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Your ghoosbumps will rise after watching this video... This video asks u the question,Do u believe in Ghosts?? Answer the question...I created this whole 3D Animation in Maya & After Effects..!!...Do rate the Video..!!
22 Mar 2009
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I created this Effect using Adobe After Effects...Many Hollywood & Bollywood Movies have used this effect in there movies...a very short but CoOl effect...!! Do rate it
17 Nov 2008
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I animated this Ninja character in Maya 2008 and compiled using Adobe Premiere. Model by CGNetworks. Rig done by Dan Neufeldt.
31 Aug 2008
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A fairly simple, looping animation of a galaxy-looking-thing I made quickly for projecting onto the set of a live performance. Tech Stuff: I rendered out 4 single frame passes from Maya 2008 which were: Star pass 1 - Particle system. Star pass 2 - Paint Effects stars. Galaxy pass purple - 3D Fluid Effects creation. Galaxy pass orange - Same again... but orange and some other tweaks. Then I did the animation and star twinkling etc in Eyeon's Fusion 5 compositing software. Rendering only still passes and then doing all the animation in 2D was the key to getting this done really fast!
9 Feb 2008
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A quicky :)
29 Jul 2011
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My first ever Maya tutorial it was also my first time using screenflick for recording.
10 Nov 2009
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We last saw Mario battling it out with a Halo spartan, but the spartan reigned victorious in the end. Now Mario is back for revenge, and he's brought some of his buddies along. Watch the epic battle of 2D vs 3D in Mario vs Spartan 2. Directed, Filmed and Edited by Tyler Gregory (GeneticSpartan) Voices by: Tyler Gregory (everyone else) William Desborough (guy screaming) Software Used: Intensity Media Express Adobe After Effects CS3 Autodesk Maya 2008 Sony Vegas 6.0 Magix Music Maker 12
11 Oct 2009
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Model made with Maya 2008 & Adobe Photoshop
6 Sep 2009
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In this tutorial I demonstrate how to add a basic skeleton to an arm. The arm model was developed by the legends at Bungie not me.
1 May 2009
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New Maya 2008
1 Apr 2009
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Video of me modeling part of a foot. This was recorded at about 1:30 AM... so silly things like... reference images lining up weren't really a concern to me at the time. I'm using Maya 2008 to model this. The reference images were from
2 Mar 2009
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