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Shake, shake, shake Senora, shake your body line Shake, shake, shake Senora, shake it all the time Work, work, work Senora, work your body line Work, work, work Senora, work it all the time My girl's name is Senora. I tell you friends I adore her. When she dances oh, brother, she's a hurricane in all kinds of weather. Jump in the line rock your body in time. O-kay! I believe you. (3 times) Jump in the line rock your body in time. Oh! Shake, shake, shake... You can talk about cha-cha, tango, waltz or the rhumba. Senora's dance has no title. Jump in the saddle hold on to the bridle. Jump in the line rock your body in time. O-kay! I believe you. Jump in the line rock your body in time. Rock your body, Child! Jump in the line rock your body in time. Somebody help me! Jump in the line rock your body in time. Oh! Shake, shake, shake.... Senora she's a sensation, the reason for aviation. And fellas you've got to watch it. When she wind up she bottom, she go like a rocket. Jump in the line rock your body in time. O-kay! I believe you. Jump in the line rock your body in time. Hoist those skirts a little higher! Jump in the line rock your body in time. Up the chimney! Jump in the line rock your body in time. Oh! Shake, shake, shake... Senora dances calypso. Left to right is the tempo. And when she gets the sensation, she go up in the air come down in slow motion. Jump in the line rock your body in time. O-kay! I believe you. Jump in the line rock your body in time. Somebody help me! Jump in the line rock your body in time. O-kay! I believe you. Jump in the line rock your body in time. Oh! Shake, shake, shake............................................. Winona Ryder Born:29 October 1971, Winona, Minnesota, USA Birth Name:Winona Laura Horowitz Nickname:Noni Winona Ryder was born Winona Horowitz and named after the town in which she was born, Winona, Minnesota. She grew up in a ranch commune in Northern California which had no electricity. She is the goddaughter of Timothy Leary............................................................................. Harold George "Harry" Belafonte, Jr. (né Belafonete; born March 1, 1927)at Lying-in Hospital, New York City, New York , is an American musician, actor and social activist. One of the most successful popular singers in history, he was dubbed the "King of Calypso," a title which he was very reluctant to accept (according to the documentary Calypso Dreams) for popularizing the Caribbean musical style with an international audience in the 1950s. Belafonte is perhaps best known for singing the "Banana Boat Song," with its signature lyric "Day-O." Throughout his career, he has been an advocate for civil rights and humanitarian causes. He was a vocal critic of the policies of the George W. Bush Administration .. Belafonte was the son of Melvine (née Love), a housekeeper, and Harold George Belafonete, Sr., a Jamaican who worked as chef in the Royal Navy.From 1935 to 1940, he lived with his grandmother in the village of Aboukir in her native country of Jamaica. When he returned to New York City he attended George Washington High School[6] after which he joined the Navy and served during World War II.[4] At the end of the 1940s, he took classes in acting at the Dramatic Workshop of The New School in New York with the influential German director Erwin Piscator alongside Marlon Brando, Tony Curtis, Walter Matthau, Bea Arthur, and Sidney Poitier, while performing with the American Negro Theatre. He subsequently received a Tony Award for his participation in the Broadway revue John Murray Anderson's Almanac. ..........Belafonte started his career in music as a club singer in New York, to pay for his acting classes. The first time he appeared in front of an audience he was backed by the Charlie Parker band, which included Charlie Parker himself, Max Roach, and Miles Davis among others. At first he was a pop singer, launching his recording career on the Roost label in 1949, but later he developed a keen interest in folk music, learning material through the Library of Congress' American folk songs archives. With guitarist and friend Millard Thomas, Belafonte soon made his debut at the legendary jazz club The Village Vanguard. In 1952 he received a contract with RCA Victor...His first wide-release single, which went on to become his "signature" song with audience participation in virtually all his live performances, was "Matilda," recorded April 27, 1953. His breakthrough album Calypso (1956) became the first LP to sell over 1 million copies (Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" and Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons," both singles, had previously surpassed the 1 million mark). The album is number four on Billboard's "Top 100 Album" list for having spent 31 weeks at number 1, 58 weeks in the top ten, and 99 weeks on the U.S. charts.
