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Rihanna tweets photos of herself in a tiny two-piece while vacationing in Hawaii.
19 Jan 2012
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*******www.BrickHouseSecurity**** - Do you know what your teen is saying via text message? 33 News investigates the newest phenomenon in flirting called "sexting." Parents find equally high tech ways to snoop such as using the Cell Phone Spy Data Extractor to find out exactly what they're kids are saying and doing.
18 Jan 2009
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Here's a roundup of the raciest pictures posted by celebrities on Twitter.
20 Jan 2012
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Rihanna is definitely swooning fans in Brazil, if not with her singing then definitely with her revealing clothes. The singer, currently on tour in Brazil, showed plenty of skin and sexy moves while wearing a racy black bikini outfit. The crowd almost exploded when she danced with a Brazilian flag thrown from the audience.
28 Sep 2011
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Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone are prepping to share a sex scene threesome with one very lucky guy in the film Fading Gigolo. Woody Allen is also in the film and playing the role of the pimp, orchestrating the menage a trois. With its antics and comedic one-liners, Vergara is looking to shake things up as she and Stone are seen in lacy lingerie, but despite the racy scenes, the film seems to promise an earnest comedy about love, money, and sex. Fading Gigolo is currently at the Toronto Film Festival and a release date is still to be determined.
21 Aug 2013
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Racy and rocking! Celebs like Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna, to name a few, love to tweet themselves looking sexy.
20 Dec 2012
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Pop star Rihanna drops it like its hot during a performance in Brazil.
22 Sep 2011
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY BRICE SANDER You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Good girl gone bad, take two? Rihanna’s music video for her latest single “S&M” is getting a lot of attention, and for all the wrong reasons. “Na na na, come on…(MUSIC)…na na na come on” The video shows Rihanna tying up, whipping and sexually playing with members of the media, including gossip blogger Perez Hilton. After The Washington Post’s celebrity gossip team saw the video, they had only one thing to say… “Ummm, eww. This is definitely not a choice for the junior cotillion playlist.” They weren’t alone. YouTube flagged the video as inappropriate – only those claiming to be 18 or older can watch the video on the site. Music-focused web-series Amped understands the controversy behind the tongue-in-cheek video. “The video contains some suggestive consumption of a banana and the Barbadian singer prancing around in white latex, which has seen the song banned in 11 countries. With lyrics like ‘Sticks and stones might break my bones, but chains and whips excite me,’ you could probably be forgiven for thinking she was singing from the point of view of a horse.” MTV also banned the video from its daytime block, refusing to play an un-edited version before 7 p.m. But some say that’s not enough. “Even still, 7 p.m. seems to be awfully early for a song with this kind of sexual content. Nowhere on the television airwaves would you see something with this content before at least 9 p.m. It seems that pushing back that hour a bit would be even better yet.” But a KNXV anchor says “S&M” is kids play compared to other sexed-up singers. “I feel like we’ve seen racier videos from Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Lady GaGa – I was not, like, ‘Oh my Gosh! This is horrible – yank it right down!’” Rihanna agrees there are worse videos out there – even from her. She tweeted to one fan… “loveririforever not true, they watched Umbrella...I was full nude” The music video is all about playing with the media, and as one blogger notes, the blogosphere blowup surrounding “S&M” may be exactly what Rihanna wanted… “Times are changing, sex sells and this is a part of our everyday life. The best part about it is it gains much more attention for the track itself.” So, what do you think? Is Rihanna’s “S&M” too racy, or are too many people just too uptight? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
5 Feb 2011
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Pakistani bombshell Veena Malik seems to be in mood to show off all her talent.. And that’s why the hot and racy actress is seen getting intimate in her very first music album ‘Drama queen’.
27 Sep 2012
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After being absent from the spotlight for quite some time, Lady Gaga is back in the news again. The singer has been banned from the country of Indonesia. Why? Because of her racy outfits and controversial persona which has apparently offended many hardline Islamic critics.
