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The clip Protected FBI informant from The Departed (2006) with Joseph Riccobene Frankie! Your mother forgives me. You take off an armored car at the mall. What the fuck, you pay guineas in Providence? Fucking now I do! What the fuck do you do? I gotta pay Costello for him to trade me to the FBI? Because that's what he does. FBI? What the fuck you talking about, FBI? My God, is that French out there? What the fuck did you just say about the FBI? Forget what I said. I'm fucking high. Whatever may be going on in that very fucking poor... ...very limited brain of yours, I am not gonna hurt you, all right? Just tell me what you fucking said. Forget it. I'm high. I'm fucking high. I must be high. I'd never say what you thought I said. Fuck! Now, what the fuck did you just fucking say? Why do you think he never gets busted? Costello's a protected FBI informant. He'll trade you out. I thought I was supposed to go into shock. I'm not in shock. It fucking hurts! It fucking hurts!
22 Nov 2011
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