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27 Sep 2016
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Anne Charleston Interview
27 Sep 2016
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M.I.A. apparently flipped a bird to the camera at this year's Super Bowl halftime show, reminding us of the numerous Super Bowl controversies in years past.
6 Feb 2012
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Blake Lively, Chloe Moretz, and Madonna were just a few of the stars who looked sleek in black and white this week.
28 Jan 2012
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Jason Segal got star struck by Brangelina, Katy Perry wants a lot of kids, Madonna was called the 'hairy monster' in high school, and more in the latest celebrity gossip.
14 Nov 2011
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Madonna gets back in the saddle in Bridgehampton, New York as we get shots of her riding a horse.
10 Oct 2011
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Jamming with Zoe in Budapest
20 Nov 2010
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Madonna's singles from 1982 to 1991...enjoy!
9 Nov 2010
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BOOK REVIEW DEFENDING POSSESSION PROCEEDINGS Seventh Edition By Jan Luba QC, John Gallagher, Derek McConnell and Nic Madge ISBN: 978-1-903307-75-5 Legal Action Group www.lag******* YES, “DPP” IS AS INDISPENSIBLE AS EVER! An appreciation by Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers Yes, this is the book we always see in court when possession actions are listed- it is the fountain of simple information explained for all to understand. We welcome the seventh edition which, as the authors say, is the essential purchase for all clients and advisers working with actual or prospective defendants in possession proceedings. The proof of its success is that we see the book regularly on the bench and outside the court, and recommend it for all those new to these threatening proceedings from lenders. This work is another in the growing series of the estimable Legal Action Group’s ‘adviser’ publications. “Defending Possession Pleadings” robustly continues the LAG’s ongoing mission to compile, write and publish meticulously researched works of reference, mainly for professional advisers -- legal practitioners, local government and housing officers, academics and the like -- or those of us, quite frankly, who are desperate. And there are few other conditions in life which occasion as much desperation as re-possessions where the lenders are non-communicative and over-zealous just before we go into court. Clear, succinct and accurate, “Defending Possession Proceedings” sets the law in its context. There is much new material in this new seventh edition. The text is supplemented with official forms and notices, statements of case and applications, an instructions checklist, the Rent Arrears Pre-Action Protocol and CPR Part 55. So, if you’re a practitioner in this difficult and complex area, you’ll find “Defending Possession Pleadings” an essential and easy to use reference tool in your day to day practice and another of the excellent LAG ‘advice’ books they publish in an area where they continue to offer the best advice of the lot to all who are involved in these matters.
16 Sep 2010
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Lil' Wayne climbs the charts, and could tell-all memoirs be the new trend in the music world? I'm Erin Darling with the latest in music entertainment news for BSW Channel****. Nobody can deny that Lil Wayne is unstoppable right now. In fact, this marks the fifth week that the new Orleans rapper has claimed the top stop on the billboard charts with his song "lollipop." But could his CD be the best selling album of the year? Based on sales since its Tuesday release, industry insiders are saying that Lil Wayne's new album is poised to grab the number one spot and make more money than recent releases from mega-acts like Coldplay, Mariah and Madonna. Think this underdog can pull it off? We'll have to wait for final numbers to come out this weekend to know for sure. Speaking of Madge, word on the street is that an unexpected insider wants to sell her out, and it's none other than her own younger brother. Christopher Chi-cone-nee is writing a tell-all memoir about his uber famous sister, and she's not too happy about it. The book is set for release in mid-july, and publisher simon spotlight entertainment, has been saying that the material girl has refused to participate in her b
21 Aug 2010
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Vogue & Alright
14 Feb 2010
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Music News From getthedaily**** - Your Online Source For News. On the music scene: how Madonna's going to kick your ass, plus why the Black Crowes are mad at Maxim and Neverland Ranch could be yours! Hi everyone I'm Andrea Rene and you are watching the music news from get the daily**** It was announced yesterday that the Material girl has finally picked a title and released date for her highly anticipated forthcoming album. Her last studio album for Warner Music Group is called "Hard Candy." Not only does Madonna love candy, but as she says "its going to kick your ass, but make you feel good." It features superhot producers Timbaland and Danja, plus Justin Timberlake appears on mulitple tracks. JT also just happens to be the one who'll induct Madge into the rock and roll hall of fame. Look for her new album to hit stores on April 29th with her first single 'Four Minutes" out at the end of March. Rockers the Black Crowes have a new album coming out next week, and they hope that no one will read the Maxim magazine review panning it, because, well, Maxim didn't even listen to the ablum! In the March issues of Maxim, a reviewer says the groups latest disc called "Warpaint" is worth 2 and half stars out of five, but, turns out the reviewer never got an advanced copy and based the review off their only single released "Goodbye daughters of the revolution." The crowes rightly thought this was unfair and managed to get an apology from the publication. But let's be honest, does anyone read reviews from Maxim anyway? Michael Jackson's re-release of his worldwide smash album "Thriller" is doing great on the charts, so he probably shouldn't have any problems coming up with the $24 million dollars he needs to save Neverland Ranch from going up for auction. Yes, the infamous property near Santa Barabara, CA is once again on the chopping block if Jackson doesn't pay up by March 19th. I think it would be interesting to see who would by that gigantic playground! But considering Michael is still worth hundreds of millions, I don't think he should have any problems paying up. I'm Andrea Rene and you just heard the music news, right here at get the daily****. madonna, micheal jackson, neverland ranch, for sale, hard candy, justin timberlake, warner brothers, warner bros., the black crowes, maxim magazine, reviews, warpaint, thriller, movie, santa barabra, 24 million, million, debt, timbaland, danja, four minutes, new release, cd, album, rock and roll, hall of fame
28 Oct 2009
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