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So we did another video shoot with Mr. Bobby Harlow of 'that boy that girl' fame. The last video was filmed in our pal Martin's bedroom, this time we decided to be a bit more professional, and film in a squat in shoreditch. It was well glamour. bobby's crew painted the room UV, put little cameras on our instruments/bodies, we played the song, people danced and drunk economy energy drinks. All in all it was a good day for everyone involved. except the extra who cut herself on the dirty broken glass, she's probably had to have her leg amputated, but for everyone else it was PREMIER LEAGUE. The single is out on June 18th download, NOSIA have done a sick remix of it and there's an exclusive new tune on one of the vinyl releases. see our site for details. Text by Hadouken! the band
26 Jul 2009
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Nosia's "Groundhog," released under Division. *******www.myspace****/denoisia OMG HOLY SHIET WTFBBQ is an accurate enough description. Noisia regulates. For high quality sound, add "&fmt=18" after the video URL.
14 Sep 2013
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Groundhog is the hardest song in the game in my opinion. Beats and pieces is easier, if not , the same difficulty as this. It's argumentable, and everyone has their own opinion. Dj Hero is an awesome game, I will definately post more videos from this game in the next little while. I'l try to get an fc of all my my faves, like born to roll, and a few others, and il try to post all of the harder songs, like this one. I recommend Dj Hero to anyone who has any taste in video games whatsoever. Even if you dislike the music (hip-hop/rap/classic rock) i would still recommend it to you. View this in high detail, its worth it. If you cant see the link that says "View in high quality, then just simple add &fmt=18 to the video link. Just a short thing to add, most of these vids that I am posting are not made to prove anything skill wise, or to go for the top score, I am making these vids simply to show viewers who don't own the game the songs that are on the game setlist, rather then that I am just making vids for casual youtube viewers/listeners. _______________________________________ Song 1 : Groundhog Artist : Nosia (Presented by Scratch Perverts) Dj: LL FooL J Song Statistics: Percent: 92% Stars: 5 Stars _______________________________________ This video was editted using Sony Vegas Pro v8.0 and recorded using the Pinnacle Moviebox Capture Card.
6 May 2013
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The Iniquitous Sessions: Episode 12 (Moombahcore/Metalstep/Dubstep) Tune in every Wednesday for a new episode!! Free DL: ******* First up a massive Guest Mix by: Dirty Old Troll followed by our host Diabolikal on the decks 29:00 Follow Dirty Old Troll: Facebook: ******* Twitter: ******* Sound Cloud: ******* Follow T.I.S.: Facebook: ******* Follow Diabolikal: Facebook: ******* Twitter: ******* Sound Cloud: ******* Follow Dream Crusher Media: Youtube: ******* SoundCloud: ******* Facebook: ******* SUPPORT THE ARTISTS! Track List: Dirty Old Troll: 0:00 Bratkilla - forbidden notes bratkilla - broken soul Triage - Radium (spl remix) Nosia - Program (f3ral remix) Skrillex - Narcissistic Cannibal (110bpm remix) Mackai - Grizzle Downlink - Tiger Mantis - Fumes Excision - Brutal Cookie Monster - Moshpit Varien - Throne of Ravens Dirty Drums - Hurt Diabolikal 29:00 29:00 TSTEP & ShadowNL - Killer Twit: ******* Buy: *******s.beatport****/MFw3hU 30:30 Brainpain & Culprate - F.U. FB: ******* Buy: *******s.beatport****/MrIi1Z 32:00 Skit - Calling FB: ******* [FREE] 33:30 Falling Skies (Waverokr Remix) FB: ******* Buy: *******s.beatport****/LDLnsT 35:45 Deletah - This Sound Dope FB: ******* [FREE] 37:25 Jam PRD - Manslaught SC: ******* [FREE] 38:50 Sponge Bandits - Starbucks FB: ******* [FREE] 40:09 p0gman & Getter - Smokin FB: ******* ******* Buy: *******s.beatport****/N9BV0n 42:00 Dee:See - Threats FB: ******* [FREE] 43:25 Ponicz - Unleash The Beast FB: ******* [FREE] 44:35 Turtle - Old Bill FB: ******* [FREE] 46:21 Drbblz & Ekim - Don't Worry SC: ******* [FREE] 48:40 Widelows - UltraViolence MS: ******* Buy: *******s.beatport****/Lkzjjs 50:01 Subshock - Bring The Bass (Dubstep Remix) FB: ******* Buy: *******s.beatport****/LBMB9D 51:24 EnrightBeats - Full Circle FB:******* Buy: ******* 54:00 DubZaP - Robocop FB:******* 55:10 Mars & Xim & bass - Sorrow (Dub Elements Remix) FB: ******* Buy:*******s.beatport****/L4ZuWJ 56:10 Bong - She Said FB: ******* Buy: *******s.beatport****/NPSao2 59:02 Fuzion - Showdown FB: ******* Buy: *******
19 Mar 2013
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ПОЧТА LuCASa Кино От Проекта Caramba TV. Канал Трейлеров ***********/user/carambatrailers "КиноНах" Вконтакте: ******* Группа "CarambaTV" Вконтакте: ******* Facebook: *******www.facebook****/carambatv Фильмы 1. Новый угарный сериал Уилфред (Wilfred) 2. Фильм Катастрофа Ларса Фон Триера «Меланхолия» (Melancholia) 3. Экотический фильм в 3d!!! Секс и Дзен 3D: Экстремальный экстаз 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy 4. Комедия с Джимом Керри «Пингвины мистера Поппера» (Mr. Popper's Penguins) 5. Комедия с Кемерон Диаз и Джастином Тимбирлейком Плохая училка (Bad Teacher) 6. КИНОШАРЕВО!!!!! МУЗЛО 1.Shapeshifters - Back To Basics (main vocal mix) 2.Nosia - Machine Gun (OST Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon) 3.Three_imaginary_boys — nobodys_sayin__dusty_kid_front serenissima (t and f vs. moltosugo club_mix) 5.Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream (Sam Lamore 12 Mix) 6.planet funk - Inside All The People 7.009_sound_system_-_trinity 8.M - So Fly (Hott 22 Vocal Remix) 9.Jackie_moon - love_me_sexy 10.Curtis_mayfield — move_on_up 11.The_blackbyrds — walking_in_rhythm 12.Paul Jebanasam - Prelude (Steve Jablonsky & Methodic Doubt Mix)
21 Jan 2013
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you know the drill...
5 Apr 2012
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