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"Jeepers Creepers" in 60 seconds :) WARNING! CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS! (as well as strong violence and gore :)) Have fun watching my vids. :)
13 Aug 2008
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Slumber Party Theater Presents: "Michelle, Coy, & Kevin Discuss Adam Sandler Movies - Part 2!" A Cute Critic video field trip during which she and her compatriots discuss the cultural importance of Adam Sandler movies! Beware of strong language and strong opinions! Sponsored by Long Pig: The Movie now playing at www.longpig****.
4 Jul 2008
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*******www.prlog****/11716412-get-happy-wheels-full-version-for-free.html The Happy Wheels full version is a very graphic blood and gore styled physics game where you only have one thing on your mind... and that's to find the exit! Choose your vehicle from a bike, two wheeler or wheel chair and get yourself to safety!Happy Wheels is a bloody physics-based vehicle game. The only goal of this game is to reach the exit.
5 Jan 2012
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Small college town, girl gets a babysitting job on a rural farm, she is terrorized throughout the night.
28 Jul 2008
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Check out Rachel Nichols describing her favorite scene in P2.
24 Oct 2007
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15 Oct 2008
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Native American spirit warrior Tonto recounts the untold tales that transformed John Reid, a man of the law, into a legend of justice. In theaters July 3, 2013.
6 Oct 2012
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New movie with Alien and Predator
8 Nov 2007
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za traka s yako kachestvo pratete s m s na 2225 s text paybatesasho24 (2.40 lv. )! blagodarya vi za podkrepata!
14 Aug 2009
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Slumber Party Theater Presents:"Interview With A Beautiful Actress - Michelle Vanegas Part 9." Actress Michelle Vanegas who stars in the independent horror film, Long Pig, is interviewed about a variety of subjects. Sponsored by Long Pig: The Movie now playing at www.longpig****. Watch more videos at www.slumberpartytheater****
5 Jul 2008
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Sinking to even lower depths, a band of college fraternity members gather in an isolated spot in the woods of East Texas to gang rape a young woman. But the tables are turned on this group of predators as they make the mistake of choosing a location that is in the territory of the soldiers of Hell who walk the Earth. One by one, they fall victim to the demonic beings who crave new victims...
26 May 2008
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17 May 2010
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Namco Bandai's HD-gen reboot of the side-scrolling beat-em-up classic brings all of the creepy charm and bucketfuls of gore of its predecessor.
1 Jul 2010
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the gore galore monsters dancing to NUMA NUMA of all things originally i was gonna use chacarron but ive used that too much and its sicos theme song in bzw then chocolate rain crossed my mind then a billion other songs then i watched what it looked like with numa numa and nearly fucking pissed myself laughing
13 May 2008
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IN CINEMAS OCTOBER 26th Get your first look at the preview trailer for this shocking and gruesome film! You think it is over... but the games have just begun.
3 Oct 2007
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16 Apr 2011
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