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Though evolutionists pretend that the evolution of such a complex structure as the eye is no big deal, the fact is that they cannot account for the origination of even one protein molecule that is in this irreducibly complex pathway for sight: Evolution vs. Functional Proteins - Doug Axe - Video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4018222/evolution_vs_functional_proteins_where_did_the_information_come_from_doug_axe_stephen_meyer/ Axe Diagram for finding a functional protein domain out of all sequence space: The y-axis can be seen as representing enzyme activity, and the x-axis represents all possible amino acid sequences. Enzymes sit at the peak of their fitness landscapes (Point A). There are extremely high levels of complex and specified information in proteins--informational sequences which point to intelligent design. *******www.evolutionnews****/axediagram.jpg "a very rough but conservative result is that if all the sequences that define a particular (protein) structure or fold-set where gathered into an area 1 square meter in area, the next island would be tens of millions of light years away." Kirk Durston Peptide synthesis "typically peptides and proteins in the range of 70~100 amino acids are pushing the limits of synthetic accessibility. Synthetic difficulty also is sequence dependent; typically amyloid peptides and proteins are difficult to make."(To make larger proteins requires “non-natural” peptide bonds - (Chemical Synthesis Of Proteins - 2005)) *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Peptide_synthesis As a Theist I am very much interested as to exactly what in the brain is actually doing the "seeing": Dr. Quantum - Double Slit Experiment & Entanglement - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4096579/dr_quantum_double_slit_experiment_entanglement/ That the "mind" of a individual observer would play such an integral yet not complete "closed system role", in the instantaneous quantum wave collapse of the universe to "3D centrality", gives us clear evidence that our "mind" is a unique entity. A unique entity with a superior quality of existence when compared to the "uncertain 3D particles" of the "material" universe. This is clear evidence for the existence of the "higher dimensional soul" of man that supersedes any "material basis" that the soul/mind has been purported to "emerge" from by materialists. The Known Universe - Dec. 2009 - very cool video (please note the centrality of the earth in the universe) ***********/v/17jymDn0W6U of note: The only way to "geometrically" maintain continuous 3D spherical symmetry of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation within the "3D universe", from different points of observation in the universe, is for all the "higher dimensional" quantum waves of the universe to collapse to their "uncertain" 3D particle state, universally and instantaneously, for/to each individual observer in the universe. *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Symmetry_in_physics Blind Woman Can See During Near Death Experience - Pim Lommel - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/3994599/blind_woman_can_see_during_near_death_experience_pim_lommel_nde/ Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper (1997) conducted a study of 31 blind people, many of who reported vision during their NDEs. 21 of these people had had an NDE while the remaining 10 had had an out-of-body experience (OBE), but no NDE. It was found that in the NDE sample, about half had been blind from birth. *******findarticles****/p/articles/mi_m2320/is_1_64/ai_65076875/ In The Wonder Of Being Human: Our Brain and Our Mind, Eccles and Robinson discussed the research of three groups of scientists (Robert Porter and Cobie Brinkman, Nils Lassen and Per Roland, and Hans Kornhuber and Luder Deeke), all of whom produced startling and undeniable evidence that a "mental intention" preceded an actual neuronal firing - thereby establishing that the mind is not the same thing as the brain, but is a separate entity altogether. ***********/books?id=J9pON9yB8HkC&pg=PT28&lpg=PT28 The Miracle Of Eyesight ***********/Doc?docid=0AYmaSrBPNEmGZGM4ejY3d3pfMThmd25mdjRocQ Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
7 Mar 2010
