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Hot steamy bajan girls on the beach. Pyramid recording artist Lil Rick delivers a super hot soca track that is mashing up carnivals worldwide. He teams up with Jay Will in Barbados for what seems to be Hot Wuk part II.
24 May 2009
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2004 Stock Honda Foreman ES. Drunk Rick at the helm.
31 Dec 2006
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18 Apr 2011
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7 Dec 2008
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A clip from the movie "Ninja Assassin".
4 Jan 2010
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Men In Black 3 creature effects wizard Rick Baker gives us a behind the scenes look at the special effects process involved in creating the aliens of MIB 3.
24 May 2012
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11 Nov 2010
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KushTV visits the Lil Wayne video set for his new single “Got Money” featuring T-Pain in downtown Los Angeles. Dollicia Bryan, Travis Barker, Ray J, Lil Twist and others were all on set.
30 Jan 2009
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The highly-synchronized stylings of The Jon Hammond Show Dancers dancing to Jon's theme song "Late Rent" aboard m.v. HORIZON Celebrity Cruises ship on maiden voyage to Bermuda with Jon Hammond & Joe Berger directing. Then on to Hamburg Germany years later, same song, same guys, but sadly we couldn't take our dancers to Hamburg. In VILLON Club by Hauptbahnhof. Special thanks to Amy Curtis of Hill & Knowlton Celebrity Cruises and Henry of Villon, ILLUSTRATORP, Jennifer & Knut Benzner. Musicians: Gabriel Coburger, Heinz Lichius, Joe Berger & Jon at the organ as seen on The Jon Hammond Show ©2008 *******www.HammondCast**** Jon Hammond Special Thanks for Hammond's Bolero record: Gary Peterson, Bob Brumbeloe, Bernard Purdie, Todd Anderson, Bill Graham, Mick Brigden, Bob Barsotti, Dharma Barsotti, Kris Hosack, Tim Anderson, Chris Powers, Nigel James, Jerry Pompili, Rita Gentry, David Mayeri-Clear Channel Entertainment/BGP, Steve "Killer" Kahn, Armando Peraza, Davey Crockett, Raul Rekow, Steve Thornton, Mark Hale, Tommy Costa, Heda fam, Jerry Figone, David Kapralik, Rickie Lee Jones, Francis Ford Coppola, Matt Dillon, Zak Starkey, Maggie Bell, Dan Leventhal, Cliff Houston, Harry Murphy, Paul Shaffer, John Hammond Sr.-CBS, John Bishop, Kenny King, Earl Palmer, Kenny Burrell, Zsusannah Petrof, Lenka Czerna, Richard Kubat, Buddy Rich, Lenny Nelson, Howard Plotkin, Hank Crawford, Harvey Waisbard, Dennis Finnegan, Mark Thompson, Bob Weckel-Horizons Restaurant Sausalito, Louis Nanassy, Jane Dornacker, Edward "Black Kojak" Jaynes, Michael Bloomfield, Steve Smith-AMPEX, Aline Claude, Lionel Hampton, Victoria Hawkes, Andy Warhol, Bob Moog, Bill Armstrong, Andy Christo, Bill Wurtzel-Royal Olympic Cruises, Joe Rodriguez, Maria Tschirgi-Local 6, Genevieve Frizzell & fam, Tracey Baumler, Cortt Dunlap, Marcy Drexler-ASCAP, Louis Baldonieri/Dream Street team, Kim Freeman, Bob Scott, Marc Baum, Victor Owens, Jim Thorsen, Steve Wright, John Hunt, Scott Cooper & fam, Al and Leslie Wilcox, George Carlin, Sam Wilcox, Marshall & Krisanne Olson, Saul Salsakovitch, Terri Price, Terence and Matthew Hallinan, Able & Mario-BallyHallinan Prop., S.F. Sheriff's Dept.