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Optimum Security is a provincially-licensed Security company that can provide everything necessary to monitor, guard and protect your premises or belongings. We offer specific industry expertise (special events, labour disputes, Response Units etc.), patrol services, 24-hour communication channels, field supervision and specialized proprietary security technology.
The family of the murder victim gets in a fight with the murderer's family and everyone in the courtroom joins in after the stenographer runs out along with other workers. It goes outside the courtroom into the courthouse too!
2 Dec 2007
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A convicted arsonist looks to manipulate a parole officer into a plan to secure his parole by placing his beautiful wife in the lawman's path.
22 Jul 2010
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Women Traveling Alone/Women Travelers The image of a woman as victim, is unfortunate, with horrid reports about rapes, abuse, domestic violence. Our Video Travel Alerts, a Travel Video Postcard series,presents information women travelers need to be secure and safe on the road. Female issues include sexual verbal harassment or even physical harassment, being touched or groped, receiving inappropriate or uncalled for remarks, including sexual come-ons. Women are more likely to be the victims of theft, too. Women traveling alone need to see this Video Travel Alert for a safer travels. In an Islamic country, among a Muslim population, for example, how should a woman dress? Leaving a hotel, from whom should women travelers ask directions? How should women travelers choose a hotel? What kind of security should women look for? Traveling alone? Should women travelers wear a wedding ring? Our Video Travel Alert talks about the statement fashion makes when women are traveling on a trip, a woman business traveler or a woman traveling alone for pleasure. In a conservative culture, maybe in Italy, Greece, an Arab country, will a womans clothing be provocative. Will a woman traveling alone be considered loose or sexually available? Especially younger women traveling alone. Watch this Video Travel Alert
11 Feb 2007
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Guy Pearce might be there to save the girl, but he's definitely not planning to save the day. Lockout comes to theaters April 13.
10 Mar 2012
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SECURITY LOCKSMITH, (888) 777-4241-24/7 LOCKSMITH. BUMP PROOF Deadbolts Installed, Locks Rekeyed, Patio Locks, Childproofing For Homes. *******www.emergencylocksmithleads****
6 Apr 2009
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In this how to video i am going to be showing you how to look through security cameras using google. Its a fun way to past time, and is quite interesting. Special Thanks to householdhacker**** for puting the idea out so i can show more people through this video. If anything is to ever happen remember, i am not responsible.
12 Feb 2008
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There is only one way to survive in jail as a white cop.
9 Aug 2006
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How to change your IP, How to Hide your IP, How to Hide your MAC Address, constant ip changer, mask your IP, internet security, cloak your IP, change IP, IP changer, Mac Changer
4 Jul 2007
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love your toothbrush?
24 Jan 2009
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Um, I'm not so sure he was really a threat to homeland security. Of course, I could be wrong. Probably. I guess.
18 Jun 2006
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20 ANTIVIRUSES IN ONE WEB SITE. NOD32,Kaspersky Anti-Virus,Avast,F-Secure Anti-Virus........ECT.
8 Aug 2008
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Ghost caught on security tape at gas station
23 Sep 2009
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