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Ariana Grande Explosion at Manchester Arena
23 May 2017
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how prisoners make shanks lockup raw video prison video
2 Nov 2016
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Airplane loses it's wings while fighting a wildfire.
6 Feb 2014
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After the 2012 CRF450R intro at Racetown 395, Chad Reed and Jeremy McGrath headed down the street to Competitive Edge to get some testing done. So, we tagged along, and we bring you this raw video of Reed and McGrath.
8 Apr 2013
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This is raw video of Brianna McLees, Jordyn Haggard, and Christopher Borrego performing the holiday classic, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" at the New Mexico State University Administration & Finance "End of Year Celebration" held Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2012, at the Pan American Center 2nd floor Barbara Hubbard Room.
22 Dec 2012
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Raw video from the semi-annual event hosted by Angela Throneberry and featuring the Cowboy Code of Ethics by "recovering politician" Dr. Garrey Carruthers, a performance of "Night Riders Lament" by Bernadette Montoya, the Strickland Awards from Glen Haubold, and the presentation of the We C.A.R.R.E. Award to Paula Pierson.
8 Jun 2012
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*******www.tekbuz****/raw-video-tsunami-wipes-out-kamaishi-port/79820 Raw Video Tsunami Wipes Out Kamaishi Port
25 Apr 2012
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On 3-26-12 around 11pm, I took this raw video with cellphone from my backyard intending to capture Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. I saw thousands of tiny lights flying around through the viewfinder and on the video. What are they? Slowly increase your brightness control to view the lights.
29 Mar 2012
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The Elmira Police Department says they tasered a women this morning because she refused to spit out the drugs she had in her mouth. Police say they had no choice but to tase her for fear she would overdose on the drugs. Police pulled over her car near Columbia and First Street after they saw her going in and out of a home under surveillance as a crack house. She came out of the car but wouldn't open her mouth. Police assumed she had purchased an illegal substance inside the home and put it in her mouth to destroy the evidence by eating it. If that had happened police say they feared an overdose. But by tasing the women they were able to get the substance out of her mouth. Police say the women eventually spit out an un-named illegal narcotic substance. But in fear she had swallowed some of it they took her to St. Joseph's Hospital in Elmira. Charges against her are pending.
19 Feb 2012
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Orem Police received a call on Sunday morning saying that a man and a woman were stealing scrap metal from US Synthetics on 1200 South and 1600 West. After leaving the scene, the couple was spotted on University Parkway, where police attempted to stop them. The driver, identified as 39 year-old Howard Talman, sped onto I-15 northbound, reaching speeds nearing 95 miles per hour. Police chased the van for more than 20 minutes through snow and rain, catching the entirety of the chase on a camera mounted on the dash of the police car. Police laid a spike strip down, slowing the van down as Talman continued on flat tires and later, rims. "He still tried to push on the gas and make that car go, even when equipment-wise, it couldn't go anymore," said Orem Police Officer Sgt. Craig Martinez. As the van slowed to about 25 miles per hour, the female suspect, Elizabeth Hagadone, 25, attempted to escape police by jumping out of the moving vehicle. She was picked up by police after her abrupt exit from the vehicle. With the van's rims and burnt tires smoking, police arrested Talman on I-15 in Lehi. "It's hard to understand what someone's thinking, especially when they run," Martinez said. "But when they try to run when really, there's nowhere to go." Elizabeth Hagadone and Howard Talman were both booked into the Utah County Jail, charged with theft. Howard faces additional charges for fleeing and giving officers a false identity. According to police, he also has a warrant out for his arrest for burglary.
19 Feb 2012
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We featured this RAW video with Rockstar Suzuki’s Ryan Morais in Kickstart earlier in the week, but decided to post is separately just in case some of you missed it.
4 Dec 2011
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After the 2012 CRF450R intro at Racetown 395, Chad Reed and Jeremy McGrath headed down the street to Competitive Edge to get some testing done. So, we tagged along, and we bring you this raw video of Reed and McGrath.
2 Dec 2011
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28 Oct 2011
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RAW video of David Darg at the epicenter of the Turkey earthquake.
27 Oct 2011
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*******www.buckscore**** Working as a deer biologist in the hunting industry I have access to a lot of private land. While in the industry I've become sick over some of the things going on. Lease prices over $25/acre! Climb in the stand...shove a product down your throat (rather than putting it to use correctly), and still manage to shoot a 150"+ every hunt. That is not real hunting and any TRUE hunter knows this...So this entire season I am putting aside the private land I can hunt, and returning to my roots as a public land deer hunter. This is where I gained my passion for deer and drive to become a biologist. This deer season I will ONLY hunt public owned land, and will attempt to film every triumph, hiccup, and disappointment through the entire season. I will post my very "RAW" videos on Facebook and our YouTube and here on the Metacafe channel for all to see. I hope that you can take some of the tips I suggest and use them yourself whether hunting on private or public land. Hunting economically is not wrong, and I plan to show you my tips to save money and still hunt effectively. And maybe this deer biologist will manage to put some deer on the ground. I probably won't shoot the buck of a lifetime but any deer I harvest I will be satisfied I actually HUNTED it, rather than just shot it. The bottom line is I will learn a whole lot this year about deer and myself, and anyone with a deer license can go out and do exactly what I'm doing...the "Public Pursuit" of white-tailed deer. I hope you guys will watch and ask questions over the next few months, this is not a PROTEST against Outdoor TV (there are plenty of great shows out there), but rather stripping deer hunting down to its original form...the Pursuit! Join the conversation on facebook at *******www.facebook****/buckscorepro
7 Oct 2011
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This raw video show­cas­es var­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties from NM­SU vs UTEP Game Day 2011 on Sept. 17. Events shown in­clude a rock band per­for­mance, Pis­tol Pe­te's Pad­dock, Coke Ze­ro sam­pling, Barnes & No­ble at NM­SU book­store tent sales, boun­cy cas­tles, clown paint­ings, and both the NM­SU & UTEP march­ing bands.
30 Sep 2011
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