-Leslie Levitas, Rodney Choy, Teresa Nelson, Clayton Smith, Lutz Buchner, Knut Benzner, Tobias Hartmann, Stephan Meir-NDR Radio, Heinz Lichius, Robert and Otmar Hutya, Heinz von Hermann, Joachim Tucksen, Wolfram Knauer-Jazz Institute Darmstadt, Barbara Dennerlein, Joe Bawelino, Ryan Gioia, John Lee Hooker, Alex Ligertwood, Tarek Omran, Wild Bill Davis, Milt Hinton, Frank Biner, Fang "Barbara" Lin & family, Kate Newman, Judy Chueng, Betty Heywood, Eva Tam, Cordelia von Gymnich, Christine Kern, Wilhelm P. "Charly" Hosenseidl-Frankfurt Messe, Captain Paul Bailey-United Airlines, Pamela Sylvain, Veronica Valencia, Ana Maria Pena-United Airlines SFOEX, Barbara Stokes-UAL, Lainie Hafer, Yvette Julien, April Para-UAL, Janet Berka-UAL/AFA Council 5 Rep., United Twins-May & Kay, Dr. Vartan Ghugasian, Dr. Charles Allison, Dr. Daniel Davidson, Dr. Samuel Gelbart, Marcie Zellner, John Taber-Guitar Center, Waichiro Tachikawa-Suzuki Corporation, Michael Maier-Falkenstein & Maier family-Hammond Suzuki Germany, Igor Flach, Inge Benchakroun-Stadt Hamburg, Laurence Cottle, Paul Rachman, Francoise Pujol, Osamu Yamamoto, Midori Ono, Hidefumi Nose, Kengo Komae, Zeng Jin, Michael Rinta, Yutaka Hada/Mr. Tanka/Taku Yamamoto-CASIO, Leo Fender, Leo/Leo's Music, S.F. Twins-Marian & Vivian Brown, Pete Fallico, Igor and Ilonka Kissil, Yuri Goloubev, James Brown-Tower Records, Pat Klock, Jim Thorsen, Gideon Schier, Alex Foster, Bill Warfield, Judit Halmi, Lori Friedman, Nat Friedma, Mustafa & Maralyn Jammal, Pete Escovedo, Bettina Goersch, Evelyn Weiss, Fee, Matthias, Sigrid Koehl & Peter Tangermann, Johannes Koppen, Kristine Kresge-Hamburg Polizeiorchester, Joachim & Rosi Griebe, Lou & Mimi Holzman, Robert Ross, Emile van der Zee, Andreas Neubauer, Yucel "Ali" Atiker, Frank Poehl, Tino Pavlis, Fabian Hildebrand, Heiko Himmighoffen, Anselm Wild, Victoria Jackson, Herbert Berger, Sabina Hank, Uly Grunwad, Spencer MacLeish, George Greif/Sid Garris, Billy Rayford, Oscar Meyer, Jon Herington, Joe Aloia, Frank Vavosa, Marco Galeazzi-Excelsior CEMEX Accordions, Christine Adams, Kevin Friedrich, Holda Paoletti-Kampl www.accordions**** Renzo Ruggeri, Luca Serenelli, Alex Accordions Guitars, Maria Pragrova, Bruce Hatch & family, Percy Sledge, Paul Marx & Lynne Bertrand- www.KBON**** , Herbert Zorn-Groove City Record Shop, Oliver Groenewald, Christian Schoenfeld, Kevin & Sonja Mauder, Tony Lakatos, Harry Petersen, Dale Meyer, Angelo DePippo, Marty Napoleon, Charlene Berger, Cab Calloway, David "Fathead" & Karen Newman, Antje von Rein, Olivier Hutman, George Brown, Oliver Keller, Bruce A. Douglas, Ulrich Tukor, Bert Gerecht, Ulrich Vormehr, Norbert Hilbich, Andreas Sennheiser, Susan Bernstein, Jim Kelly, Bruce Harrison, Marisa Redanty, Ken Kamlet- www.mptenants**** , Bill Cobham, Robert Doehring, Sandra Hempel, Pascal "Gallo" Hahn, Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins, Christian Zurwellen, Lars Karstensen, Cornell Dupree, Eddie Money, Andre Thus, Ulrich Olshausen-HR Radio, Rossa & Morritz Peters, Ray Tubberville-AFN Radio, Rudy Hurwich, Martin Scheffler, Andre Francis-Radio France Inter, Nils Gessinger, Bernie Fichtner, Faramarz Kheradmand, Christian Munchner, Charles "Chuck" Flores-UAL, Jenny & Roson-Goan-Fann Co., LTD.