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Your ghoosbumps will rise after watching this video... This video asks u the question,Do u believe in Ghosts?? Answer the question...I created this whole 3D Animation in Maya & After Effects..!!...Do rate the Video..!!
22 Mar 2009
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I created this Effect using Adobe After Effects...Many Hollywood & Bollywood Movies have used this effect in there movies...a very short but CoOl effect...!! Do rate it
17 Nov 2008
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I animated this Ninja character in Maya 2008 and compiled using Adobe Premiere. Model by CGNetworks. Rig done by Dan Neufeldt.
31 Aug 2008
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A fairly simple, looping animation of a galaxy-looking-thing I made quickly for projecting onto the set of a live performance. Tech Stuff: I rendered out 4 single frame passes from Maya 2008 which were: Star pass 1 - Particle system. Star pass 2 - Paint Effects stars. Galaxy pass purple - 3D Fluid Effects creation. Galaxy pass orange - Same again... but orange and some other tweaks. Then I did the animation and star twinkling etc in Eyeon's Fusion 5 compositing software. Rendering only still passes and then doing all the animation in 2D was the key to getting this done really fast!
9 Feb 2008
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