22 Jun 2011
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Matilda free comedy movies english full - best comedy movies full hollywood movies english Story of a wonderful little girl, who happens to be a genius, and her wonderful teacher vs. the worst parents ever and the worst school principal imaginable. Director: Danny DeVito Writers: Roald Dahl (book), Nicholas Kazan (screenplay) Stars: Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Mara Wilson
3 Mar 2015
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OFFICIAL MR BEAN. Mr Bean takes his girlfriend out to a nightclub. He ruins a magician's show and then loses his girlfriend to another man. From 'Mr Bean Goes to Town'.
23 Feb 2011
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VHS Opening to Stuart Little (1999)
6 Jul 2011
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ChannelCS FanPage link below *******www.facebook****/pages/Counter-Strike-Channel/132327816829505?v=wall Music: Parov Stelar - Matilda Elite Force - Cross The Line Xinobi - BMX (Moulinex remix) Glenn Morrison - Contact
9 Jul 2011
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Letra - Lyrics ah,ah,ah,ah,ah me puedo imaginar, casi creo que es verdad el amor es algo nuevo que explotar, comienzo a inventar y me empiezo a enamorar. se que te gusto tu mirada me lo grita,(si,si,si,) es tan divino sentirme así, corro, río, pienso en ti, si no me quieres saco mi llanto, tengo ganas de seguir, quisas así veas lo que siento por ti.( sientes por mi) baila grachi, dulce grachi, canta grachi, traviesa grachi, que la magia puede, lo que pidas tendrás, sigue la magia grachi, sigue el hechizo grachi, la vida es maravillosa y mágica, lo que tu quieras se ase realidad. quiero bailar, sin esperar, ha tu lado enamorada, lo voy a lograr, pudo volar, juntos triunfar. y se que mi secretos te podrían sorprender, y se que como tu nadie me va a comprender, la música nos une tiemblo, si bailo junto ha ti, mi corazón para de latir, siento mariposas en mi estomago.(si,si,si,) baila grachi, dulce grachi, canta grachi, traviesa grachi, que la magia puede, lo que pidas tendrás, sigue la magia grachi, sigue el hechizo grachi, la vida es maravillosa y mágica, lo que tu quieras se ase realidad. ( 2x ) baila grachi, dulce grachi, canta grachi, traviesa grachi, que la magia puede, lo que pidas tendrás. ( 2x )
20 Jun 2012
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If you like, buy it. I studied evil, I can't deny, Was a hoodoo charm called a Love Me or Die, Some fingernail, a piece of her dress, Apocathery, Devil's behes' I will relate, the piteous consequence my mistake, Fallin slave to passin desire, Makin' the dreaded Love me or Die. Against a Jungle primeval green, She had the looks of a beauty queen No bangles or chain, wearin' broken shoe Seventy-five cent bottle perfume. I said, "Good mornin", I tipped my hat, All the while I was cunning like a rat, Smilin gaily, looked her in the eye, I felt in pocket, the Love me or Die My past history, one to behold, I studied magic from days of old, Membership, secret societies, Power and wealth in my family But Matilda, Darling, Why you don't take my wedding ring, Like a demon under the floor, I buried the hoodoo down the back door. Lawd, word broke through the town, That a fever strike Matilda down, Nine thirty, the doctor arrive, Priest come runnin, quarter to five. Standin in the weeds early next day, I saw the meat wagon rollin away, I seen Matilda layin in the back, Her old mother wearin a suit of black Sound the trumpet, and bang the drum, I wait for me judgement to come, I know her spirit is down beneath, I hear the weepin and gnashing of the teeth. Flames of Hell licks at my feet, In the shadow of the Jungle I feel the heat, Matilda's waiting in Hell for me too, All cause she died from a bad hoodoo.
31 Aug 2013
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Click here to buy on iTunes: ******* Out in the US via Canvasback Music on September 18 Get debut album 'An Awesome Wave' here: ******* (digital) ******* (physical).
13 Sep 2012
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The cast of the hit Broadway musical MATILDA, perform a medley with songs from the show live at the 2013 Tony Awards
29 Apr 2014
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7 Jan 2015
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Sims witch Matilda uses impregnating potion (pink) to impregnate fairies, entrapped them and then induce labor with magic. Sims 3 Supernatural. 模拟人生3:邪恶力量 - 巫婆为了提升魔法等级,将一群仙女受孕并且关在家中 直至生产。 罪大恶极。 I am an amateur to Sims movie making so I am not good. Please support by subscribing. Thank you for your support today! In case you are wondering how to loop animations in Sims 3: Sims 3 animation player, thank you very much to cmomoney. (******* Also, you can use moviemakercheatsenabled true to turn on Sim's build-in animator.
