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me singing my own song
9 Dec 2016
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7 Oct 2016
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I called a movie theater and asked if they'd allow me and my 'friends' to come in wearing some intricate costumes for the new Hobbit movie, and yes these are just my voice! Please Like/Share the video if you enjoyed it, it'd really mean a lot to me! :) Cockroach in Hookah Prank- Add me to facebook/twitter! Subscribe to my 2nd prank channel for short pranks & extras! Subscribe to my vlog channel! Register on the website and join the growing community on the forums! Subtitle help from:
14 Apr 2014
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I call a nail salon asking if they can braid my pubic hair. I change up my voice several times, and I thought it was pretty hilarious how he didn't question it at all. Become my fan on facebook! Follow me on Twitter! Register on my site and join the community!
14 Apr 2014
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Aperture Turrets decide to honour the memory of one of their colleagues in one of the only ways they know how. I've always loved the original Deus Ex Theme and wanted to make my own version for a while now. The whole song consists of my voice; just edited to sound 'turret-y'. ;) The song is available here: Original version: ----- My other work: This Is Aperture - The Wheatley Song - If I Were A Core - GLaDOS Is To Blame - Dumb Ways To Die - ----- Follow me if you want: =) Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr: -----
2 Oct 2013
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3:32 Sometimes I feel I have lost my voice but then I can freely express myself on my blog. Has Your Identity Been Stolen is a good question. So many of us try to please everyone and forget to just be you. You go from trying to be a good child , to being a good friend, and then a good spouse and parent. Eventually you ask yourself .... Has your identity been stolen? I am so sure I am not the only one that feels this way. So give your voice life by writing on your own blog and speaking your true thoughts just imagine the people you can help by letting them find their voice. A stolen Identity is not just about credit cards. Joyce Meyer is an app I have on my phone and how I start my day. Find out how
13 Jun 2013
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Director/Writer Zal Batmanglij and lead actress/co-writer Brit Marling discuss the differences and similarities between 'The East' and 'Sound Of My Voice'. Ellen Page explains what she likes about the script and her character Izzy.
29 May 2013
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Director/Writer Zal Batmanglij and lead actress/co-writer Brit Marling discuss the differences and similarities between 'The East' and 'Sound Of My Voice'. Ellen Page explains what she likes about the script and her character Izzy.
22 May 2013
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A quick tutorial and run-down of how I 'GLaDOSify' my voice for the Portal characters.
21 Mar 2013
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This was just a quick test to see if I could get my voice into the actual game. ;) It's not supposed to be a perfect Wheatley voice - I wasn't really trying with this one. =D
21 Mar 2013
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2:04 Tonja Waring is a Tuning fork in Teaching others the Law of Attraction on The Business Spotlight TV show in the DFW area hosted by Patrick Dougher. Transcript: Patrick: That's got to be one of the most viewed infomercials in the country. Tonja: It is. A lot of people don't recognize me, which I love, but they always recognize my voice. It's just been amazing. One of the things that I recognize that was really a key to my success was taking on my own personal law of attraction coach during that time. One of the things I did was enrolled in a very intense (if there is such a thing) law of attraction coaching certification program. I never really felt like I wanted to be a coach, but what I really wanted to do was immerse myself so I could understand the ups and downs in my own life, so I could start getting on a more even keel. That's one of the things that I accomplished -- being able to create prosperity in my own life in such a way that I was able to move to a warmer climate, which is what I wanted. I found a better school system for my kids. My kids are thriving. Even for myself, I just wanted to be in a more vibrant, alive community. That's one of the things that was my desire that Manifesting Prosperity had allowed for me to do. Patrick: No kidding. I know it's also been able to bring you multiple streams of income. You've been able to help a number of business owners and really speak a level of truth to a number of associations that, when they hear that message, they begin to get realigned. I've seen your impact on others and it's almost like a tuning fork. You walk into a room and you begin to touch somebody and speak to them in a way that basically clears the fog and then helps them change their state to one that's more in line with being able to receive.
