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In Delhi, India a thick layer of fog causes a chain accident where cars collide one after another because of the visibility problems.
8 Nov 2017
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The BA-AHD-GYP access door is engineered for a clean final finish. Once a sufficient layer of drywall compound is applied to the corner bead flange it will leave only the door panel visible. Just like the AHD, the concealed pin hinge and ¼" return around the door make it the right choice for a great look and a long lasting usage. In-Stock and Ready to Ship !
5 Oct 2017
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How to Identify thoracic abdominal aneurysm|Aortic Dissection Symptoms An aortic dissection is a tear in the inner layer of your aorta (the biggest blood vessel in your body). Blood then pours through the tear, splitting (aka "dissecting") the inner and middle layers of your aorta. To identify an aortic dissection, it is key to characterize the nature of your chest pain, including its onset and intensity as well as where it radiates to (such as radiating to your back). It is also key to look out for associated symptoms that may go alongside an aortic dissection. If you suspect that you are having an aortic dissection, go to the Emergency Room immediately, and call 911 if you need an ambulance to bring you there. Receiving prompt diagnosis and treatment is essential and may in fact save your life. 1 Look out for sudden, intense chest pain.[1] Sudden intense chest pain can occur in a number of serious medical conditions, including heart attacks, certain acute lung problems, and also in aortic dissection. If you are experiencing severe chest pain, go to your local Emergency Room immediately. It may be a sign of an aortic dissection, which is a life-threatening condition that needs immediate emergency medical attention. Even if it is not an aortic dissection, severe chest pain may be another medical emergency (such as a heart attack or a blood clot in your lung, among other things) so it is key to receive professional medical attention immediately. Ask a friend or family member to drive you straight to the Emergency Room, or call 911 to have an ambulance bring you there. 2 Watch for chest pain that radiates to your back.[2] One of the "red flag" (key) symptoms that leads doctors to suspect an aortic dissection is if your chest pain radiates through to your back. It is most often felt as an intense "ripping" sensation, and frequently correlates to aortic dissection. However, imaging tests will need to be done to confirm the diagnosis of aortic dissection. Aortic dissec
28 Sep 2017
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How to tanning and skin cancer |melanoma treatment Skin cancer is best defined as the abnormal growth of skin cells, often due to too much sun exposure, but there are other factors to consider also.[1] There are three main types of skin cancer, which are named based on which layer of skin is affected: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. Melanoma is the rarest form, but also the most deadly type because it's most likely to spread to other parts of the body. Checking your skin for unusual changes on a regular basis can help detect cancer in its early stages, which gives you the best chance of successful treatment. 1 Focus on skin most exposed to the sun. Although skin cancer can develop anywhere on the body, it's most likely to occur on areas with the most sun exposure.[2] It's the UV radiation in the sun that damages the DNA of skin cells and makes them mutate into cancer cells. Thus, spend more time checking parts of your body that get the most sun, such as your scalp, face (especially your nose), ears, neck, upper chest, forearms and hands. Look for unusual marks and blemishes on your skin, especially new growths (see below). It's obviously a good idea to not let certain areas get constant sun exposure, but some outdoor jobs make it difficult. If you can't always cover skin up, then apply a strong sunscreen that blocks out UV radiation. Women tend to be more susceptible to skin cancer on their legs and upper arms because they wear skirts, shorts and halter tops. Check your skin for unusual spots while you're naked (just prior to bathing, for example) so you can see as much of your skin as possible. Use a magnifying glass if your eyesight is poor. 2 Determine your risk factors. Some people are more susceptible to skin cancer than others because they have more risk factors. The main risk factors currently identified include: fair skin with freckles, red hair, over-exposure to UV radiation (from the sun or tanning beds), history of serious
28 Sep 2017
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Navratri is the celebration of the end of the darkness of ignorance and evil. It is said to bring knowledge, goodness and bliss, thus spiritually enlightening the human mind. Navratri is celebrated through the first nine days of the Hindu month of Asvij. At one stage the God felt powerless against the onslaughts of demonical forces headed by Mahishasura. In answer to their prayers for protection, they were ordered to part with a portion of their divine power, to form into a new goddess. It was thus that Mahishasura Mardini took physical form as the combined might of 33 crores of Gods. The dreaded demon Mahishasura was killed by her after a ceaseless fight of 9 days and night. Celebration of Navratri :- first 3 days of navratri is dedicated of Mahishasura-- the buffalo headed demon. Buffalo represents tamoguna in us. That is a quality of laziness, darkness, inertia and ignorance. Therefore by worshipping mother Durga, We invoke the divine power within us to destroy our animalistic tendencies. The next 3 days are dedicated to mother Laxmi. By invoking her grace we are not only blessed with virtuous qualities but also by Davi Sampatti and by gaining victory or self control over the mind. Last 3 days are dedicated to mother Saraswati who is the bestower of light of knowledge. She removes the ignorance and darkness and grants us the higher knowledge of self. Navratri signifies victory over our own mind. Navratri is to destroy the ill thought and replace them with virtuous qualities. It signifies the process by which one removes the layers of ignorance and achieves the state of self- realization. " apnahumsafar wish you happy nav
21 Sep 2017
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Sexy Leggings With patented knee-high. Bombshell Sportswear created this look so you no longer have to wear sport socks over tights to achieve this look. Now you can combine two layers of clothing into one solid sexy legging looking.. Its Look perfect pair of leggings.
