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Dogs are the only creatures that feel censurable to their masters in an inculpable way, this dog is pretending as he is not an offender and obnubilating himself to be proved.
13 Jan 2018
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royalty free music
13 Jan 2018
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This looks like a winning idea. Well done, South Korea.
11 Jan 2018
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Transformers 2 Alice - The hot pretender Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - A Love Machine
18 Dec 2017
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Back on the Chain Gang-1982
16 Dec 2017
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We had a little bit of time before getting our son off the bus so we decided to get a sandwich at Subway. As we were eating we saw this woman pretending to scan most of her items and hand them off to her husband who was bagging them and putting them in another carriage. I decided to record her doing this and we then told a Walmart employee. The Walmart employee stopped them at the door and asked for a receipt. She stated it was a short receipt for so many items in their cart and asked them to follow her to customer service. Customer service returned the few items they paid for and told them to leave.
12 Dec 2017
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This was just a typical Saturday morning. Jackson sings all the time. He asked if he could play outside, He said "I’ll just sit outside with my guitar.” He often dressed on his own in his cowboy regalia and loves pretending he’s a rodeo champion and singer. He sang a different song and like usual it was so cute I had to record it. So I got my phone out and caught his next song. The rest is history.
7 Dec 2017
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Do not play this with your Parents! Cards Against Humanity UK edition watch the 2 min video and you will know why click the link. find out what...Pretend your xyzzy means.
28 Nov 2017
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Not only this funny guy, most people pretend to be a hero after getting drunk, but this freaking idiot just took it to another level.
23 Nov 2017
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Trying to be hero everywhere is not a wise idea, sometimes, we should think twice before anything you do. See this idiot who turned into a hero while pretending to be a hero.
20 Nov 2017
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Well, after watching this, you might cast this snake in the Hollywood as it pretends amazingly to be dead, though it actually isn't.
14 Nov 2017
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21 Oct 2017
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Occurred on October 7, 2017 / San Jose, California, USA Info from Licensor: "I wanted to do a little goof at a McDonalds which had Szechuan Sauce because of the meme popularity. The launch day of the promotion was happening at the Monterey Highway McDonalds in San Jose. I jumped onto the counter screaming stuff from the show Rick and Morty as a funny stunt. In the end, I got some people in the restaurant laughing and it went super viral online."
19 Oct 2017
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Cats can be very jealous and selfish. Take a look how a cat pulls food away from its master who pretends to eat it.
17 Oct 2017
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Horse riding
2 Oct 2017
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