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Redding House Asylum. For some, it’s a distant reminder of a time when medical treatment of the clinically insane bordered on torture. For an unsuspecting group of college students, it’s the first stop on a journey into terror! On May 20th, Anchor Bay Entertainment unlocks House of Dust on DVD. The chilling possession shocker features a hot young cast including Inbar Lavi (Street Kings 2: Motor City, Underemployed), Steven Grayhm (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Eddie Hassell (The Kids are Alright, Jobs), Holland Roden (“Teen Wolf”), John Lee Ames (Days of Darkness), Alesandra Assante, Joy Lauren (“Desperate Housewives”), Nicole Travolta (“Two and a Half Men”) and Stephen Spinella (“24”). House of Dust is priced to own with a $19.98 SRP. Pre-book is April 23rd. Emma (Lavi) is one of the bright new faces at Camden College. Plagued with visions and voices all her life, she’s now trying to move past her personal demons of schizophrenia, and substitute hallucinations with higher learning. Emma joins her friends when they break into the shuttered remnants of the abandoned Redding House Asylum on campus. When they accidentally shatter canisters holding the ashes of former mental patients and subsequently inhale the dust-filled air, they’re soon possessed by the souls once held within them. One of them happens to be a convicted serial killer from 1959... Inspired by true events, House of Dust opens the door to a nightmare of murder and mayhem.
14 Apr 2014
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******* Hip hop superstar 50 Cent sits down with Nick Huff Barili as part of SXSW's interview series to discuss his meteoric rise to fame from humble beginnings in Queens, to his incredibly successful musical career and hip hop empire, as well as his current work with SMS Headphones and the upcoming release of his album "Street King Immortal". This hour long interview will be posted in separate parts. In part 1, 50 Cent talks about how he has time for all his projects including music, book writing, headphone line, boxing management company, acting, etc. "Newsflash, I'll never sell 13 million records again," said 50 Cent. "I'll never sell 10 million records again. I don't think anybody's gonna do it. It's a different business. It's a different thing and I'm cool with that. I'm making music because I love it and it's why I'm here. There's nothing that can actually compare when it's right. What it feels like when it's right. When the music is just dead right and it's like 'woo' that energy that's there...that's some special kind of high that you get addicted to and you'll chase it for the rest of your actual career." 50 goes on to talk about Eminem and how he feels Em is not given enough credit for talking race out of Hip Hop by being as lyrical as he was. 50 states that Hip Hop is now Pop. Hip Hop is about telling your own story, not replicating someone else's story. "I think the best rappers are like battling each other. They come up with the wittiest lines—[the] coolest ways to insult a person you ever heard in your life," 50 Cent explained. "But they can't write a song to save they life...Em is one of the guys from that platform that made it to that point. [He's] that strong of a writer. He means more to music culture than people give him credit for. Because Hip Hop culture is a black art form, it's a black music. When they have a figure or you have someone that's from a different ethnicity come in and he does it as well, if not better than everybody in it—it loses its color. And that's why Hip Hop music is now Pop music...You gotta be careful or you'll get your ass handed to you on a track man. He'll get to you." 50 says that he is not a fan of his younger cousins music because he hasn't gone through the struggle and instead of telling his own story he tries to rap like 50. "Death is in the Tongue" says 50 if he puts that out in the universe its going to attract the negative energy back to him. "You see it man, shots go off, POP POP POP POP Rick Ross be like 'I don't wanna live this life', You see it." We have a lot more with 50! Tune in for part 2 of our conversation with 50 cent next week exclusively at Subscribe to****/hardknocktv for our latest videos. You can also follow us at www.facebook****/hardknocktv and Hardknocktv NickHuff on twitter
29 Sep 2013
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6 Jun 2013
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On a cold and grey December day The Cheesecake Factory filled the air with a bit of magic… and Cheesecake.
