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So we did another video shoot with Mr. Bobby Harlow of 'that boy that girl' fame. The last video was filmed in our pal Martin's bedroom, this time we decided to be a bit more professional, and film in a squat in shoreditch. It was well glamour. bobby's crew painted the room UV, put little cameras on our instruments/bodies, we played the song, people danced and drunk economy energy drinks. All in all it was a good day for everyone involved. except the extra who cut herself on the dirty broken glass, she's probably had to have her leg amputated, but for everyone else it was PREMIER LEAGUE. The single is out on June 18th download, NOSIA have done a sick remix of it and there's an exclusive new tune on one of the vinyl releases. see our site for details. Text by Hadouken! the band
26 Jul 2009
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