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This week we stopped by Comp Edge to meet up with Brett Metcalfe. Metty runs us through how to get over those uphill rollers.
30 May 2012
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Come hang out this Thursday September 25th at Six Flags with us. We will be meeting at 11am at the park main gate so bring your friends and come enjoy a day with us! SIX FLAGS 26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355 Follow our TWITCH Live Streams! Brandon: ******* Niko: ******* Sam: ******* D: ******* What game should we play next? Let us know! Don't forget to like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter! *******facebook****/node *******twitter****/nodestudios *******twitter****/cerberusarms *******twitter****/corridordigital *******facebook****/corridordigital *******twitter****/fwong *******twitter****/brandonjla *******facebook****/freddiewspage
24 Sep 2014
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A "fur-seal fell" asleep video! - to look on-line a roller "fell asleep fur-seal"!
25 Mar 2011
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Perfect for those who want a pull up banner which is adjustable in height
13 Jun 2010
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Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal) är en slipad säljare inom den cyniska läkemedelsbranschen. Med sin charm och skärpa gör han succé och inget verkar stå i vägen för hans lysande karriär. Tills han möter Maggie (Anne Hathaway), ett yrväder vars enda fokus ligger i att ta tillvara på allt vad livet har att erbjuda. Jamie blir förälskad men är han villig att ge upp sina drömmar för en kärlek som omöjligen kan ha en framtid? Filmen regisseras av Edward Zwick (”Blood diamond”, ”Den siste samurajen”). I övriga roller ser vi bland andra Hank Azaria, Oliver Platt och Judy Greer.
21 Jan 2011
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This kid must have put endless hours of practice to get this good. Check out his incredible routine.
15 Sep 2012
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Point of View of El Toro Roller Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. This coaster has one of the steepest drops ever (76 degrees) and some of the best airtime as compared to other coasters. You literally get ejected from your seat. The first drop is 181 feet tall.
9 Jan 2007
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21 Jun 2010
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Video is "Lady-cat of засыпашка" - to look on-line roller "Lady-cat of засыпашка"
23 Mar 2011
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Just a bunch of roller coaster videos put to Hoobastanks Out of Control, hope ya'll like
20 Apr 2006
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1 Jun 2011
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Forårsferien medfører programmæssigt kaos i den lille by Lake Victoria, når tusindvis af unge vil fejre ferien med sol, badning og fester. I år får sherif Julie Forrester imidlertid større problemer end normalt, fordi et undersøisk jordskælv har vakt en stime blodtørstige, forhistoriske piranhaer til live. Pludselig forvandles de harmløse drukfester til et orgie af død og blod – og det er op til en gruppe mennesker, der aldrig har set hinanden før, at finde en sikker vej i land, inden de ender som fiskefoder. Elisabeth Shue tager skilt og uniform på som sheriffen, der ikke bare kaster sig ud i vandet af pligtfølelse, men også fordi hendes egne børn er fanget af truslen fra dybet. Med sig har hun bl.a. Ving Rhames, Steven McQueen, Adam Scott og Kelly Brook. I mindre roller ses endvidere Christopher Lloyd og Richard Dreyfuss… som Matt Boyd! Alexandre Aja har instrueret de blodige løjer i 3D.
9 Sep 2010
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Point of view video of the "Millenium Force" roller coaster at Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. Voted the #1 steel coaster in the world for the last 10 years. 310' tall and 93 mph.
28 Aug 2007
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12 May 2008
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Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is a high-speed rush of first-ever maneuvers, hit music and specially created take-home videos starring each rider. These experiences have never been brought together on a coaster before – and rely on extreme technologies being used in entirely new ways. The ride vehicle is a high-performance hot rod that features a revolutionary new restraint system designed to put riders closer to the experience than ever. They pick their own music using industrial-grade touchpads that operate with the sophistication of an iPod. Songs from five genres of music will be pumped through individual sound systems that rely on all-weather speakers typically reserved for high-performance sports boats. And the network of cameras that will create the guest videos are used on high-speed trains and engineered to work in the toughest conditions. For more information, visit *******www.ripriderockit****.
6 Jun 2009
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Inside SHEIKRA roller coaster in Bush Gardens in TAMPA. 80 mts and 90 degrees down!
5 Sep 2007
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