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I a music artist, a guitarist/composer... usually performing and recording unique and new guitar pieces, however there are things other than music that concern me. Music is an outgrowth of mans need to communicate and that first began with his doing so with nature (the natural world around him). This natural world is now in a state of danger from mankind itself, so I created this short video statement to inspire change before we loose the ability to continue our relationship with this planet. As a guitarist I am aware that my instruments development goes back to the earliest of history and the dawn of civilization. There were instruments in the so called "cradle of civilization", the near east, called "tars" over 5000 years ago. These migrated with people from that area to Spain becommung the guitar, and to India to becomethe Sitar. This connection to what we began to call the "civilized " world gives me cause to be concerned about the future of man (and all creatures big and small) on earth.