7-8 mois de grossesse, alors que le foetus est parfaitement viable. Plus de vidéos sur www.avortementivg****Publicité espagnole
15 Jul 2009
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Les versets de Coran font référence à un certain nombre de sens attribués par Dieu aux êtres humains. Ces sens sont toujours mentionnés dans un ordre spécifique dans le Coran : l'ouïe, la vue,la sensation et la compréhension.
14 Apr 2009
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Scientist Joe Kaplinsky sets the record straight on stem cell research and argues that making it a political football has held up valuable research. For further details visit the channel at www.worldbytes****
13 Feb 2009
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Les nouvelles technologies en matière d'échographie montre de manière extraordinaire tous les stades de développement du foetus. L'avortement reste cependant légal jusqu'à 12 semaines en France, 24 en Angleterre, 22 aux Pays-Bas... www.avortementivg**** Mots-clés : 3D, vidéo, video, film, filmé, foetus, échographie, echographie, avortemen, avortment, igv, Avortement, avortemen, pour, contre, ivg, risques, histoire, définition, img, interruption, médicale, medicale, grossesse, bébé, bebe, histoire, définition, débat, debat, statistiques, témoignage, temoignage, sélectif, masse, thérapeutique, France, méthodes, methode, médicale, medicale, avortementivg, avortementivg****, arguments, risque, droits, femme, angleterre, monde, corps, statistiques, médicamenteux, medicamenteux, curetage, curtage, syndrome, post-abortif, post-avortement, post, abortif, marche, vie, marche pour la vie, video, vidéo, vidéos, videos, loi, étranger, etranger, Espagne, culpabilité, culpabilite, remords, Génocide, genocide, remors, documentaire, tardif, de villiers, fn, le pen, zemmour, mineurs, mineures, mineure, mineur, ru 486, lendemain, pilule, psychologique, physique, nombre, sterilité, stérilité, sterilite, pays, taux, clandestin, conséquences, consequences, choix, pro-choix, libre, délai, delai, inde, chine, foeticide, fœtus, fetus, fétus, embryon, embrion, utérus, uterus, perforation, lacération, laceration, saignements, paris, médecin, medecin, gynéco, gyneco, gynécologue, traumatisme, psychologique, psychologie, echographie, écographie, échographie, foeutus, meurtre, assassinat, reportage, documentaire, publicité, publicite, chanson, russie, anti, anti-avortement
21 Jan 2009
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