29 Jul 2014
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Alt-J performs live on KEXP at the Triple Door as part of KEXP's VIP Club Concert series. Recorded September 27, 2012. Songs: Intro Interlude I / Tessellate Something Good Dissolve Me Fitzpleasure Matilda Breezeblocks Bloodflood Hand-Made Taro Host: Cheryl Waters Audio Engineer: Jake McLaughlin Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Shelly Corbett, Luke Knecht and Scott Holpainen Editing: Jim Beckmann thumbnail image by Dave Lichterman *******www.kexp**** *******altjband****
4 Mar 2013
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Angelina Ballerina is a fictional mouse who is featured in a series of children's books. The series is set in Chipping Cheddar, a place similar to 1920s London, England in the United Kingdom. The first book in the series was published in 1983, and since then, there have been over twenty books in the series. In 2001, a British animated TV series of thirty-nine fifteen minute episodes based on the books was produced in the United Kingdom. The series featured actress Finty Williams as the voice of Angelina, and her mother Judi Dench as Miss Lilly. Characters Angelina Jeanette Mouseling (Voiced by Finty Williams.) is the main protagonist of the series. She is a playful little mouseling who loves to dance and dreams of becoming a famous ballerina. She often wears a pink leotard, pink tutu, pink hair ribbon, and pink ballet slippers. Miss Lilly (Voiced by Judi Dench) is Angelina's ballet teacher. She grew up in Dacovia, a far away land. She is sometimes mentioned in the TV series Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps, and a picture of her is seen at Angelina's new school. Alice Bridgette Nimbletoes (Voiced by Jo Wyatt) is Angelina's best friend and secondary protagonist, who is very skilled at gymnastics. She often wears a green leotard, tutu, hair ribbon, and ballet slippers. She loves her food, which is cheese pie. She also appears in the TV series Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps. William John Longtail (Voiced by Keith Wickham) is one of two boys in Miss Lilly's ballet class. In one of the episodes, it's shown that he has a crush on Angelina. Mr. Longtail is William's father who works as a cab driver and praises his son for any efforts he tries to make especially if its his first time. Priscilla and Penelope Pinkpaws (Voiced by Jo Wyatt and Jonell Elliott) are twin sisters who tease and belittle nearly everyone, including each other. They are particularly jealous of Angelina for her dancing talent. Priscilla wears blue leotards, tutus, and pointe shoes and wears a purple hair ribbon, and Penelope wears a purple leotard, tutu, and ballet slippers, but wears a blue hair ribbon. Sammy Watts (Voiced by Jo Wyatt) is an older mouseling in Angelina's school, who often causes trouble for William and Angelina particularly but has a heart of gold. Mr. Maurice Mouseling (Voiced by Keith Wickham) is Angelina's father and the proprietor of the Mouseland Gazette. Mrs. Matilda Mouseling (Voiced by Jonell Elliott) is Angelina's mother. Her maiden surname is Fielding. She has a sister Amanda, who has a son. Polly Anne Mouseling is the second child and daughter of Mr. Mouseling and Mrs. Mouseling and younger sister of Angelina. In the TV series Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps, Polly is a four-year-old child with white fur instead of brown. Grandma Sophia and Grandpa Jeffrey (Voiced by Adrienne Posta and Keith Wickham) are Angelina's grandparents and Maurice's parents. They are sometimes mentioned in Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps. Uncle Louis (Voiced by Rob Rackstraw) is Mr. Mouseling's brother and Henry's father. Henry Tyler Mouseling (Voiced by Jo Wyatt) is Angelina's cousin. Mrs. Harriet Hodgepodge (Voiced by Finty Williams) is Angelina's next door neighbour. She always appears grumpy and is viewed with fear by most of the Chipping Cheddar mouselings, but occasionally helps the mouselings often when they least expect it. Doctor Tuttle (Voiced by Keith Wickham) is the doctor in the town of Chipping Cheddar. Mr. Ivor Operatski (Voiced by Derek Jacobi) is an old friend of Miss Lilly's. Angelina is convinced (wrongly, as it turns out) that he hates mouselings. He has a moustache and a medium-pitched Russian accent. Queen Seraphina is a childhood friend of Miss Lilly's, who is now the Queen of Mouseland. Princess Valentine is the daughter of Queen Seraphina. Anya is a mouseling who comes to Chipping Cheddar as part of a migrant family working through the harvest season. She is teased by the Pinkpaws twins, and becomes friends with Angelina. She later joins Miss Lilly's ballet class. Mrs. Pinkpaws is the mother of the twins Priscilla and Penelope and their baby brother. She appears in a couple of episodes. She has a Southern Aristocracy accent and wears a lot of jewellery.