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“Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.” A Meningococcal Disease Public Service Announcement. What began for Gerald Pe as a pleasant day at the beach quickly turned into a fight for his life and resulted in him losing portions of his feet and suffering organ failure. Lynn Bozof's son, Evan, called home from college to say he had a terrible headache, and within hours was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit; Evan died 26 days later. Gerald and Evan contracted meningococcal disease, more commonly known as meningitis, and your preteen and teenage children may also be at risk. Meningitis peak season is here, and the National Meningitis Association (NMA) is urging parents to get their children vaccinated now to protect them against this devastating disease. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/nmaus/36389/
29 Jan 2009
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Heroes volume 5 redemption preview (official)
4 Aug 2009
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Sexy, hot, sultry Sherlyn Chopra's favourite time pass has been revealed. She loves to pose and upload her sexy moves via social networking site Twitter. Here's her sneak peak. For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
17 Jun 2013
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wq2rx Maheswari, Sanghavi and Roja tvfakery ak1rd akørd kv4ri *******robert-hood.blogspot**** more dippypoggy *******robinhoodconspiracy.blogspot****/ even_more dippypoggy *******jayceyjako.blogspot**** diCKypoggy *******criminal-deception.blogspot**** 911NEWS *******shadows101.blogspot**** TUGS101 *******bsregistration.blogspot**** fred *******rclark23.blogspot**** reg *******killing-joke-videos.blogspot**** killing joke *******ariane-sommer.blogspot**** ariane *******scottishscream.blogspot**** scottish_scream *******bikini-news.blogspot**** reg *******killigjoke.blogspot**** kj *******els666.blogspot**** els666 *******pcworldhuddersfield.blogspot**** pcrepairs *******miaarose.blogspot**** miaarose *******huddersfield-antiques.blogspot**** hudds_antiques *******pcworldhuddersfield.blogspot**** pcrepairs *******911taboo.blogspot**** 911taboo Meena, I love lahori devadasi meena but the fake 9/11 video and the Future Combat System are not the item girl! *******www.bloglines****/blog/ewing2001b Meena Durairaj (Tamil : ????) is one of the most successful actresses in South Indian cinema. Meena was born on September 16, 1978, in Chennai, India. Her mother Raja Mallika who is a politician belonging to Congress Party is also a former actress. She became heroine in a very young age when she was studying Malayalam movies. In the Kannada remake of Autograph, she played Sneha's role of Divya. She is currently starring as the lead in the Sun TV serial Lakshmi. She did her schooling till 8th std in Vidyodaya schools in Chennai, after that she underwent private coaching and completed her 10th std . Then she got her MA (Geography)degree from University of Madras through open university system. Currently she is acting in one Tamil serial. Her close friends are actresses Maheswari, Sanghavi and Roja. Roja and Meena, in their younger age, resembled each other so much. In fact Meena has acted as Roja's younger sister at least in 5 or 6 movies in Telugu. Even in peak of their competition when they acted together, Roja & Meena have been thick friends. When the make up artist failed to turn up at a remote village in Kakinada during the movie shoot of "Bobbili Simham" in 1994, its known that Roja did Meena's hairstyles for those two days for a song involving Meena and much appreciated by Meena herself. official website of Meena - Says her date of birth September 16, 1979. Meena acted as a married women in a 1991 SUN TV Serial with famous Tamil Actress Manorama. A 11 year old girl acting as a married women whom looked like a married women was quite an achievement. [edit] Filmography Black Cat (2007,M).... My Autograph (2006) .... Divya Neela Padam (2005) .... Indulekha Udayananu Tharam (2005,M) .... Madhumathi Chandrotsavam (2004,M) Natturajavu (2004,M) .... Maya Shock (2004) .... Malini Simhachalam (2003) Sethupathi IPS Vaanathai Pola Mr. Brahmachari (2003,M) .... Ganga Villain (2002,T) .... Sri Manjunatha (2001,T) .... Goddess Parvathi Censor (2001/I) Citizen (2001,T) Maayi (2001,T) Vanathai Pola (2001,T) Rakshasa Rajav (2001,M) Thenali (2000,T) .... Meena Doubles (2000) Rhythm (2000,T) .... Chitra Olympian Anthony Adam (1999,M) Friends (1999,M) Sneham Kosam (1999) .... Prabha Anandha Poongatre (1999) Kusruthi Kuruppu (1998,M) *******jfucks.