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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Candida skin infections can occur on almost any area of the body, but they are more commonly found in intertriginous regions. This is where two skin areas touch or rub together. Such areas include the armpits, groin, and skin folds, as well as the area between your fingers and toes. The fungus thrives in warm, moist, and sweaty conditions. Normally, your skin acts as an effective barrier against infection. However, any cuts or breakdown in the superficial layers of the skin may allow the fungus to cause infection. Candida becomes pathogenic, or capable of causing disease, when conditions are favorable for it to multiply. Hot and humid weather, poor hygiene, or restrictive clothing may produce these conditions. These aren’t the only risk factors to consider. Candida infections also tend to be more prevalent in: * infants * people who are overweight * people with diabetes * people with an underactive thyroid gland, or hypothyroidism * people with inflammatory disorders * people with a weakened immune system * people working in wet conditions * pregnant women Certain medications may also increase the risk for this type of fungal infection. Topical corticosteroid medications are the most problematic, but birth control pills and antibiotics are other possible causes. If you take these types of medications, you should monitor your skin regularly for signs of candida infection.
12 Apr 2017
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Shopkins Kooky Cookie cake. Chocolate cake with a delicious layer of safe to eat NO eggs chocolate chip cookie dough. Use the cookie dough recipe in homemade ice cream or toppings. Or eat it right out of the bowl.
7 Apr 2017
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What is Erase/Repair HA? Erase/Repair HA cream is an advanced anti-aging cream formulated by skin care specialist to eliminate wrinkles from the outside and inside of the skin with the effects that is long lasting. It rebuilds top and bottom layers of skin – eliminating all dead skin cells. Thus, it makes skin look younger, glowing, and radiant. This skin care formula works for all skin types naturally and effectively to protect skin from aging. Reverse the signs of aging with Erase/Repair HA cream.
30 Mar 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Keeping nails trimmed and filed can help to reduce the amount of fungus in the nails and is highly recommended. A podiatrist or dermatologist may shave the top layer of the nail off or even remove part of the nail. Creams and other topical medications have traditionally been less effective against nail fungus than oral medications. This is because nails are too hard for external applications to penetrate. Prescription topical medications for fungal nails include the following: Ciclopirox (Penlac) topical solution 8% is a medical nail lacquer that has been approved to treat finger or toenail fungus that does not involve the white portion of the nail (lunula) in people with normal immune systems. It only works about 7% of the time. The medication is applied to affected nails once daily for up to one year. The lacquer must be wiped clean with alcohol once a week. There is some evidence that using an antifungal nail lacquer containing amorolfine can prevent reinfection after a cure, with a success rate of about 70%. However, this drug is currently unavailable in the United States. Efinaconazole (Jublia) is a medication approved in 2014. It is a topical (applied to the skin) antifungal used for the local treatment of toenail fungus due to two most common fungal species affecting nails (Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes). Once-daily application is required for 48 weeks. Tavaborole (Kerydin) is another new medication that is indicated for onychomycosis of the toenails. This medicine has the same indication as efinaconazole. It also requires application once daily for 48 weeks. Oral antifungal therapy works about 50%-75% of the time, depending on the medication. It can take nine to 12 months to see if it has worked or not, because that is how long it takes for the nail to grow out. Even when therapy works, the fungus may come back about 20%-50% of the time.
25 Mar 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Understanding the type of radiation received (alphaHelpalpha particleA form of particulate ionizing radiation made up of two neutrons and two protons. Alpha particles pose no direct or external radiation threat; however, they can pose a serious health threat if ingested or inhaled., betaHelpbeta particleA form of particulate ionizing radiation made up of small, fast-moving particles. Some beta particles are capable of penetrating the skin and causing damage such as skin burns. Beta-emitters are most hazardous when they are inhaled or swallowed., gamma, x-rayHelpx-raysA form of ionizing radiation made up of photons. X-rays are capable of passing completely through the human body. Medical x-rays are the single largest source of man-made radiation exposure.), the way a person is exposed (external vs. internal), and for how long a person is exposed are all important in estimating health effects. The risk from exposure to a particular radioactive element depends on: * The energy of the radiation it emits. * Its activity (how often it emits radiation). * The rate at which the body metabolizes and eliminates the radionuclide following ingestion or inhalation. * Where the radionuclide concentrates in the body and how long it stays there. The risk that exposure to a radioactive element will cause a particular health effect also depends on whether exposure is internal or external. * Internal exposure is when radioactive material gets inside the body by eating, drinking, breathing or injection (from certain medical procedures). Alpha and beta particles pose a serious health threat if significant quantities are inhaled or ingested. Outside the body, alpha particles are too large to pass through the skin or a thin layer of clothes. * External exposure (also known as direct exposure) is when the radioactive source is outside of your body. X-rays and gamma rays can pass through your body, depositing energy as they go.