20 Sep 2017
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Need to replace those old non-sticky grips on your staff or are you making new staffs and need some quality grips? These EPDM grips will make your staff feel brand new again. They are extra sticky with a good layer of cushion in them to make for a comfortable spin. The average fire staff will require two grips although if you are building a longer contact staff you may consider 3 or 4 epdm grip to cover more. Connect grips using high quality electrical tape. For more infomation about Fire Groove Gear - Buy Fire Dance Equipment ( Poi, Juggling, Hula Hoop & More ) call 844-347-3869. Address - 4532 College View Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041 Phone - 844-347-3869
15 Sep 2017
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Amara Medical Aesthetics Introducing a new, novel skin procedure non-invasive quick minimal downtime that returns skin’s natural balance clarity radiance. PICO Genesis is a 2-in-1 laser procedure that selectively shatters unwanted discoloration and remodels the upper layer of the skin. For a complexion that’s Brighter, Uniform, Reflective. In as few as two treatments. Reveal your natural beauty. Call Amara today to schedule a complimentary consultation!
9 Sep 2017
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Security systems for business are an extra layer of insurance that can enable you to keep your employees and your stock protected and secure.
22 Aug 2017
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Cyber tricksters are on the loose, and hence, there are added layers of security being added to each software product. Though that's a very good counter-measure, with all the Spam Filters and Quarantines in place, it also gets very hard for 'well-meaning business e-mails' to get through these days.
16 Aug 2017
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Protecting your business in Salt Lake City from theft an unwanted intrusion is highly dependent on security systems. The most basic form of protection begins with locks on doors. However, locks have evolved well beyond pin and tumbler mechanisms. Today, Keyless entry systems have made their way into a large number of Utah businesses. Number pads, key cards, and biometric scanners are a few of the keyless entry systems available today. Each system works differently but none of them use a standard key. All modern systems give an added layer of protection that makes it difficult for unauthorized persons to gain access to your business. In addition to safety, modern keyless entry systems have other benefits that make them convenient. Keycards can be programmed to individually, giving employees access only to areas they should be. Unlike traditional keys, if key cards are lost or stolen, they can be deactivated so you don’t have to worry about who has access to your building. With two locations near Salt Lake City, Bob’s Lock & Key is ready to help you with your keyless entry needs. If you have questions about how we can help protect your Utah business, give us a call at (801)-966-6767
29 Jul 2017
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Engineered oak wood flooring is made up of separate layers of wood to create a single board. The top layer is natural oak which provides the high quality look and feel of solid wood, while wood fibre boards, like plywood, are layered underneath. To get a free sample visit our website - nexusflooring
27 Jul 2017
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Fabric Filters (also called baghouses and bagfilters) are air pollution control devices that remove particulate matter from a gas stream by passing the dirty air through a layer of cloth. The particulate matter deposits on the cloth surface and the clean air passes through. Of all the air pollution control technologies, fabric filters are the predominant particulate removal device used in industrial processes today. Fabric Filter bags
21 Jul 2017
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Avast is a multifunction security program that has an easy to use interface. The lightweight feature of the user-interface takes it easy on the computers processors and memory use. The new avast internet security 2015 has multiple layers of protection features that gives robust protection against malware and other online threats.
14 Jul 2017
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You can protect your kids from lead poisoning by ensuring that your home is lead-free — ask your local health department about having your home evaluated for lead sources. And have your kids tested for lead exposure, particularly if when they're between 6 months and 3 years old. Kids this age spend a lot of time on the floor and try to put things in their mouths. These tips can help you reduce the risk of lead exposure: Be wary of old plumbing. Old plumbing might be lined with lead. If you have an old plumbing system (in homes built before 1970), which used copper pipes and lead solder, you may want to get your water tested. You can call your local health department or water department to find a laboratory that will test your water for lead content. You also can take precautions to limit your exposure. If the water from the cold faucet has not been run for several hours, let cold water run for 30 seconds before drinking it. And because hot water absorbs more lead than cold water, don't use hot tap water for meals. Keep your home and your family clean. Wash your kids' hands and toys often, and keep dusty surfaces clean with a wet cloth. Ensure that iron and calcium are in your diets. If kids are exposed to lead, good nutrition can reduce the amount that's absorbed by their bodies. Eating regular meals is helpful because lead is absorbed more during periods of fasting. Know where your kids play. Keep them away from busy roads and the underside of bridges. If you suspect that you might have lead-based paint on your walls, use a wet cloth to wipe windowsills and walls. Watch out for water damage that can make paint peel. Don't sand or heat lead-based paint because doing so increases the risk that lead will be inhaled. If the paint doesn't have many chips, a new layer of paint, paneling, or drywall will probably reduce the risk. It's best to consult a professional, especially because other precautions might be needed to contain the lead in the paint.
3 Jul 2017
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Introducing to you the DNA of our Company. Unmute our premium gold elements that makes the statement when applied to all layers of business. Meet Codiant- The Ultimate App & Web Development Company for every trade.
26 Jun 2017
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