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******911jumpers.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******9-11-jumpers.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******sep-11.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******kv3ri.blogspot**** terrorism in the united states conspiracy *******september-clues.blogspot**** september_clues *******liberty-cap.blogspot**** liberty_cap *******genghis6199-spineymedia.blogspot**** genghis_spiney *******robin-hoode.blogspot**** robin_hoods_grave *******rob-hod.blogspot**** rob_hod *******r0b1n-h00d.blogspot**** yrhs_robin_hood *******cant-afford-therapy.blogspot**** robin_hood_fansite *******robin-hoods-grave.blogspot**** robin_hood *******yrhs.blogspot**** unofficial_robin_hood_society_yorkshire *******huddersfield-history.blogspot**** Huddersfield_history *******hoodtube.blogspot**** robin_hoodtube *******robinhoodyorkshire****** robin_hood_Yorkshire *******ghost-planes.blogspot**** flying_ghost_planes *******dippypoggy.blogspot**** dippypoggy *******robert-hood.blogspot**** more dippypoggy *******robinhoodconspiracy.blogspot****/ even_more dippypoggy *******jayceyjako.blogspot**** diCKypoggy *******criminal-deception.blogspot**** 911NEWS Naam Iruvar Namakku Iruvar (1998,T) Varnapakittu (1997,M) Porkaalam (1997,T) Avvai Shanmugi (1996,T) .... Janaki Miya Biwi Aur Saali (1996,H) Muthu (1995,T) .... Ranganayaki Rajakumaaran (1994,T) Veera (1994,T) .... Devayanai "Devi" Mutamestri (1993,T) .... Buchamma Yejaman (1993,T) Rajeshwari Kalyanam (1993) ....
25 Nov 2007
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In AthleticBodyCare's quest to keep athletes running at peak performance, we bring you a post workout nutirion tip by Kyle Byron (BSc Human Nutrition (Hons.) Check him and our products out at www.bangfitness****
2 Feb 2011
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rallye 1987 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb Audi Sport quattro S1-Walter Rohr
3 Oct 2007
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Don't miss Disney/ Pixar's ""UP"" Coming to theaters May 29th in Disney Digital 3D. I think Mr. Fredrickson will finally live an exciting life"
1 Apr 2009
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The Hunger Games has sold more than Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books, before the Twilight movies were made. It seems people in this world really do have good taste. So which do you prefer people? Are you a TwiFan or are you a Hunger Games Fan?
23 Mar 2012
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5 May 2010
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Rob Brinkman talks about the most highly recognized practice management coaches in the industry. Rob Brinkman speaks on how WealthVest has an exclusive coaching arrangement with Ron Carson, the largest producer at Linsco Private Ledger for 17 years and the founder of the Peak Academy. Peter Montoya, Bill Good, and Tom Hopkins are a few names that round out our stable of coaches what what Rob Talks about. Advisors who work with WealthVest receive exclusive access to these industry icons for the purposes of coaching and practice management.
15 Jul 2010
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Matt Sawyer is a seasoned 20 year veteran of the investment world and a master of sales coaching. He speaks on the WealthVest Radio program and coaches on how radio can increase your leads and prospects. Matt Sawyer also speaks about how WealthVest has the most highly recognized practice management coaches in the industry. Matt Sawyer knows annuities. WealthVest has an exclusive coaching arrangement with Ron Carson, the largest producer at Linsco Private Ledger for 17 years and the founder of the Peak Academy. Matt Sawyer introduces Tom Hamlin, the largest producer at Raymond James and an advisor who has mastered the art of electronic marketing. Peter Montoya, Bill Good, and Tom Hopkins are a few names that round out our stable of coaches. Advisors who work with WealthVest receive exclusive access to these industry icons for the purposes of coaching and practice management. They also receive access to Matt Sawyer a living legend in the investment world. *******www.wealthvest****/​blog is where you will find Matt Sawyers blog. Part 2 of 4
1 Oct 2010
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