-Superlux Microphones, Tomoyuk Oda & Sunny Francis-Radio Co Co Lo 76.5FM Osaka/Hawaii, Li Ping Shi-Jiyangyin Jiyang Instrument Co., Jane Dong, Rick Enders, Peter Pan, Janine Roemer-Renaissance Yangtze Shanghi Hotel, Sandro Fontanella-Ketron, Hal Petcher-Guitronics, Joe Franklin, Kuni Mikami, Craig Gower, Wanda Sanchez, Percy France, Torsten De Winkel, Sylvia van Riesen-Hotel Pacific Hamburg, Klaus Rothoff-Musik Rothoff St. Pauli, Doris & Thomas Linecker-DoKa Restaurant, Glenn Derringer, Scott Rootenberg, Les Paul, Elizabeth Chapman, Dr. Joan Garfinkle, Prof. Renee Moreno, Prof. Terry Corby, Prof. Bruce Lilienthal-CCSF, Pete Fogel, Chuck Colin, Kim Delevett-SW Airlines, Tripp, Alan Hall, John Mader, Larry Schneider, Bill Bell, Chester Thompson, Larry Bradford, Art Van Damme, Dick Contino, Joris Dudli, Harvey Wainapel, Steve Campos, Michelle Webb, Keith West, Lee Oskar, Dennis Hoffman, Tyrone Starks, Tommy Schneider, Linda Schmidt, Jo & Mirko Mikovic, Bill Cosby, Barbara K. Starner- Kart-A-Bag, Ray Grappone, Ken Hayes Jr., Steve Copeman, Boris Blanchet, Amaury Blanchard, Ron Eckstein, Carol Kaye, Erik Hopfinger, Burdette Becks, Saul & Goldie Levin, Dr. Hal & Eva Eisenberg, Sylvia Donnie & Barbara Simon, Howard Johnson-Hammond Suzuki UK, Stephen Ferrone, Bennett Friedman, Barry Finnerty, James Preston, Dick Mithun, Tim Cain, Joan Baez, Dennis Hoffman, Michael Wolff, "Lazy Larry" Fredson, Louie Peterson, Tony Germain, Ralf Hoffmann, Uwe Petersen, Jina Jupiter, Don Dean-Smiley's Saloon Bolinas, Terry Haggerty, Sandy Leon, Don Wehr, John Entwistle, Tony Rossell, Desiree Erasmus, Martha Henry, Chet Helms, Erik Hargrove, Ingo Sens, Charlotte Aphibal-Lufthansa, Thomas Reimer, Juergen Wolf-IAJO, Volker "Wolfman" Kunschner, Little Henry, Daniel McKinnon, Azaar Abbassi-Pakistan Intl. Airlines, Amy Curtis, Joan Brower & Joan Bloom-M. Booth Assoc., Adam Scone, Brian Charette, Giovanni Gulino, David Haynes, Neil Witchard, Graham Hawthorne, Chuggy Carter, Sandy & Pat Moriarty/fam, Richard Sharpe, Jeff Samaha-NBC, Dieter Schnapka, Alf Schneider, Beatrix Rief, Hans Romanov, Stefan Klemm, Alain Nau, Derrick James, Uwe Gehring, George Naha, John & Teresa Nash, Dean Kamei, John Hart, Lou Colombo, Tippecanoe "Tip" O'Neil, Jack & Paul Pena, Francois Chassagnite, Oliver Johnson, Jack Gregg, Valery Ponomarev, Ron Sr. & Ron Jr. Carter, Joe Locke, Michael Kersting, Gunther & Krystyna Tietze-Polka Bar Reeperbahn Hamburg, Tom Plate-Pipa Art Project, Tobias Schmidt-Relenberg, Captain Korres, Captain George Apistolas, Jaco Pastorius, Dave Danza, R. A. Cohen & Assoc., Peter Shearer-accordion-o-rama, John Mollinari, Daniel Haaksman, Stefan Hantel-Shantel, Dieter & Ralph Reichert-Birdland Hamburg, Dr. Rudi Petroll, Lothar & Elke Krell, Godawari Poehl, Cindy Blackman, Wallace Roney, Tom Edmonds, Gary Bartz, Joe Aloia, Sgt. Al Wittig, Dr. Jack Adler & fam, Dan & Roberta Mockensturm, Al DiMeola, Ron Polte, Deszon X. Claibourne, Tom Sarig, Danny "California" Woody, Jeff Hess, Vladislov Sendecki, Lucas Lindholm, Sheldon Sweeper, Steve Luongo, Gordy Singer, Bobby Forrester, Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, John O'Donnell, Joachim Neuerburg, Clifton Buck Kaufman, Jack Wilkins, Dieter Lubke, Sourdough Slim, Juergen M. Bahr, Commodore Hotel SF team-Joseph, Bina, Scott, Gitanjali, Melanie, Jeff-Joie de Vivre Hotels, Reinhard Werthner, Carla Caccavale, Teresa Martinez-Westin Rio Mar Beach Ocean Villas Puerto Rico SPECIAL THANKS from JON HAMMOND
30 Mar 2010
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The Walking Dead (2014) Clip from 4.09 "After": As Rick (Lincoln) deals with old wounds, members of the prison have to come to terms with their new environment and ask themselves if survival alone is enough.