22 Mar 2017
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Microdermabrasionis a technique used to remove the outermost layer of dry dead skin cells leaving your skin healthier and younger. Why to spend hours and money in salons and spas when you can exfoliate your skin in 15 minutes anytime anywhere. This diamond tip microdermabrasion device is the advanced way of treating skin and is the new revolution in the beauty world
25 Feb 2017
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Book Trailer For entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended. Accustomed to simple security work, Cassidy Macayla finds herself in over her head, coerced by difficult circumstances and a well-meaning employer to accept an unusual proposition: Help Special Agent Chase Averey during his recovery, and hope they don’t die in the process. Danger lurks around every corner, and she has enough to worry about without the handsome, dangerous blast from the past who insists on adding to an already complicated set of circumstances. Chase Averey suffers from several injuries, including amnesia, the result of a devastating attack while returning from an intelligence mission. It was a double-cross, but by who? During the chaotic event he hid the information, but due to amnesia, can’t remember where. It’s a race against time as they try to outwit an enemy out to find out what he knows and destroy him in the process. The last thing he expects is Cassidy, the woman that disappeared long ago without a word, and left him with more questions than answers. Not only must he survive long enough to remember the vital aspect of his mission, but discover what she’s hiding. Each layer of secrets peeled away only begs more questions and pulls him into a dark world he isn’t ready to see. One filled with pain, danger, and fear that threatens to tear her apart. The simmering build up of attraction pulling them together is unstoppable, but when difficulties with trust and pain mix with danger, there’s no telling the outcome. Can they survive and build on the underlying connection that’s always been there, or will they lose everything, including his memory - and their lives?
21 Feb 2017
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Microdermabrasionis a technique used to remove the outermost layer of dry dead skin cells leaving your skin healthier and younger. Why to spend hours and money in salons and spas when you can exfoliate your skin in 15 minutes anytime anywhere. This diamond tip microdermabrasion device is the advanced way of treating skin and is the new revolution in the beauty world.
23 Dec 2016
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BioDynamic Breath® is built on new approach to trauma release. This profound and revolutionary system of body therapy integrates deep connected breathing with especially designed conscious movement, body awareness techniques, bodywork and meditation. When skillfully combined in an integrated flow and safe environment these techniques result in releasing long held trauma from the body/mind. BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release System® is rooted in synergy of Wilhelm Reich's body oriented therapeutic approach with soft and gentle techniques of Peter Levine's Trauma Healing Modality. BioDynamic Breath and Trauma Release System® is developed by Giten Tonkov after nearly 20 years of self exploration, study, and experience of working with countless individual clients and groups. This System is based on an observation of how tension is held and distributed in the body/mind. This approach is designed to break through layers of body armoring, releasing mental, emotional and physical resistance down to our core. BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release System® enables us to experience the full range of sensations and emotions available to a human being. Furthermore, this approach expands our capacity to contain and support the free flow of our energy. As a result it restructures at a cellular level, supporting the full opening of the spine and releasing the chronic tension held in the nervous system. Ultimately we transform into being increasingly present, conscious, and compassionate in our every day life. Through this work we let go of negative self image, chronic tension and physical pain. When opening up through this work step by step with great care and awareness we move into emotional freedom and re-gain free flowing graceful movement and unrestricted breathing. We open up to acceptance of ourself and others, celebrating life in it's fullest. See more at: ********www.biodynamicbreath****
23 Sep 2016
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*******angularcheilitis-end.cbwin1**** Corner Of Mouth Cracked, Angular Cheilitis, Home Remedies For Angular Cheilitis, Angular Cheilitis How to Treat Angular Cheilitis Effectively Thousands or even millions of people are searching every year for an effective treatment that will get them rid for good of Angular Cheilitis. Some manage to relieve themselves from the pains this skin conditions causes, while others continue to struggle for months with this terrible skin condition. For those who are still trying to get rid of Angular Cheilitis but still have not yet found a good result, here are some tips which may make your fight easier. As you probably know, the first thing you have to do when the first signs of Angular Cheilitis appear is to discover the cause which determined the apparition of this skin condition. You can make an examination of the area and see if there have been folds where moisture could be retained. If