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Trailer for the terrifying thriller 'In Shadows of The Wicked.' Jeremy and Reggie Mayer watched their mother die at the ethereal hands of three terrifying phantoms. Now they live their lives as best they can, outrunning the memory and hope to put enough distance between them and their tormentors. Unfortunately, their ghosts won’t be kept away so easily. They have plans for the brothers and their friends. No one is safe as the attacks escalate. Jeremy and Reggie will find themselves in places that blur the lines of reality, as well as life and death. In Shadows of the Wicked - Available at Amazon Music by: The Funky Horror
16 May 2018
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reggi v noschi
7 Mar 2018
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Ravager features Reggie Bannister (a veteran of all five films) in his decades long pursuit of the malevolent Tall Man, and it finally forces him to confront the mysteries at the heart of the Phantasm saga.
27 Mar 2014
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An unlikely hero came out of Super Bowl 48, and he doesn't wear a jersey! Ian Rappaport's "Up for Whatever" attitude landed him a starring role in Bug Light's Super Bowl commercial, and in the national spotlight! We caught up with Ian at the Bug Light hotel to talk about his new found stardom! He said, "I'm always up for whatever, and that's why they picked me! I'm a guy who takes a chance, it's just me... a guy who takes a chance!" Catch more of Ian's interview and Bud Light's hilarious Super Bowl commercial here!
4 Feb 2014
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THE DEATH OF A NOTORIOUS GANG MEMBER REVEALS A NEW SIDE OF THE WESEN COMMUNITY – Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to the scene of a gang-related homicide. The case escalates as Zuri (guest star Sharon Leal), Hank’s physical therapist, and her brother get caught up in the investigation. Meanwhile, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) seeks advice from Rosalee (Bree Turner) in dealing with the news that her friend is Wesen. Silas Weir Mitchell and Reggie Lee also star.
8 Jan 2014
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Today on HardNews, Reggie's in the news again, the new Android based GameStick console, and Soul Calibur 2 HD Online.
31 Aug 2013
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Today on HardNews, Steam green lights 100 indie games, Uwe Boll's Postal 2 KickStarter, and Reggie's view on competition.
30 Aug 2013
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If rapping couldn't score Kim Kardashian's love, Kanye West says he was prepared to take up a sport in order to win her.
20 Aug 2013
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Today on HardNews, FFXV to have direct sequels, CliffyB's used games rant, and Reggie's advice. *******gamehackerz****/farmville-2-cheats-free-energy-cash-water-and-bot
14 Jun 2013
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10 Jun 2013
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4 Jun 2013
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Michael Ornstein was the marketing agent of Reggie Bush who is an outstanding NFL player. He handled Reggie's marketing deals and added a wide range of off-field opportunities to his portfolio. He is a dedicated and hard working professional who manages all kind of work in the sports industry and finds a way out to get things done with his knowledge and insight.
6 May 2013
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