29 Jan 2014
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******* presents... The Friday Hip Hop Report - Mar 6th The best weekly online hip hop show reporting all the developments from news and new releases to album sales and charts. Hosted by Wahidah Fowler this weeks show features: === MAIN STORIES === - A private investigator is suing R Kelly for unpaid fees. He claims that he was hired by the singer to recover the incriminating tapes!!! - Chris Brown & Rihanna are reported to be back together and photo agency x17online**** is offering $100,000 for the first photograph of the couple together. - Lil Wayne had a 2006 felony drug charge dropped by a georgia judge, as it was deemed a illegal search. - In TV news BET launched a new reality show Harlem Heights & Lil Kim will make her debut on Dancing with the stars this coming monday. === NEW MUSIC === This weeks AllHipHop**** song of the week is "Joell Ortiz - Covering the Classics Part 1" Other hot new songs this week are: Keri Hilson ft Keyshia Cole & Trina - Get Your Money Up Nas ft Marsha Ambrosius - If I Ruled The World 09 (Smirnoff Signature Mix) Keri Hilson ft Ne-Yo & Kanye West - Knock You Down Mario - Weather Girl Keri Hilson ft T-Pain & Lil Wayne - Turnin Me On Remix Method & Redman - A Yo The Dream - Take You Home To My Mama === NEW VIDEOS === Here are this weeks best new Music Videos: Rick Ross ft John Legend - Magnificent Jazmine Sullivan - Dream Big Musiq SoulChild - So Beautiful Lil Wayne - Prom Queen === WTF === This weeks WTF moment is Lil Kims face!!!!!!!!!! === BILLBOARD 200 === Here are last weeks top 10 album sales chart courtesy of NEILSENs SOUND SCAN: 1. Beyonce - I AM SASHA FIERCE 35,391 - (1.9m) 2. Jamie Foxx - INTUITION 30,796 - (681,447) 3. Kanye West - 808s & HEARTBREAK 25,535 - (1.3m) 4. T.I. - PAPER TRAIL 25,335 - (1.7m) 5. Keyshia Cole - A DIFFERENT ME 24,436 - (750,263) 6. India.Arie - VOL.2 TESTIMONY:LOVE & POLITICS 22,300 - (130,300) 7. Charlie Wilson - UNCLE WILSON 20,000 - (78,300) 8. Ne-Yo - YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN 17,500 - (525,700) 9. Akon - FREEDOM 17,000 - (508,700) 10.K'naan - TROUBADOR 15,386 - (NEW ENTRY) === TOP FIVE === Here are this weeks Top 5 selling songs on the Amazon MP3 Store amazon mp3 # 5 Eminem, Dr Dre & 50 Cent - Crack a Bottle # 4 Beyonce "Single Ladies - Put a Ring on It" # 3 T.I ft Justin Timberlake - "Dead and Gone" # 2 Kanye West - "Heartless" # 1 Flo Rida - "Right Round" === BRANDWATCH === In this weeks Brandwatch, Honda Accord have selected New York Rapper Mickey Factz as spokesperson for their national ad campaign. On**** users will be able to read Mickeyz blog, download his music & watch his online show Rhymes & Reasons. === UNDERGROUND HEAT === Digiwaxx Present This weeks Underground Heat artist - Dawg Wonder from Texas. check out his profile on the Digiwaxx Blog (*******www.digiwaxx****/blog) === CREDITS === A JumpOff.TV Production (******* Presented By: Wahidah Fowler (******* Camera Op: Hector Gonzalez Editor: Marqus AKC'Ent. (*******
28 Feb 2010
