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Today on Hard News, hackers filed fraudulent trademark claim to screw with Ubisoft, Nintendo buys back shares from Yamauchi's heirs, and Disney Interactive may have huge layoffs.
5 Feb 2014
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Today on Hard News, Far Cry Compilation announced, 2K Czech close Prague office, and ABC's Agents of SHIELD lift concept art from Mass Effect 3.
11 Jan 2014
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Today on HardNews, the late Tom Clancy, Sega and Sonic Boom, and Mighty No. 9 meets all its goals.
3 Oct 2013
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This week, we hear about how an exploit in Dead Space 3 might have some legal ramifications. We also learn more about the layoffs that hit Valve Software and Canada's efforts to thwarting the zombie apocalypse.
16 Aug 2013
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Today on HardNews, Nintendo refuses to layoff, new Pokemon, and WoW micro transactions.
10 Jul 2013
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Happy Friday! On today's rather debaucherous live show, we show off the leaked box art for Call of Duty: Ghosts, fume over the latest Xbox 720 rumors, report layoffs at EA, and deliver the sad news that Nintendo won't be hosting an E3 press conference this year. Lastly, the third-person XCOM shooter has re-emerged as The Bureau: XCOM Declassified! *******gamehackerz****/baseball-heroes-hack-facebook-cheat
27 Apr 2013
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It's Wednesday, which can only mean one thing - MORE VIDEO GAME NEWS! Today, we've got a review of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, details on XCOM: Enemy Unknown's Slingshot DLC, and a release date for SimCity! Also, Zynga quietly laid off 5% of its employees during this week's Apple press conference - we've got the details!
25 Oct 2012
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*******www.WorryFreeLivingTV**** In this edition: o Here's a simple strategy to keep you from making Big Money mistakes. The average is over $23,000! o A Short Sale Success. The bank wanted $28,000 and settled for $0! o Picture of the Week - Adam's a college athlete?? And check out Justin's mustache o ALERT: Several companies, including Siemens and Lockheed Martin have announced layoff programs. If you know someone affected by this, they should get our Free report 9Ways Retirees Screw Up Their Finances - And How To Avoid Them. Tell them to call our Toll Free 24/7 Recorded Message Line: 1-800-735-0959 Make sure you're making smart choices about your money so you can Do What You Want, When You Want, Where You Want!
17 Oct 2012
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Entrepreneurs and business owners will often tell you that there is no better feeling in the world than to work for yourself. No worries about what the boss will think, say, or do when you're in business for yourself. The constant threat of layoffs, and mergers disappear when you own your own business. You are in total control of your own destiny. The best aspect of our business model is you have the ability to work wherever you want, whenever you want, and have the ability to generate an unlimited income with no glass ceiling. We will even teach you how to grow your business and have people working for you in a short amount of time. There are two types of people: The ones that "do" and people that "talk about what they will do." Which one are you? How to Earn a 6 Figure Income No Limit Funding Network is a team of independent consultants that work directly with (KBFG) Kingdom Builders Financial Group. KBFG works with Private Commercial Financing and Short Sales Kingdom Builders Financial Group is a Nationwide Real Estate Consulting Firm with several business divisions. Their mission is to strengthen individuals and families by offering services and business opportunities that will ultimately provide them with economic relief and independence. We will modify our services accordingly as the economy and eminent needs of those we serve dictate. We intend to do so with integrity and honesty, while continually lifting up the Kingdom of God. We can fund between $250K - $500M Type of Deals we can fund through KBFG Low Income Housing Alternative Energy Oil and Gas Mobile Home Parks Light Industrial Car Washes Warehouses Marinas Refinance Automotive Services Office Buildings Mixed-Use Buildings Restaurants Shopping Malls Apartment Buildings Auto Dealerships Funeral Homes Raw Land Lots Self-Storage Units Bed & Breakfast Hotels/Motels Retail Gas Stations Assisted Living Retail Stores Shopping Centers Golf Courses Condo-hotels Commercial Land Development Parking Structures Medical Facilities Condominiums Construction Compensation Explained Kingdom Builders - Compensation Kingdom Builders Financial Group nationwide we assist and consult homeowners with the short sale process and private commercial funding. Compensation Example Assuming you find someone needing $50,000,000. In commercial funding, this would represent a shopping center. KBFG would earn 2 points equating $1M. As an entry level Independent Junior Consultant, your commission would be 30% equating $300,000.00. Not a bad pay day. The opportunity gets better. You will find more about the compensation package at: Kingdom Builders - Compensation
19 Jun 2012
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After a 16-month layoff, Rich Franklin is ready to step back into the Octagon and face the "tornado"known as Wanderlei Silva. Will "Ace" be able to make it 2-0 against Silva at UFC® 147?
16 Jun 2012
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Horseback combat in Skyrim! Jet Set Radio on the Vita! Zone of the Enders 3? Plus the crappy news about 38 Studios' massive layoffs. Tara's out, but Anthony Carboni's here to fill in!
26 May 2012
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Its Wednesday on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV. Yendi talks about HP downsizing and a new made-for-web movie, Cybergeddon, by CSI producer Anthony Zuiker. Make sure you have enough storage space by saving big on TigerDirect****’s deal of the day – a 1.5TB Seagate Hard Drive. We made some decisions about the theme music, hope you like it. News Sources: Report: HP to combine PC, printer businesses; jobs at risk By Jon Swartz and Scott Martin, USA TODAY *******www.usatoday****/tech/news/story/2012-03-20/hp-layoffs-merge/53674860/1 Zuiker to debut 'Cybergeddon' movie on Yahoo ***********/zuiker-debut-cybergeddon-movie-yahoo-040438068.html TigerDirect Deal of the Day: *******www.tigerdirect****/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1963097&Sku=S130-9014&cm_re=Homepage-_-Spot%2012-_-CatId_136_S130-9014
21 Mar 2012
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"Smooth Criminals" stole more than 50,000 Michael Jackson songs from Sony's servers last year, along with other interesting stories.