11 Mar 2013
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When I realized the Founding Fathers through the Greatest Generation were praying to God "Look what they've done to my song ma", (because the USA has let evil women take over), it caused me to make a music video of it. After watching this a few times I realized it was a divine sign to all the USA and that I should share it. After I watched this about 50 times I changed the thumbnail to Ben Franklin and John Adams ( 5 minutes) with this label at the bottom: Shake and Bake (CHICKENS!). Because it explains that part of the song but more importantly I just realized today (7-16-13) that it refers to this last line of The Star Spangled Banner, “and the home of the brave” and the (CHICKENS!) label explains “Look What They’ve Done to my Song ma”. One reason I’ve watched this so many times is I keep finding out how much heaven made this and not me. Like it was just a coincidence that I say that “Walt Disney was a perfect parallel to our Founding Fathers”. Then I was amazed at the luck of prophets when I found out how much I was “a perfect parallel to our Founding Fathers” because of what I’ve been put through is very parrallel to the lyrics of this song. I mention my ex-wife in this video #171 but she's better explained in class #206 and "the Founding Fathers of Massachusetts taking my side against their hometown and state" is best summed up at 3 minutes on class 195, both at Vimeo. After watching this class 171 a few dozen times I noticed the clips of the movie LILIES OF THE FIELD that could’ve easily been filmed in Arizona was a sign of when God tried to tell me through my relatives in Arizona, (the Lindgrens and the Oversons), that I was lazy. Here’s what I wrote about it in my Bible Notes at Friendfeed. Proverbs 27:10 Never abandon a friend--either yours or your (Founding) Fatherʼs. Because the USA couldn’t have won the American Revolution without the help we got from France. Except the part of the song in this class 171 that’s in French is a sign that they’ve nearly erased that good deed, it’s kind of like when I was able to disown my parents in the first 4 minutes of class L5a at Vimeo. In class 182c 2:19 hours, (at, I tell of when I attended an Overson family reunion in Saint John, Arizona, (1990?). I also tell that I left on that three week vacation with only $1 dollar in my pocket but I didnʼt say how much I wanted to back out of this “travel by faith” vacation when I got to the airport in Tucson, Az. I was looking for a sign to quit in the Bible when God gave me this: Proverbs 27:10 Never abandon a friend--either yours or your father's. I was very disappointed and said “Alright Iʼll go. But I can tell Iʼm going to be a stressed out mess by the time I get there”, (and I was even worse than I expected). I was already nearly mentally disabled and some of my relatives in Arizona were a bit disappointed at how lazy I was. In this class 171 it’s at 9 minutes where the label reads “John 10:27 My sheep know my voice... (usually)” where Sidney Poitier is objecting to the nun mad at him for being lazy. I explain how I finally got delivered from being lazy in class 182c 2:16 to 2:31 hours. My cousin Jimmy Lindgren drove me from Phoenix to that Overson reunion in Saint John and I later realized that an odd movie we watched there on TV called “Bagdad Cafe” might've been God’s way of memorializing that visit. Except the odd lady who was parallel to me in the movie was over weight but in a porno I saw that this odd lady was actually an easy and sexy girl. In class 204 4 to 8 minutes I play the song Route 66 and explain how fun, safe and easy it is to “travel by faith”. I show that my “Rhythm Nation drive” across the USA five times in 1994 was just like in the Bible at Matthew 10:23, “When they persecute you in one town flee to the next, you’ll not run out of towns before I return”, (with a big hint that I would be representing Jesus’ return due to the label of Matt 10:23 at a picture of a guy on a motorcycle). From my divorce in 1986 to my “Rhythm Nation drive” in 1994 I thought I’d gotten very good at “traveling by faith” until God blew me away with a story in the book FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS. On page 309 I read that Ira Hayes on the spur of the moment in 1946 hitchhiked 1300 miles in three days from Arizona to Texas to tell the father of Harlon Block that Harlon didn’t get credits for being one of the six guys in that famous photograph of raising the American flag on Iwo Jima 2-23-45. I remember reading a story in Readers Digest in the late 1970s from a guy who picked up Ira Hayes hitchhiking and later found out who he was and wrote about it. In class L112 at 7 minutes ( Vimeo) I explain a divine sign I got from Ira Hayes that sums up the start and end of WWII in Pearl Harbor and The Greatest Generation’s role in just 14 words. There are other divine signs in class L112 that are from US veterans in heaven to us on earth or from God who surprised me at how close She is to vets like Ira Hayes who obviously heard and obeyed a "travel by faith" request from God that was much bigger than anything I’ve