you have had some teeth pulled out or if you are wearing dentures, such folds may appear in time. If this is the issue, you should fix that by making an appointment to your dentist. Also, some blood tests will show you if your body has all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function properly. In most of the cases, the Angular Cheilitis is triggered by malnutrition and anemia, thus making these tests will help you see whether this is your case, too. Once you know the results of the blood tests you should know if you should take vitamin supplements or your Angular Cheilitis was only a surface problem, caused by excessive moisture in the corners of your mouth. Apart from addressing the problem from the interior to the exterior, you will also have to apply some creams or ointments which will alleviate your suffering and at the same time will actively work on the sores. What most Angular Cheilitis treatments do is create a dry environment in which the bacteria cannot develop and trap them between the layer of cream and the layer of
22 Sep 2016
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Overfill Prevention & Grounding Systems: kunlunequipment**** Email Address: static grounding bonding clamps grounding clamp for static discharge tuffite ground clamps grounding clamps and cable static discharge grounding reel static electricity grounding static electricity grounding mat static electricity grounding techniques static electricity grounding straps bonding and grounding cables To discharge the static accumulation of hazardous products during transportation, we provide different kinds of static grounding clamps with cables for petrochemical, paint and coating industries. The contact tips on the clamp head are made out of special alloy. The mighty spring and the clamp body can form the lever, with its mighty pressure, the sharp and hardened contact tips can penetrate the paint and rust. Die-cast aluminum construction with two stainless steel points. Strong spring pressure allows the clamp to penetrate multiple layers of paint or corrosion build-up, so that the proper contact is made. Suitable for grounding and bonding a wide range of containers, drums and machinery. Static Grounding Clamps :*******www.kunlunequipment****/product_fenlei.php?fenlei_id=61 Grounding Clamp For Static Discharge :************/watch?v=CSt2CkDVSQw Overfill Protection Device & Grounding Systems :************/watch?v=nuEcFvBJ3PQ
6 Sep 2016
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Pulling me up with your gravity what beauty lies between our Sexuality! LAYERS AND LAYERS of me all intertwined in u!This song will uplift your spirit in many ways!Piece of the rock let it rock on!Get your Cafe blend of Earthy love-Gravity let it touch your heart!
17 Aug 2016
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9 Aug 2016
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What does a negative strip of black-and-white film, a figure at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and a large missile on the grounds of the San Diego Air & Space Museum have in common? They all represent a piece of U.S. history with an amazing back-story! Veteran Travel Channel host Don Wildman provides a unique glimpse at America’s museums by unraveling unknown layers of the nation’s past. With the sixth season of “Mysteries at the Museum” launching on Thursday, January 2 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, the original series remains a fan favorite with Travel Channel’s viewers. In each of the 13 one-hour episodes, Wildman brings six artifacts to life through their intriguing stories. Viewers take a fascinating journey to the historical institutions that millions visit as part of their travel itinerary. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.multivu****/mnr/64286-travel-channel-mysteries-at-the-museum-host-don-wildman-uncovers-stories
3 Dec 2013
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Betty Riaz Yoga Spa Yoga, see full length video here...******* Betty Riaz guides you in SPA Yoga, a great practice to end the long work week. This is a candle lit, slow flow restorative class. During SPA yoga, we will spend the first 15 minutes working through a slow mindful flow primarily on table top with strong emphasis on hip and hamstring stretches. The last 15 minutes of class will be dedicated to deep forward folding and supine postures. We will end the class in a long meditative savasana. Most postures are held passively for 1 or more minutes in order to access a safe and positive 'stress' on the deep layers of connective tissue in the body. Physically, SPA Yoga will leave you restored as if you have walked out of your own personal SPA. Featuring Mucis by Temmy Lewis.
29 Nov 2013
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*******nakedyogaschool**** (Level: Intermediate) Here we go deeper into Taoist Yoga. The benefits of these movements can be felt immediately and really add up over time when practiced with discipline. Sinking the Chi : Here we gather the higher vibration chi (heavenly chi) a very healing Qi and we draw it down into the body.  Expanding your Space : Expands what is called the Wei Chi Field, in chinese medicine. This is an invisible layer of protection that is a part of the human energy field. It keeps unwanted energy out. A sense of empowerment and feeling larger is accompanied with this practice. Taoist Squats : Super activating and grounding, can be joined with expanding your space technique. (NYV0035) *******nakedyogaschool****
29 Oct 2013
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