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James Murphy hat Spuren hinterlassen. Seine Band LCD Soundsystem brachte sie alle zusammen – eine Generation der 30jährigen, die entdecken musste, dass auch sie vergänglich ist. Und James Murphy war es, der uns den Sound dazu um die Ohren schlug: laut, selbstbewusst und auch in den rasantesten Passagen erschütternd melancholisch. Auf dem Gipfel des Erfolgs trifft er eine Entscheidung, die unsere Zeit nicht verstehen kann und die doch unumgänglich ist: aufzuhören. Um Kaffee zu kochen, eine Familie zu gründen, mit dem Hund zu gehen. Den Ausstieg plant er minutiös. Von Bekanntmachungen bis hin zum letzten Konzert von LCD Soundsystem im New Yorker Madison Square Garden vor 20.000 Menschen. Das Finale der Band ist furioses Fest und Begräbnis zugleich, eine rauschhafte Erfahrung, die vom ersten Ton an mythologisch ist. »Shut Up And Play The Hits« begleitet James Murphy in diesen Stunden vor und nach dem letzten Konzert. Und bringt dabei einen Sound, eine tragische Wucht und radikale Energie auf die Leinwand, die auch jeden von den Stühlen reißen wird, der noch nie von LCD Soundsystem gehört hat.
6 Dec 2012
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On April 2nd 2011, LCD Soundsystem played its final show at Madison Square Garden. LCD frontman James Murphy had made the conscious decision to disband one of the most celebrated and influential bands of its generation at the peak of its popularity, ensuring that the band would go out on top with the biggest and most ambitious concert of its career. The instantly sold out, near four-hour extravaganza did just that, moving the thousands in attendance to tears of joy and grief, with New York magazine calling the event "a marvel of pure craft" and TIME magazine lamenting "we may never dance again." Documenting this once in a life time performance and an intimate portrait of James Murphy as he navigates the lead-up to the show, the day after, and the personal and professional ramifications of his decision.
4 Sep 2012
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CitrusTV reporter Perry Russom tells us about Syracuse University students promote awareness of safe sex around campus. Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Apr 2010
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CitrusTV's Perry Russom takes us to the First Annual Syracuse University Athletes Talents Show. Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Apr 2010
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CitrusTV's Perry Russom joins Syracuse students on one of SU's many spring break service trips with Habitat for Humanity. Distributed by Tubemogul.
1 Apr 2010
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Drake comes to Juice Jam. Perry Russom has the story about this and another possible act. Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Feb 2010
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Scion A/V Remix Series: DFA Records - The Juan Maclean Continuing to deliver exclusive remixes from some of the most notable names in dance music, this most recent release in the Scion A/V Remix series highlights New York City label DFA's resident house music hero, The Juan Maclean. Both the DFA label and Maclean himself have been widely regarded as being at the vanguard of electronic music and house for a number of years now, particularly given the critical success of his most recent LP "The Future Will Come", from which this release borrows it's material for remixing. With an eye to the future of house and a consummate understanding and respect for its' history, Maclean's music, remixed here for four of DFA's up and coming artists, is always undeniably soulful and innovative. Available for purchase beginning Dec. 22. Listen at scionav****/music/scionavremix
18 Dec 2009
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MAC Creteil (Museum of Contemporary Arts) host SUPER #3, an event promoting artistic encounters between independant labels from different universes. Super is an event that brings together poetic and melodic independent explorers who have emerged from the contemporary international art scene. Initiating exchanges between visual artists and musicians, Super exclusively presents their original creations in an evening of "visual music" performances. Super's artistic ambition is to stage a joyful and out of the ordinary demonstration of the relationship between music and image with high quality programming. After Records Makers in 2006, Tigersushi in 2007, it was time for NY trendiest label DFA to present their artists; the public thus discovered the latest musical opus of Planningtorock (soon to be signed on DFA!) staged by the Berlin duo Steffi&Steffi. Two other original scenographic sets represented the collaborations between musician Gavin Russom, and for the first time in France, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, as well as the group Prinzhorn Dance school with visual art duo My Bowling Club. The Parisian collective Mort aux Jeunes (Death To The Young), provided carnavalesque interludes.
29 Apr 2008
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