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If you want to learn to dance, you could go to the park to dance with the middle-aged crowd. But you'd better to go to professional fitness centers to take some lessons. Donny went to LDTX this time and experience the Modern dance dancing classes with teachers.
8 Jun 2017
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If you would like to enjoy some dance performances in China, there are various theaters at your choice. For example, The National Theater, Tianqiao Theater, and Shanghai Grand Theater. There are also different types of dance performances, The Red Detachment of Women, which is a mix of traditional Chinese dance and western ballet, and some modern dances.
8 Jun 2017
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*******nakedyogaschool**** (Level: All) In this video, we will go over how to jump safely, and also how to fall safely. My student, Katie, has very little dance experience and asked me how a dancer manages to jump so high and still land safely. I figured if she had this question, many viewers must wonder the same thing. I have mainly a ballet background, but prefer the modern dance approach, so we will be focusing less on proper turnout and more on getting the FEELING of jumping correct. In short, in order to have a forceful UP reaction (or jump), you have to have an equally forceful DOWN reaction. As always, when you are trying something new, start small. You will really be surprised how little force you need to jump high! (NYV0033) *******nakedyogaschool****
27 Sep 2013
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*******nakedyogaschool**** (Level: All) A great way to challenge ourselves is to use this exercise. I will say a few phrases, and then come up with a few interpretations of my own. Try to think of different movements that could illustrate these phrases before watching the video: FLOWER BLOOMING, SNAKE ATTACKING, BREEZE BLOWING THROUGH TREES, CAT RELAXING; then, you can compare what you came up with to my movements! A few other phrases to play with on your own: FAUCET DRIPPING, SUN SETTING, SNOW FALLING. This will be the end of this series, I hope you have enjoyed! *******nakedyogaschool****
18 Aug 2013
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(Level: All) Now that we have gone over many different concepts- balance, momentum, pointing/flexing, expanding/contracting- we will go over yet another important concept- speed. When we speak, in order to engage the listener and highlight certain words and phrases, we change the speed and the tone of our voice; in this way we can approach dance. Instead of keeping the same pace through a set of movements, why not try speeding up one movement and slow down another? How will that change the overall story our body is telling? Again, the more space available to dance in, the better!
12 Aug 2013
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*******nakedyogaschool**** (Level: All) Building upon our knowledge so far, we will use the contrasting concepts of expanding and contracting in this video through a modern dance approach. Another way to think of this is opening and closing. When we breathe in, our chest naturally expands; when we exhale, our chest naturally contracts. We will build upon natural movements and find ways to build upon them in this video. When just starting to explore how your body moves, try to relax and see what naturally happens. Again, the more space available to dance in the better! *******nakedyogaschool****
29 Jul 2013
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*******nakedyogaschool**** (Level: All) Gravity can truly be our best friend when it comes to dance. In this video, we will go over a few exercises and movements to practice in order to discover how to use our weight to build momentum and put power behind our movements. This video is geared for people of all levels, from no dance experience on up. The more space you have available to dance in, the better; it's recommended to have at least a 5 foot by 5 foot area to practice in. *******nakedyogaschool****
20 Jul 2013
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*******nakedyogaschool**** (Level: All) Our feet play an important role in dance- they are often what connect our bodies to the floor, and define the gesture our legs make. Using a modern dance approach, we will explore how pointing and flexing our feet feel and look different, and go over different exercises to strengthen our feet. It is suggested that you have a chair, barre, or other surface that you can grab on to and support yourself with if needed.  *******nakedyogaschool****
17 Jul 2013
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Street Dance Movie, Starring: Nichola Burley, Richard Winsor and Charlotte Rampling Directed by: Max Giwa, Dania Pasquini Synopsis A street dance crew and a group of Royal ballet dancers strive to find common ground after they are forced to share the same rehearsal space. After battling it out on the dance floor, the two dance crews gradually learn to work together, forming an exciting new type of modern dance that no one ever saw coming.
16 Jul 2013
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(Level: All) In this video, we will go over different methods to find or improve your balance in dance with a modern dance approach. Breathing and core strength are crucial to proper balance, so we will explore a few different ways to become more aware of our bodies. It is suggested that you have a chair, barre, or other surface that you can grab on to and support yourself with if needed.
15 Jul 2013
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The famous characters of MW3 have gone crazy!
12 May 2013
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Funkymonkeysuae**** has best place for fun and birthday party rentals with balloons party place for children’s dance classes and luxury and fantastic foods at very low cost contact now.*******funkymonkeysuae****/outdoor-birthday-parties-rentals/
30 Apr 2013
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【 Shen Jingdong animation works】 "dogface dance" jap soldier is red, is a modern dance dance, two irrelevant things, in the new situation converge in together, Shen Jingdong works in motion, and can dance, dance is Michael Jackson's dance.
20 Apr 2013
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*******tanzschule-berlin.jimdo****/ Die Tanzlehrerin Sabine Lopez 1988 in einem Modern Dance Solo
28 Jan 2013
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«Dancing Journey» is a surrealistic dance and multimedia performance that will take the audience through fascinating shadows landscape. Dancers will fly, dissolve, and rain down as if they were thousands. It is a very creative show mixing modern dance with animation. More info on *******www.talents-productions****
15 Nov 2012
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Shot at Sadler's Wells in London on Friday 7th September 2012, this video shows an extract from the dance performance 'Everything and Nothing' and includes short interviews with the choreographer James Cousins and award founder Matthew Bourne. Selected from hundreds, James Cousins is the winner of the inaugural New Adventures Choreographer Award (NACA). The award, established by Matthew Bourne (Play Without Words, Sleeping Beauty, Edward Scissorhands), aims to inspire new choreographers and ultimately the creation of vibrant and exciting dance and theatre. 'Everything and Nothing' is a dynamic collaboration between James Cousins, lighting designer Lee Curran and set designer Colin Falconer. Through the magnifying glass of the quantum world this breathtaking production was performed to an original score that fuses electronic and classical sound worlds by composer Seymour Milton. The showcase took place in front of a sold out auditorium and at the end of the video Matthew Bourne discusses the award and when he will next be looking for applicants. For more information see****.
14 Sep 2012
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