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*******www.universotricolor**** *******www.universotricolor**** *******www.universotricolor**** *******www.universotricolor**** -------------------- O jogador Serginho do São Caetano morre em campo, na partida contra o São Paulo. ------------------------------------- Zetti; Vitor, Adílson, Ronaldo e Ronaldo Luiz; Pintado, Toninho Cerezo Dinho e Raí; Müller, Palinha e Cafú. Técnico: Telê Santana São Paulo Sampa Tricolor Morumbi Pacaembu Campeao Mundial Bimundial Trimundial Bi Tri Tetra Zetti, Cafu, Válber, Ronaldão e André Luiz; Doriva, Dinho, Toninho Cerezo e Leonardo; Muller e Palhinha Juninho Rogério Ceni; Fabão, Lugano e Edcarlos; Cicinho, Mineiro, Josué, Danilo e Júnior; Amoroso e Aloísio Grafite Paulo Autuori Dagoberto Borges Pirulito Alex Silva sexo japão toyota corinthians timão gaviões spfc gamba coringão tevez tricolor independente morumbi torcida são paulo são paulo spfc tricolor paulista tri mundial libertadores luis fabiano torcida independente gol artilheiro futebol Rogério Ceni Ilsinho Fabão Miranda Júnior Josué Mineiro Souza Thiago Danilo Leandro Alex Silva Aloísio Lenílson Muricy Ramalho aloisio lenilson cicero pompeu de toledo estadio souza andre dias breno jorge wagner richarlyson hernanes leandro dagoberto aloisio borges hugo junior torcida arquibancada festa hincha rincha fifa soccer arte campeonato brasileiro copa libertadores campeonato mundial recopa supercopa campeonato paulista gols gol flamengo corinthians santos palmeiras Waldir Peres; Getúlio, Tecão, Bezerra e Antenor; Chicão, Teodoro Peres e Dario Pereira; Zé Sérgio, Mirandinha e Viana Neca Rubens Minelli.Ricardo Rocha Pita Careca Evair Dario Pereyra Fonseca Rômulo Wagner Basílio Gilmar Rinaldi Pepe Waldir Peres Getúlio Gassen Nei Dario Pereyra Marinho Chagas, Almir, Heriberto e Renato; Paulo César Tatu, Serginho e Mário Sérgio Formiga Gilmar, Zé Teodoro, Oscar, Dario Pereyra e Nelsinho; Marcio Araújo, Silas Pita e Falcão Freitas; Müller, Careca e Sidney Cilinho. Casagrande Roger; Gabriel, Émerson, Jean e Lino; Maldonado, Fábio Simplício, Adriano e Lúcio Flávio Souza Sandro Hiroshi Oliveira e Reinaldo Rafael. Oswaldo de Oliveira mascote José Eduardo Mesquita Pimenta Fernando José Casal de Rey José Augusto Bastos Neto Paulo Amaral Marcelo Portugal Gouvêa Juvenal Juvêncio bebeto cilinho romario cuca emerson leao joreca jose poy levir culpi mario sergio mario travaglini nelsinho baptista oswaldo alvarez paulo autuori carpegiani valdir de moraes feola frança marcelinho paraiba leonidas da silva Arthur Friedenreich friendereich tricolormania spnet tricolor paulista valdir peres Torneio Rio-São Paulo Campeonato Brasileiro saopaulofc Conmebol Campeonato Mundial de Clubes Copa Libertadores da América taça libertadores Recopa Sul-Americana Campeonato Paulista Troféu Ramón de Carranza Torneio Teresa Herrera milan liverpool barcelona Torneio Roberto Gomes Pedrosa paulo machado de carvalho pacaembu morumbi caninde vila belmiro copa sao paulo copa sp junior juniores jamelli 1970 1971 1975 1977 1980 1981 1985 1986 1987 1989 1991 1992 1993 1994 1998 2001 2002 2005 2006 2007 dragoes da real independente falange sampa show kaka cafu kaká Newell's Old Boys newells LG reebook reebok fast shop futebol orkut youtube tam Adriano Borges Dagoberto 2008 palmeiras porco Alex Silva Miranda Andre Dias Joilson Richarlyson Richarlysson Richa Ricky Rick Júnior Junior Pacaembu Parque Antartica chiqueiro 2009
22 Apr 2012
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