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I really try hard like this kid to run after my goals in life but they seem to get away from me faster than I can. So tell me whose fault is this?
18 Mar 2018
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If anyone has faced the worst case of bad luck with a vending machine it is this guy. He lost both his money and hope of getting it out somehow.
17 Mar 2018
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How is this possible? This drummer plays baselines on the keyboard while keeping the beat!
16 Mar 2018
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Scientists on Earth have been trying to locate aliens for centuries but were unable to find. The reason is this girl here has scared them away.
14 Mar 2018
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Baking Soda For Heartburn, Heartburn Before Labor, Heartburn Vinegar, Acid Reflux Dry Mouth. Until now doctors simply had NO IDEA that this was the REAL cause of Acid Reflux. It has nothing to do with the foods you eat, your stomach acid, or your lower esophagus… But there’s a 78% chance this "thing" is inside of you right now. Not only is this “invisible killer” the reason for your burning throat, your acid “burps”, and the disgusting regurgitation of food… Scientists and other health experts now say it’s also responsible for over 80% of all incidents of stomach cancer. Watch this short, free video to see exactly what this hidden killer is and how it works. You’ll also be shown the only known proven way to permanently destroy this aggressive internal killer and eliminate your acid reflux for good.
21 Feb 2018
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I swear day by day wrestling is getting weirder than the past. Just look at this move, what kind of move is that and what the hell is it called?
21 Feb 2018
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There are several dog breeds that regularly are seen with cropped ears; including Boxers, Schnauzers, Great Danes, and others. Thousands of young puppies are forced to endure surgery which is expensive, uncomfortable, relatively dangerous, and can be painful in the recovery phases. The amazing part is this surgery is totally unnecessary. This practice was started centuries ago when dog fighting sports were legal and popular. The idea was that it was more humane to crop the dogs’ ears rather than have them shredded during a battle, which of course, would be more painful and have potentially worse complications. But the point is that because we no longer allow our dogs to fight for sport there is no humane and practical purpose of cropping ears. But the expensive and needless surgery continues.
20 Feb 2018
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who is this hacker that i see?
17 Feb 2018
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English Phrases For The Supermarket Let’s go to the supermarket or grocery store. When you go in, you’ll take a shopping cart – or a basket if you only want to buy a few things. To ask an employee of the store for help, you can say: “Where can I find ketchup? ” “It’s on aisle 12.” “Do you have non-fat milk? ” “Yes, in the dairy section.” The employee might refer you to an aisle – aisles are the corridors in the supermarket. Or they might tell you to go to one of these sections of the store: Dairy section – Milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese Produce section – Fresh fruits and vegetables Frozen food section – Ice cream, pre-prepared meals Bakery – Bread, muffins, cakes Deli – Sliced meat and cheese for sandwiches Ethnic foods – International foods If the store doesn’t have the item available right now, the employee will say: “Sorry, it’s out of stock.” “Sorry, we’re out of unsalted peanuts at the moment.” In this case, you can return to the store later to check if the item is available. If the store never offers the item, the employee will say: “Sorry, we don’t carry mango juice.” In this case, you need to go to a different store to find it. You can buy food in different types of packaging: A can of soup A jar of jelly / jam A box of cereal A package of pasta A carton of milk A bottle of wine A loaf of bread You might see signs that says 20% off – that means there’s a 20% discount. If you’re not sure, you can ask: “Is this on sale?” When you’re ready to pay, go to the checkout. The person who works there is called the cashier. The cashier might say: “How would you like to pay?” You can answer: – “In cash.” – “With a credit card.” – “With a debit card.” If you pay with a credit card, the cashier will say, “Please sign here.” If you pay with debit card, the cashier will say, “Please enter your PIN.” (personal identification number) If you pay in cash – imagine your purchases total $70 and you pay $100, the cashier will give you back the extra m
16 Feb 2018
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State verbs and action verbs Tags: continuous simple state State verbs State verbs express states or conditions which are relatively static. They include verbs of perception, cognition, the senses, emotion and state of being: Examples of state verbs appear believe belong consider consist contain cost doubt exist fit hate hear have know like love matter mean need owe own prefer remember resemble seem suppose suspect understand want wish State verbs are not normally used in continuous forms: I am needing a new phone. I need a new phone. Who is this bag belonging to? Who does this bag belong to? They are seeming tired. They seem tired. Action verbs Action verbs (also called dynamic verbs) express activities, processes, momentary actions or physical conditions: Examples of action verbs ache arrive ask call change cook dance eat fall feel go grow have help hit hurt itch kick knock leave melt read say shrink sing speak talk throw travel watch They may be used in continuous forms: Who was he dancing with? Someone's knocking at the door. I've been reading this book for weeks. State verbs in the continuous form Some state verbs may be used in the continuous form if they refer to a temporary action or an action in progress at a certain moment, rather than a permanent attitude: I'm having second thoughts about moving abroad. Jones is appearing in Hamlet this evening. You're looking great in those jeans. There are also state verbs which may be used in the continuous form, but with a different, active meaning: Stative meaning Active meaning Do you have a car? (own) They are having dinner at the moment. (eating) You are my best friend. (it's a fact) She's being silly again. (behaving in a silly way) That soup smells good. (has a good smell) He is smelling the soup. (sniffing at) This milk tastes sour. (has a sour taste) I was just tasting the food. (testing) You look great! (your current appearance) He was looking out the window when I saw him. (directing his eyes towar
16 Feb 2018
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This man may probably have got the best flexible body out there in the crowd. His reflexes and moves will give you goosebumps, Watch out his skills.
15 Feb 2018
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if you’re looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Beyond Segway tours in Leura, there are many things you can see and enjoy is this small town. Let’s take a look at some of them.
12 Feb 2018
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