21 May 2012
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The racy singer Rihanna once again showed us her bare bod by posing naked while at Monaco. The singer was caught in the buff while on her hotel balcony in the luxurious French Riviera city by one of the paparazzi. For daily dose of entertainment news log on to: *******www.lehren*** Like our Updates: *******www.facebook****/LehrenEntertainment Follow our tweets: ********twitter****/lehrentv
16 Jul 2013
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Ke$ha has shared a racy snap of herself naked on her Twitter page, after transforming her figure.
23 Apr 2013
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A Escolinha do Professor Raimundo foi um programa cômico brasileiro criado por Chico Anysio e transmitido pela Rede Globo de 1990 a 2002.O formato foi criado em 1952 por Chico Anysio na Rádio Mayrink Veiga. Consistia de uma sala de aula onde o Professor Raimundo (Chico Anysio) servia como escada para as piadas dos alunos, interpretados por diversos comediantes. Seria reaproveitado mais tarde em programas de televisão como Noites Cariocas (TV Rio, 1957), Chico City (TV Globo, 1973) e Chico Anysio Show (TV Globo, 1988), mas sua encarnação de mais sucesso foi como programa solo.Estreou no dia 4 de agosto de 1990, com direção de Cassiano Filho, Paulo Ghelli e Cininha de Paula. Gravado nos estúdios da Cinédia no Rio de Janeiro, a Escolinha ia ao ar aos sábados, às 21h30 da noite. Estreou com vinte alunos, e a partir de 29 de outubro, com a adição de mais três, passou a ser exibida de segunda a sexta-feira, às 17h30 da tarde.No dia 11 de junho de 1992 foi ao ar o programa de número 500. A Escolinha parou de ser exibida aos sábados, passando para as noites de quarta-feira, mas depois de um tempo a mudança foi desfeita. Já então o elenco contava com 37 atores, entre alunos e personagens de apoio.Em 1995 as edições vespertinas começaram a ser reprisadas. O programa de sábado passou a ser transmitido às quartas-feiras, voltando para o sábado e indo parar até nas tardes de domingo, reflexo da queda inevitável de audiência - talvez devido à superexposição do formato, exibido seis vezes por semana durante cinco anos ininterruptos. Como as mudanças não deram resultado, a Escolinha saiu do ar em maio de 1995.Voltaria a ser exibida em 1999 como quadro do programa Zorra Total, permanecendo até maio de 2000. Muitos humoristas do elenco da Escolinha do Professor Raimundo acabariam sendo contratados pela Rede Record, onde estrelaram - sem Chico Anysio - o programa Escolinha do Barulho. No lugar de Chico Anysio, Dedé Santana, Gil Gomes e Miéle, entre outros, faziam o papel do professor.A sétima e a última temporada da Escolinha do Professor Raimundo estreou em março de 2001.A Escolinha saiu do ar definitivamente em janeiro de 2002, cinco meses antes de completar 50 anos. Na ocasião, Chico Anysio teria dito um texto que publicou, mais tarde, em seu blog. * Depois de ficar fora do ar por alguns anos, vários humoristas da atração se reuniram à produtora GGP, de Gugu Liberato, e produrizam a Escolinha do Barulho, exibida pela Rede Record. Chico Anysio não ficou muito satisfeito, prometendo a volta da Escolinha original. * A Escolinha também foi um dos quadros iniciais dentro do programa Zorra Total, em 1999. Nesta fase houve vários humoristas convidados como alunos especiais, dentre eles: Totonho (Alfredo Vianna), Tico Tremedeira (Bruno Motta), Neurose (Sônia Raci), Gaúcho (Mixaria). * O Palhaço Carequinha participou da última versão da Escolinha interpretando ele mesmo. * Dedé Santana passou pelo elenco da Escolinha, interpretando um caipira, depois do fim do programa Os Trapalhões. * Foi depois de receber reclamações que o programa era "deseducativo" que Chico Anysio passou a dar as respostas corretas e fazer pequenas explicações, depois de cada pergunta.
9 Feb 2009
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Kim Kardashian is ready to hit the sack, but not without wishing her 16+ million followers "goodnight"… In lingerie.
11 Sep 2012
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