ever done. This paragraph is just a list of my patriotic classes, (because they go together), at Vimeo, Viddler, or .info. Class 182a1 38 minutes is about 1776 & Vietnam. Classes #186a & b were made to explain #186 and are 15 minutes each. Classes 99, 103, L105 and L109 have about a half an hour of patriotism each. I condensed L109 into the 15 minute patriot class L112 and then made L113 to go with it because they both are my best and shortest explanations of Pearl Harbor, the start and end of WWII and how it so easily explains the main part of the book of Revelation in the Bible. Class 171 is a 13 minute lesson of how America needs to get the magic of patriotism back. Class 161 is about the movie The Pentagon Wars and how the good people from the US military in heaven can expose corruption in the US military on earth. Class L97 shows the difference in human rights and freedom in the USA verses in Europe. With ALL of these lessons you can completely miss the point and a lot of divine and/ or patriotic magic if you are not tolerant of a teacher and prophet (and “the one”) who is a disabled mess on welfare that just recently learned to use a computer. The too good to be true line in the Bible of “Peace on Earth” became very possible and soon in my classes 185, L110, L123 and L124 at Vimeo. Here are the other classes that made me realize Peace on Earth was possible. 185 (aka 211) was the first then 163b, 165, 166 (aka 216), 167 end, (169 is also in L110), 170 & 171 at pages 2 & 3 of, and at my .com site are these L classes on page 17. L1c, L1d = too late last 20 min. Then a surprise second chance in L96 which has the same end as L1d as a warning to not mock this second chance away. L109 indirectly applies. L110 lists how heaven tried to rescue Christmas 5 times with sex and in 2013 will make the 6th year. L113 end is how it was mocked away in 2011 & 2012. L114 is a summary of L105, L106, L110 and the harassment of trying to get me evicted, (also in L116). L123 was my best summary of 185 and the patriotic classes. I made L124 only 15 minutes long due to complaints of 2.3 hours of magic in L123. When L124 was mocked as bad as L123 I got a sign my job was done.
19 Jan 2013
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Dopo una pausa durata quasi 3 anni a causa di una grave malattia, Ayaka è ritornata a cantare. The beginning, titolo del suo nuovo CD nonchè della sua canzone: l'inizio di una nuova avventura, superando tutte le difficoltà che la vita pone di fronte con il coraggio e la forza della sua voce. Testo originale: Naite naite nemutta Mezameta tsugi no asa Anata ga tonari ni ita Subete mitasareru shunkan ah ah ah Me no mae ni aru subete ga Kiesatte shimatte mo Kono shunkan ga areba Ikite ikeru to shinjirareru Ryoute hiroge sora wo tonde Zenbu nugisutete shimaeba Kono karada to kono kokoro dake Umareta toki no mama ah ah ah Kikoete kuru NOIZU wa MYUUTO shite shimaou Anata no koe dake ni Mimi wo samashite ireba ii Itsukara darou sonna koto mo Wasurete shimatte ita mitai Kodomo no you ni ooki na koe de Naite mireba ii Take me back to the point where I began cause my voice goes on now and ever Ryoute hiroge sora wo tonde Zenbu nugisutete shimaeba Kono karada to kono kokoro dake Umareta toki no mama Itsukara darou sonna koto mo Wasurete shimatte ita mitai Kodomo no you ni ooki na koe de Naite mireba ii ah ah ah
31 Dec 2012
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An inspirational song about people with physical disabilities, and people who have overcome their difficult situation by having faith, inner strength, and courage to put their hope and trust in God and his kingdom, where there will be no more pain and suffering, and our new bodies, will be free.
12 Nov 2012
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Sorry about being so late this morning. I was out very late last night, and seemed to have misplaced my voice. We ran up to test the recent highs yesterday, and now we are retesting the recent lows. Keep your eyes on SPX 1400. New buy signs for the GLD and the USO. - Welcome to my Free Daily Stock Market Timing Signals Newsletter - Start your trading day off on the right foot, with Stephen Whiteside's Stock Market Trading Television. This free daily video newsletter focuses on the major Indexes and ETF’s, as well as the US Dollar, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Precious Metals including Gold and Silver.
7 Nov 2012
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This week my first real celebrity guest, Perez Hilton is on the show. I almost backed out as I'm having some problems with my voice but the show must go on. Keith says its puberty but what does that frackin hippie know! Perez talks about his new book, drops us some of his deepest thoughts and makes fun of Keith some more. Win a copy of Perez Hiltons new Book "The Boy with the Pink Hair" FRED 2 is coming to Nickelodeon on October 22 8/7c! Click here for more info: Check out for bonus episodes, behind-the-scenes, footage and MUCH MORE! More Fred Funness: Wanna see what Lucas has been up to? Check him out at
13 Sep 2012
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