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speed drawing kANEKI KEN here you can learn How to draw Anime characters How to use normal water tube Colors How to draw manga How to make/ draw blood How to draw ghoul Shading Techniques with water tube Colors and brush How to draw angry face how to draw gray hairs how to draw male characters How To Use Water Paper How to use water brush how to draw red eyes I HOPE U LIKE IT
22 Jan 2017
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Hey everybody welcome to my Itachis drawing with Water nad Prismacolors and thx for watching Learn Here How to draw an Anime character How to use normal water Colors Shading Techniques with watercolors and brush How to Make red human eyes How to draw hairs How to draw a human How To Use Water Paper It took three days and I hope u like If you enjoyed watching my video then please give it a LIKE SHARE and COMMENT if you have something to say and if you wanna see more drawing videos please SUBSCRIBE my channel
22 Jan 2017
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Colored pencil drawing *******jasminasusak****/ My how to draw eBooks: ********payhip****/jasminasusak Materials I use, free drawing tutorials, step-by-step instructional books about my drawing technique, gallery with my drawings and more about me, you can find on my website: *******jasminasusak****/artsupplies/ For w.i.p.-s and final drawings from these videos follow me on: Instagram: ********instagram****/jasminasusak/ Facebook: ******** Speed Draw Zeichnung pagguhit Dessin Dibujo Рисование Çizim 鉛筆畫
20 Sep 2016
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Check out this incredible 3D Shark illusion from Vamos Art. Trick art on paper. Magic realism. How to draw 3D shark. Anamorphic Illusion. How to draw a realistic Shark. Visual illusion. 3D art. Draw a shark. Drawing a shark. Drawing and coloring. Mixed media. Materials used: Pastell paper: light gray. H graphit pencil (Derwent) Grey markers: Letraset PROMARKER cool grey Prismacolor colored pencils. White "charcoal" pencil. Soft eraser. Music Licence: Music used: Derelict Ship by Machinimasound**** Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 Unported License | ********machinimasound****/license Drawing and painting is good! Drawing and Painting Channel. Magic realism. How to drawing. How to painting. Speed drawing. Speed painting. Please Rate Comment and SUBSCRIBE! Video upload every week! Rajzolni és festeni jó! Rajztanulás, rajztanítás. Rajzolással, festéssel kapcsolatos csatorna. Rajz, festés, grafika. A rajzolás tanulásának segítése. Anamorfózisok, optikai csalódások. Mágikus realizmus. Portré és szituációs karikatúrák. Ábrázoló technikák, anyagok eszközök bemutatása. Iratkozz fel, hogy értesülj a legújabb rajztanulást segítő videókról! Videó feltöltése hetente! SUBSCRIBE: ***********/subs... YOUTUBE: ***********/user... FACEBOOK: *******www.facebook****/vam... CARTOONS: ******* Készítette: Vámos Sándor By Vamos Sandor, copyright, 2014.
20 Aug 2014
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The Fastest, Easiest Method to Ink and Color in Adobe Illustrator. Like my tutorials? Why not donate a buck or two! ********www.paypal****/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8WRFPALTTWMUS See the tutorial on my blog: *******www.claytowne****/beats-digging-ditches/ultimate-digital-ink-and-color-tutorial-for-adobe-illustrator-cs5/ Or download the companion Illustrator editable PDF file: *******www.claytowne****/beats-digging-ditches/pdf/Simple_Demon_Illustrator_Digital_Ink_Color_Tutorial_Claytowne****.pdf The brush I used is embedded in the file. The brush I used is this Hair Brush by ChewedKandi. You'll need a DeviantArt account to download it. Download here: *******chewedkandi.deviantart****/art/Hair-and-line-art-brush-for-AI-28951714 Screenshot of brush settings used *******screencast****/t/cVCuDIlyyUh About Those "Lines" You See When You Use this Method: If you are referring to the microscopic lines where they intersect, or where you cut with the knife, that's an illusion. Zoom in to 6400%. They never get bigger. They don't print that way either. I've been using this technique for years and my stuff has always printed perfectly on posters, trade show pop ups, t-shirts, postcards - everything really - without issues. If they really bother you Try Export/Tiff. That gives a clean export. So will Save For Web/PNG or JPG. In the Web save box you can change the pixel dimensions to any size you want so you can save some pretty huge, print quality images. Tech Specs for people who are into this stuff: I use a Wacom Intuos 4 medium size tablet for all drawing. If you are a serious artist you MUST have a tablet. At the very least get a Wacom Bamboo. They're like $50. I'm running a custom rig that I built myself back in 2009. It's a Windows 7 64 bit box with a Asus P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard. It's got 12 GB Corsair DDR3 RAM, a Pentium i7 920 CPU, a Nvida GeForce GTX 280 graphic card, six WD Caviar Black 1TB drives in a RAID 1 configuration. My OS and programs are on one RAID array, and the other two RAID arrays hold my files. I also have two RAID 1 external drives for additional backups. Rounding out the system is a Corsair XT 750 power supply, two 1000 watt UPS backups, a USB 3 PCI Express card, an eSATA PCI express card (I ran out of SATA ports with so many hard drives) a HD Pro Logitec webcam and a pair of DVD burners. There are a lot of excellent ink and color tutorials on the web, so what is different about this tutorial? 1. Real time. Unlike those speed drawing tutorials that blow your mind but teach you nothing, this one is a true speed drawing tutorial as it's in real time. No cuts and no sped up sections to hide the true time it takes. 2. Learn a practical but unorthodox technique for speeding up your inking and coloring in Illustrator. 3. Vector. In the print industry vector rules the roost so those Photoshop inking tutorials aren't very helpful for someone who's primary concern is clean reproduction in all mediums including brochures, t-shirts, posters, trade show booths, video and packaging. This method is not the most sophisticated but it gets the job done quick and it looks great. I also discovered one of its key components by accident. It's great for poster art, cartoon characters, comic book art or any place you need a classic ink and color look - and need it fast