6 May 2013
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Original score composed by Ryan Amon 1. Heaven and Earth (0:00) 2. Fire Up The Shuttle (4:25) 3. Unauthorized Entry (6:10) 4. Deportation (10:47) 5. Darkness (12:42) 6. Things to Come (17:31) 7. You Said You'd Do Anything (22:08) 8. A Political Sickness (25:38) 9. Arming Projectile (29:25) 10. Zero Injuries Sustained (30:52) 11. I'd Like Them Dead (32:25) 12. You Have No Idea (33:48) 13. The Raven (36:00) 14. Let the Girls Out (37:57) 15. I Don't Want to Die (40:06) 16. Matilda (41:41) 17. Step Aboard (44:35) 18. Heading to Elysium (47:30) 19. Keep Them Busy (49:25) 20. When He Wakes Up (50:19) 21. We Do the Hanging (51:59) 22. Kruger Suits Up (53:07) 23. The Armory (55:32) 24. I'm Right Behind You (56:32) 25. Fire and Water (58:58) 26. The Gantry (1:00:51) 27. Breaking a Promise (1:02:00) 28. Elysium (1:05:18) 29. New Heaven, New Earth (1:09:04)
12 Jan 2015
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*******www.atheturk**** In memoriam of thoses, anzacs, turks, frenchs who lost their lives in Gallipoli. The song "Waltzing Mathilda" is performed by the Pogues. When I was a young man I carried my pack And I lived the free life of a rover From the Murrays green basin to the dusty outback I waltzed my Matilda all over Then in nineteen fifteen my country said Son It's time to stop rambling 'cause there's work to be done So they gave me a tin hat and they gave me a gun And they sent me away to the war And the band played Waltzing Matilda As we sailed away from the quay And amidst all the tears and the shouts and the cheers We sailed off to Gallipoli How well I remember that terrible day How the blood stained the sand and the water And how in that hell that they called Suvla Bay We were butchered like lambs at the slaughter Johnny Turk he was ready, he primed himself well He chased us with bullets, he rained us with shells And in five minutes flat he'd blown us all to hell Nearly blew us right back to Australia But the band played Waltzing Matilda As we stopped to bury our slain We buried ours and the Turks buried theirs Then we started all over again Now those that were left, well we tried to survive In a mad world of blood, death and fire And for ten weary weeks I kept myself alive But around me the corpses piled higher Then a big Turkish shell knocked me arse over tit And when I woke up in my hospital bed And saw what it had done, I wished I was dead Never knew there were worse things than dying For no more I'll go waltzing Matilda All around the green bush far and near For to hump tent and pegs, a man needs two legs No more waltzing Matilda for me So they collected the cripples, the wounded, the maimed And they shipped us back home to Australia The armless, the legless, the blind, the insane Those proud wounded heroes of Suvla And as our ship pulled into Circular Quay I looked at the place where my legs used to be And thank Christ there was nobody waiting for me To grieve and to mourn and to pity And the band played Waltzing Matilda As they carried us down the gangway But nobody cheered, they just stood and stared Then turned all their faces away And now every April I sit on my porch And I watch the parade pass before me And I watch my old comrades, how proudly they march Reliving old dreams of past glory And the old men march slowly, all bent, stiff and sore The forgotten heroes from a forgotten war And the young people ask, "What are they marching for?" And I ask myself the same question And the band plays Waltzing Matilda And the old men answer to the call But year after year their numbers get fewer Some day no one will march there at all Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda Who'll come a waltzing Matilda with me And their ghosts may be heard as you pass the Billabong Who'll come-a-waltzing Matilda with me?
7 Sep 2009
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'Matilda' was originally written about the last moments of 'Léon: The Professional' in the eponymous film by Luc Besson. I wanted to honor the song as well as the movie, by creating the visual background I like to think Alt-J (∆) had in mind when writing the song. 'Matilda' by Alt-J (∆), from the album 'An Awesome Wave', remains courtesy of Infectious Music, ℗ 2012. This is a video made solely for entertainment purposes, not aimed at breaking copyright law. ********vimeo****/50485531
26 Nov 2014
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