6 Mar 2012
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Achilles Tendonitis Treatment - Manahawkin, Barnegat, Little Egg Harbor, NJ Dr. Eric Baskin of Stafford Orthopedics discusses the symptoms, causes and treatments for Achilles Tendonitis. *******www.manahawkinfootdoctor**** The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the human body and can withstand forces of 1,000 pounds or more. It also is the most frequently ruptured tendon, usually as a result of a sports injury. Both professional and weekend athletes may suffer from Achilles tendonitis, a common overuse injury and inflammation of the tendon. Events that can cause Achilles tendonitis may include: • Hill running or stair climbing. • Overuse, stemming from the natural lack of flexibility in the calf muscles. • Rapidly increasing mileage or speed when walking, jogging, or running. • Starting up too quickly after a layoff in exercise or sports activity, without adequately stretching and warming up the foot. • Trauma caused by sudden and/or hard contraction of the calf muscles when putting out extra effort, such as in a sprint. • Improper footwear and/or a tendency toward overpronation. Achilles tendonitis often begins with mild pain after exercise or running that gradually worsens. Other symptoms include: • Recurring localized pain, sometimes severe, along the tendon during or a few hours after running. • Morning tenderness about an inch and a half above the point where the Achilles tendon is attached to the heel bone. • Sluggishness in your leg. • Mild or severe swelling. • Stiffness that generally diminishes as the tendon warms up with use. Treatment normally includes: • A bandage specifically designed to restrict motion of the tendon. • Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication for a period of time. Note: Please consult your physician before taking any medication. • Orthotics, which are corrective shoe inserts designed to help support the muscle and relieve stress on the tendon. Both nonprescription orthoses (such as a heel pads or over-the-counter shoe inserts) and prescribed custom orthotics may be recommended depending on the length and severity of the problem. • Rest and switching to exercises that do not stress the tendon (such as swimming). • Stretching and exercises to strengthen the weak muscle group in front of the leg, calf, and the upward foot flexors, as well as massage and ultrasound. In extreme cases, surgery is performed to remove the fibrous tissue and repair any tears. Visit our website: *******www.manahawkinfootdoctor****
3 Dec 2011
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BY VICTORIA CRAIG You're watching multisource political video news alaysis from Newsy. A five-hour hearing on the now-bankrupt solar energy company Solyndra, which received half a billion dollars in government loan guarantees, quickly turned political Thursday. NBC Nightly News explains the details of the hearing. “Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who was in charge of the program defended his agency’s handling of the situation under aggressive questioning from skeptical Republicans who allege big campaign donors had too much influence over this loan program.” Chu is the first high-level member of the Obama administration to testify about the Solyndra loan program. But as the LA Times suggests, he refused to be cornered into an apology -- or admit to any political favors. “Chu firmly pushed back against allegations that political favoritism and bureaucratic incompetence led his agency to approve the Solyndra loan guarantee... [He said] the company failed after demand for solar equipment slackened and panel prices plummeted from the effects of China's heavy subsidies for its own manufacturers. House Republicans assert that Chu should have seen such a fall coming.” But as Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto explains, Chu testified the White House never contacted him about Solyndra and never raised any questions or concerns about the company -- but he did take some form of responsibility. “Under pressure and under oath, Chu telling the House Energy and Commerce Committee that he made all the decisions involving that loan that crashed and burned into the now famous solar panel company. Further, Chu saying he knew nothing of these reported early warning signs raised as far back as 2009 that Solyndra might have serious financial problems.” Despite Chu’s insistence politics wasn’t involved in the loan guarantees and that the Department of Energy knew nothing about Solyndra’s financial situation, the Wall Street Journal argues timing of a round of layoffs paints a completely different picture. “Solyndra LLC postponed a layoff announcement until the day after the 2010 midterm elections following a push by the Department of Energy for a delay... In October 2010, Solyndra was struggling financially and in talks with the Energy Department about restructuring its loan. Solyndra's chief executive, Brian Harrison, informed the Energy Department that he wanted to announce some layoffs internally...” But deciding who knew what and when isn’t the end of the battle. As CBS explains, another of Republicans’ biggest problems with Solyndra’s loan restructuring is taxpayers were second in line to private investors to get their money back after the company went under. “Republicans pointed to an internal e-mail from last February. A Treasury Department official advised Energy that only the justice department could sign off on a deal to make taxpayers subordinate to private investors. But Chu said he didn’t need to consult Justice because his legal experts signed off.” At this point, it’s not clear what the next step is for the House Energy and Commerce Committee. But The Hill is reporting the committee isn’t ruling out asking for potential testimonies from White House aids.
19 Nov 2011
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Please visit my site at: *******johnu78.blogspot****/p/items-for-sale.html GR Press, Kzoo Gazette to lay off 223 *******www.woodtv****/dpp/news/local/grand_rapids/Grand-Rapids-Press-Kalamazoo-Gazette-to-lay-off-233 grand rapids, michigan, detroit, flint, journalism, mass media, journalist, reporter, kalamazoo, layoff, unemployment, depression, underemployed, recession
19 Nov 2011
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