26 Nov 2013
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-SpeedART FIRE Euro By TheAwesomeDesigner™ ©TheAwesomeDesigner™ Extra tags (ignore): speed art speed painting photoshop speed art speed art photoshop speed drawing minecraft speed art art spray paint art sand art speed paint minecraft skydoesminecraft codedraco drawing speed art venom speed art lil wayne slender speed art faze eclectic asylum art gimp acrez speed art cinema 4d intro wolf speed art photoshop ideas speed racer cool art pixel obeysupremacy speed sand art digital art tutorial itzdeaman spray paint portrait art vector art creature hub halo speed paint martial art sparring speedart photoshop gibson goldtone fpsrussia minecraft style everyday im shuffling alexanderkoshelkov fast painting art beyonce my man black ops 2 electric asylum art graphic design wacom art free gfx photoshop download green monster insane speed art antvenom speed art amazing artist surreal art funny mario speed art photo manipulation macklemore speed art utorak007 yogscast speed art song of storms nail art fast art speed art 3 graphitti line art fast drawing halo speed art call me maybe forza speed art sick speed art photoshop cs5 tutorials amazing art cavemanfilms speed art andy samberg ihascupquake speed art speed art 2012 deviant art salt speed art minecraft hunger games cupquake speed paint concept paint dragon art dubstep bass drop vocaloid chimneyswift11 michelle phan speed racer trailer deadmau5 speed art minecraft art mw2 montage left 4 speed how to draw acrezhd twixtor amazing speed designing era speed art cs6 speed art uncopyrighted music
1 Apr 2013
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----- About 2.5 hours per robot, drawn in Photoshop CS5 with a Wacom Intuos. ----- Music - 'Test Therapy' - by myself. -----
22 Mar 2013
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----- A quick and basic speed-painting of Wheatley from Portal 2. I havn't done a speed-painting video for years! I'll probably start doing them again soon. =P ----- Programs Used: ----- Adobe Photoshop CS5 Adobe Premiere CS5 FRAPS Music - 'Keep It To Yourself' - by myself. ------
22 Mar 2013
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Speed drawing of Rihanna with U.V paint
7 Jan 2013
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*******retratoyarte.jimdo****/ Portrait Professional. LIONEL MESSI. Materials: Pencil 2b, 4b, 9b, rubber molding, esfuminos, opaline paper. Portrait of body 3/4 Want more videos of athletes? SUBSCRIBE to see more: comic, drawing speed, tutorial, etc. Maybe soon SUBSCRIBE Give me like on my Facebook page Thanks for watching this video. Retrato profesional. LIONEL MESSI. Materiales: Lapiz 2b, 4b, 9b, goma moldeable, esfuminos, papel opalina. Retrato de cuerpo 3/4 Quieres mas videos de deportistas ? SUSCRIBETE para ver mas: comic, dibujo speed, tutorial, etc. Proximamente lo mejor SUSCRIBETE Dame like en mi pagina Facebook Gracias por ver este video.
1 Apr 2012
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*******retratoyarte.jimdo****/ Retrato de Kirk Douglas, realizado a Lápiz. Co: Lapiz 2b, 4b 9b, goma moldeable, esfuminos. Gracias por ver este video. SUSCRBETE y mantente al tanto de mis videos. Visita mi web: REtrato y Arte y proximamente mi Blog, actualizado. Dame LIKE en facebook y agregame como amigo. GRACIAS
24 Mar 2012
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*******www.DecadeAwards**** Sports themed trophies, awards and personalized gifts
2 Nov 2011
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Fast colouring in video I did for the payday loan company *******www.simplepayday******/
5 Jul 2011
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Hastighed tegning af sexede skuespillerinde Celeste Thorson, rychlost čerpání sexy herečky, snelheid tekening van sexy actrice, bilis pagguhit ng, nopeus piirustus seksikäs näyttelijä, La vitesse de dessin de célébrité sexy actrice, Zeichnung von sexy Schauspielerin, Szybkości rysowania gwiazdy sexy aktorki, hastighet ritning av sexiga skådespelerskan, Híresség sebessége rajza szexi színésznő , hraða teikningu af kynæsandi leikkona,
27 May 2011
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Speed drawing video / Time lapse video of how to draw a realistic person/ people, face, eyes, hair mouth or noses in charcoal, pencil or photoshop painting graphite drawing of a portrait. This took around an hour to do. Was done in graphite and pencil. Will also be doing painting tutorial.This took around an hour to do. Was done in charcoal and pencil. As you can see, I started with the simple proportions and got all the basic shapes. Then I gradually added in tone. This was done with graphite pencils. I've made other time lapse portrait videos including a few sketch videos. I will be making drawing tutorials on how to draw realistic eyes in the future. Also, I will be making tutorials on charcoal drawing. Charcoal is one of my favorite mediums. Drawing portrait with charcoal. Iron Man 2 Trailer (Artist - Tyler Vo)
2 May 2010
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How to draw a realistic real skull face / skulls skeleton easy step by step tutorial. Speed drawing Drawing a skull As you can see, I started out with a circle, then I made drew the eye circles. Start out with the basic shapes, then add in tone. Be sure to count the teeth, it's important that you don't add extra teeth, or or miss a few.
2 May 2010
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