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I thought it would be "cool" to catch a 5 foot long snake I noticed on my front porch using Snake Tongs. Turns out the snake wasn't going along for this without a fight....
25 Nov 2007
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At the dadlabs we believe you should do everything in your power to understand what she, the breastfeeding mom, is going through. We put all our beliefs to the Breast Pump 101 test. Wonder what it must feel like to get hooked up to a breast pump? Maybe you should. Daddy Clay and Daddy Brad perform a controlled experiment to increase their understanding of this ordeal. Gain insight into what breastfeeding working moms go through every day. And wonder what the hell the DadLabs guys were thinking.
9 Nov 2006
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This origami video shows how to make an origami paper balloon. Some people call it the waterbomb. I guess you can fill it up with water and throw it at someone, but I usually just toss it around like a ball or insert a hook and hang it for decoration.
31 Dec 2008
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Newly single Jennie Garth may be ready to get back into the dating game, but she's going to need a little help from an old high school friend… Luke Perry
3 Nov 2012
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7 Jun 2010
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30 Oct 2008
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Pudge hooks. Song Requiem for a dream
24 Feb 2007
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There seems to be some confusion but Emily and Ryan may have crossed the line of not hooking up with a close friend. Website *******www.hookingupshow****
6 Nov 2008
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The hook maker. An amazing man and amazing basketball player.
12 Sep 2006
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September 29, 2001 Madison Square Garden - New York City, New York As small spontaneous parties began to erupt in the early morning hours on the mean streets of North Philly, the collective hearts of an island nation sank in despair, when IBF/WBC middleweight champion Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins (40-2-1-1NC, 29 KO's) pulled off a major upset and stopped the pride of Puerto Rico, previously undefeated WBA middleweight champ Felix "Tito" Trinidad (40-1, 33 KO's) to unify the crown for the first time in 14 years. The 3 to 1 underdog Hopkins (157) fought a brilliant tactical fight, moving to the left away from powerful Trinidad's (158 1/2) potent left hook, stinging him with a succession of jabs and clean rights and chipping away at the Puerto Rican legend's resolve, before cracking his foundation and jawline with a thunderous right cross for a dramatic 12th round stoppage.
1 Jan 2007
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Capt. Dexter Simmons guides Del in catching an 80 pound Tarpon while fly fishing the Key West and lower Florida Keys flats fishing. See Del cast to, hook up, fight, and land the might Tarpon, the silver king of the saltwater flats fishing in Key West and the Florida Keys.
6 Feb 2009
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November 4, 2001 Las Vegas, Nevada MGM Grand The southpaw Judah (27-1-1nc, 21 KO's) came out strong in the first round and drilled Tszyu (28-1-1, 23) with a number of solid shots that jolted the WBA/ WBC champion. At the 2:06 mark of the 1st, Judah (139 ½) tagged Tszyu (140) with a stiff right jab to the head. Moments later, Judah, Brooklyn, NY, staggered Tszyu with a whistling left uppercut that caught the former Soviet amateur star just under the chin. Tszyu, Sydney, Australia, via Siberia, staggered straight back and Judah scored again with a clubbing left hand to the head. Tszyu was forced to give ground and careen back against the ropes as Judah connected with a quick combination to the face. Tszyu was forced to hold on and Nady separated the fighters. With 56-seconds remaining in the opening round, Judah, 23, scored again with another quick salvo to the face. Judah continued to fire shots and caught Tszyu leaning back with yet another laser-like left to the head. Judah's hand speed seemingly overwhelmed Tszyu, 32, and Russian native was forced to give ground. Tszyu rallied slightly in the last few seconds of the first round and connected with a right hand to the head but he missed with a left hook to the body. Zab Judah's night ended with the taste of ashes and leather. WBA/WBC king Kostya Tszyu scored a stunning second round TKO over the Judah to win the unified 140-pound world championship at the 2:59 mark. With one-second remaining the round, Tszyu nailed Judah with a clean right hand to the chin. The IBF champ Judah hit the deck flat on his back but popped back on his feet only to stagger sideways and then collapse to the canvas for the second time. Veteran referee Jay Nady waved off the world title bout at count of four despite Judah's vigorous protest. Within moments of the conclusion of the fight, seconds, handlers, and security personnel filled the ring. Nevertheless, despite being held back by his cornermen, Judah managed to force his way back across the ring and stick his left glove under the referee's throat. In the ensuing chaos as officials attempted to clear the ring, Judah threw his stool at the referee. " I got hit with a shot pulling back. I went down, maybe I got up too fast," Judah said after the defeat. "Why did he stop the fight? He didn't even give me a count. This was wrong." "The reason I stopped the fight was because he was almost unconscious when he went down the first time, and his equilibrium was so bad the second time, I was concerned about the second concussion syndrome," Nady explained after the conclusion of the fight. "And I thought if he got hit again he might have some real damage." "I did not hit him with my power punch," the three to one underdog Tszyu said after the victory. "It was good accuracy at exactly the right time."
20 Jan 2007
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