14 Dec 2012
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Don Kayvan feat. Slim Gotti & 50 Cent - Why You Mad? (Prod by J Staffz) Rap is Poetry. *******lovedoesconquer****/
5 Dec 2012
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”Total Recall” er en forrygende action thriller fra grænselandet mellem virkelighed, drømme og kunstigt skabt erindring. Velkommen til Rekall, det multinationale selskab, der kan forvandle dine vildeste drømme til noget, der ligner virkelige erindringer. For fabriksarbejderen Douglas Quaid (Colin Farrell) virker det – til trods for at han er lykkeligt gift med den smukke Lori (Kate Beckinsale) - som om en ’indre ferie’ kan være den perfekte pause fra hans ellers ret rutineprægede liv… - Virkelige erindringer om et spændende liv som superspion kan være lige det krydderi, som hans tilværelse mangler. Men da implementeringsproceduren går frygteligt galt, bliver Quaid pludselig en meget jaget mand i virkeligheden og snart er han på vild flugt fra politiet, der kontrolleres af den frie verdens leder, Kansler Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston). Undervejs lykkes det ham at slutte sig til oprøreren, Melina (Jessica Biel), så han kan finde modstandsbevægelsens leder, Matthias Lair (Bill Nighy) og være med til at sætte en stopper for Cohaagens diktatur. Men efterhånden som grænserne mellem fantasi og virkelighed bliver stadigt mere udviskede og det går op for Quaid, at den frie verdens skæbne rent faktisk hviler på hans skuldre, finder han endelig ud af sin virkelige identitet, sin sande kærlighed… og sin uafvendelige skæbne… Filmen, der er en genindspilning af Paul Verhoevens film af samme titel fra 1990 (med Arnold Schwarzenegger i hovedrollen), er instrueret af Len Wiseman (”Die Hard 4.0”, ”Underworld: Evolution”), skrevet af bl.a. Kurt Wimmer (”Salt”, ”Street Kings”) og produceret af Neal H. Moritz (”21 Jump Street”, ”World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles”). ”Total Recall” har dansk biografpremiere 9. august 2012.
9 Aug 2012
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Kate Winslet bares it all on screen to empower women, Adam Levine and Keira Knightley star in 'Can A Song Save Your Life,' 50 Cent may drop Interscope, Gwen Stefani is teaming up with Michelle Obama for a fun kid day fundraiser, Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen star in Very Good Girls, all in today's celebrity gossip.
6 Jul 2012
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Joan Rivers teams up with 50 cent for an advert, Adele wears colors when she wants to get unnoticed, Jim Parsons stars in a play called Harvey, Nicki Minaj wants kids, Scarlett Johansson stars in Under the Skin, all in today's celebrity gossip.
14 May 2012
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Subscribe to my YouTube Channel ***********/thatsallhiphop Im thankful for everything i have, so i choose to give something to someone else that is less fortunate then me. Support Street King and give back to someone else also, it may be a little to you but means the world to someone else. And Have A Great Thanksgiving! Street King Site: *******orders.streetking****/ Gotta Topic You Want To Me To Talk About Email Me/Tweet Me: ThatsAllHipHopGmail**** Follow Me On Twitter: *******twitter****/#!/ThatsAllHipHop Like My Facebook Fan Page: *******Facebook****/ThatsAllHipHop Happy Thanksgiving - Help Support 50cent #SK I AM STREET KING Happy Thanksgiving - Help Support 50cent #SK I AM STREET KING Happy Thanksgiving - Help Support 50cent #SK I AM STREET KING
24 Nov 2011
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Watch 50 CENT party with Mike Tyson + Floyd Mayweather
29 Oct 2011
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Tim talks Michelle Obama Target Shopper, Michael Jackson trial, 50 cent Street Kings energy drink, Rick Ross manboobs, Ray J fights Fabolous, Will and Jada rumors and much more
3 Oct 2011
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Oscar®-voittaja Matt Damon (”Will Hunting”, ”Invictus − voittamaton”) tähdittää Oscar®-palkitun Clint Eastwoodin (”Million Dollar Baby”, ”Armoton”) ohjaamaa elokuvaa ”Hereafter”, joka perustuu kaksinkertaisen Oscar®-voittaja Peter Morganin (”Frost/Nixon”, ”The Queen”) käsikirjoitukseen. ”Hereafter” kertoo kolmesta ihmisestä, jotka joutuvat kohtaamaan kuolevaisuuden eri tavoilla. Matt Damon esittää Georgea, amerikkalaista duunaria, jolla on erityinen yhteys tuonpuoleiseen. Toisella puolella maapalloa ranskalainen journalisti Marie (Cécile de France) käy lähellä kuolemaa ja kokemus sysää hänen maailmansa raiteiltaan. Lontoolainen koulupoika Marcus (Frankie/George McLaren) menettää itselleen läheisimmän ihmisen, ja kaipaa kipeästi vastauksia. Jokainen heistä etsii totuutta omalla tahollaan, kun heidän polkunsa risteävät. Se, mitä he uskovat löytävänsä tuonpuoleisesta, muuttaa heidän elämänsä lopullisesti. Matt Damonin rinnalla elokuvan pääosissa nähdään palkittu belgialaisnäyttelijätär Cécile de France (”Un Secret”) Marien roolissa sekä kaksoset Frankie ja George McLaren. Kansainväliseen näyttelijäkaartiin kuuluvat myös Jay Mohr (”Street Kings”, tv-sarja ”Gary Unmarried”), Bryce Dallas Howard (”Twilight − Epäilys”, ”Spider-Man 3 − Hämähäkkimies 3”), Marthe Keller, Thierry Neuvic ja Derek Jacobi.
14 Jan 2011
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