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If you are on the brink of a divorce or are about to file a divorce petition, the thought “Okay, how much does a divorce cost in Florida?” has probably crossed your mind once or twice. In a nutshell, a divorce is rather pricey, especially in Fort Lauderdale and other cities in Florida. At Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. the Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Gustavo E. Frances to reveal how much it will cost you to get divorced in Florida in 2018. The answer may surprise you.
13 Apr 2018
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13 Mar 2018
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You don’t need to share every detail about your life. Yes, you have a right to be angry. But is it worth it? You can be on the safe side when you listen to your Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney. Call Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. today and allow them to work on your case.
22 Feb 2018
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In Florida, property held by both parties is considered marital, notwithstanding when the property was acquired. In order to prove a property is separate, a qualified Fort Lauderdale property division attorney must present clear and convincing evidence in court. If you have questions about how property division process works in Florida, give Law Offices of Gustavo E. Frances a call today.
12 Feb 2018
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Once the court makes a final decision about property division, it will be very difficult to challenge it. This is why it is important you hire an attorney during the initial stages of the divorce process. You can call today and request a free case assessment with Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney Gustavo E. Frances.
12 Jan 2018
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29 Dec 2017
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7 Nov 2017
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Many factors often contribute to the decision to hire a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Call Gustavo E. Frances today for a free consultation if you have any questions about the family law in the State of Florida.
6 Oct 2017
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If you are charged in crime, it is important to speak to a legal professional who can properly explain your options. The legal professionals at the Law Offices of Gustavo E. Frances are always ready to help. Gustavo E. Frances is a Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney who represents people in family law and criminal law matters, like divorce, child support and other issues as well as those facing drug crimes and DUI.
22 Aug 2017
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If you are facing divorce, you need an attorney who can help you make smart decisions about your future. Contact Gustavo E. Frances, He is a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney who represents people in family law and criminal law matters.
1 Aug 2017
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14 Jun 2017
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11 Jun 2017
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